Abuja is known as the home of revolutionary sports in Nigeria, and one sporting activity that is gaining ground in Abuja is boxing.

While most Nigerians are known to be lovers of Football and few other sporting activities, boxing has never gotten serious attention as it is getting in recent times.

Before we jump into this article’s primary focus – boxing training centres in Abuja, it is necessary for us to talk about some of the importance of boxing or kickboxing.

Why do you need boxing training?

Boxing Classes Around Me
Boxing For Fitness | Photo Credit: Rodger Shija

Boxing as a sporting activity

With the recent boxing awareness campaign ongoing in Nigeria, many people are looking for professional boxing training centres to hone their boxing skills. Nigeria is gradually getting into the limelight of boxing, producing great boxers, some of which include Onoriode ‘Godzilla’ Ehwarieme and Efe EAjagba.

Kickboxing is not left out because Nigerians such as Israel Adesanya has given most Nigerians the believe that they can become professional boxers if they can easily access boxing classes around them.

Presently, Abuja hosts some boxing matches, and you can become one of the participants by enrolling in any of the boxing near you. Keep reading to see some of the well-equipped boxing centres in Abuja.

Boxing as a form of Fitness Training

Keeping your fitness in check is something everyone should be concerned about. The Majority of the deadly diseases and sicknesses associated with humans are directly or indirectly related to lack of exercise.

If you are looking for ways to engage in aerobic exercise, then fitness boxing is one you need to consider. While boxercise doesn’t require heavyweight boxing training, it helps keep all parts of your body engaged, thus keeping your heart in good shape, controlling blood pressure, and minimizing the risk of diabetes and stroke.

If you live in Abuja and are looking for a kickboxing workout centre, there are a ton of boxing training centres scattered all over the FCT. Superprof has taken out time to research some of the best boxing classes in Abuja, and you will likely find one on the list that is near to your house.

See some boxing classes in Lagos.

Boxing as a form of defence

The security challenges in Abuja and other major cities in Nigeria is a call-to-action for self-defence. While guns and other weapons are not allowed to be owned by individuals, martial art is a priceless asset everyone should long for.

The alarming rate of rape among the female folks in Nigeria is another primary reason why boxing and kickboxing classes should be readily available for both genders. A lot of girls have become victims of rape. While having boxing skills may not be the absolute solution to handling rape, it will likely help minimize the number of rapes in our society. Women should be encouraged to take boxing seriously in Nigeria because they seem to be the more vulnerable ones in a dicey country like Nigeria.

Now that we have seen some of the importance of boxing, let’s go through a list of boxing training centres in Abuja. The list will comprise of professional boxing training, kickboxing workout, and boxercise.

The Best Boxing Classes in Abuja

Boxing activities are becoming rampant in Abuja, and for this reason, many boxing classes hold in different areas in the FCT. No matter where you leave in Abuja – be it Garki, Asokoro, Wuse, Gudu, Maitama, or anywhere else, we’ll try as much as possible to get you the nearest boxing centre around you.

At Superprof, we aim to do all the research needed on a particular subject and simplify it for our audience. After writing about some of the best boxing centres in Abuja, we will present it in a table below so you can easily navigate through them and make the best choice for your training session.

Where are the boxing classes around me? Please put on your boxing kits, and off we go!

The Limi Hospital

Starting with Wuse residents, if you are looking for a boxing training centre around you, the Limi Hospital is one place to begin. Hospital? Are you for real? Yes! You heard me right. Limi Hospital is a place for grooming happy people through fantastic healthcare. Limi Hospital offers boxing classes with Muay Thai, Thai Boxing, and MMA Mixed Martial Arts training gym. The training is meant for both novice and professional. If you have some boxing skills already and looking forward to honing your skills, some professionals are readily available at The Limi Hospital to train you.

They have a series of boxing training events at Limi Hospital that run from 11 am to 5 pm. A breakdown of their events and addresses is available in the table below.

Port Harcourt has some standard boxing gyms also.


Kickboxing Training Abuja
Kickboxing Training | Photo Credit: Rodger Shija

Abuja Kickboxing Class that is 100% online

Another one is the Abuja kickboxing class that is 100% online. Whether you are looking for 1-on-1 coaching or wanting to be part of a group, The Muay Thai Fitness Certification offers comprehensive training with ongoing support.

Unlike your regular cardio kickboxing workout or martial arts class, the kickboxing training you get from this online course is intense, hardcore, and effective. The good thing about this professional boxing training is that it has a flexible schedule, and you get certified as a pro boxer after successful completion.

Bodyrox Fitness Studio (Savage House)

For residents around Central District Area, Abuja, Bodyrox fitness Studio is an excellent place to start your boxing training fitness. They charge #1,500 per day, which is fair enough when compared to other fitness centres. Training is open for all the days of the week except for Sundays. They organize boxing matches from time to time, which is good for their students.

The Bodyline Gym, Abuja

If you live in Gwarimpa and its environs, the bodyline gym has qualified instructors to take you through all the necessary boxing training. They have been operating for over a decade now and tend to deliver world-class fitness training to their clients. Bodyline has both iOS and Android App for easy registration. You can check out their address below and visit for further inquiries.

While there are still many more heavyweight boxing and fitness boxing centres around Abuja, we shall tabularize it to make it more convenient for you to go through.

More Boxing Centers in Abuja

Boxing Training CenterContact AddressRegistration/Membership FeesNotes
Bodyrox Fitness Studio (Savage House)3rd floor, Silverbird Entertainment Center, Plot 1161, Memorial Drive, By Musa Yar'adua Center, Central Business District, Abuja.₦1500 per dayAccessible to everyone
Pinnacle International Fitness LTD2402 Shehu Shagari Way, Maitama, Abuja

You may need to contact them to know their pricesLearn the basics of boxing, such as proper footwork, hand placement, slipping techniques, snap, etc.
Bodyline Gym, AbujaGwarimpa: 16, 1st Avenue Gwarinpa

Sunshine Park, Abuja: Sunshine Park Opposite City Park, Ahmadu Bello Way, Wuse 2, Abuja

Contact them for information about pricingLearn TAE-BO and Karate
MAXFIT GYMSH&A Plaza, Plot 24 Olusegun Obasanjo Way Wuye District, 902101, Abuja

For enquiries about membership, email themTraining features include; boxing gloves, punching bags, crossfit rope, bicycle ride, cardio training, mind & body
Tag Fitness Gym For Ladies13B Monrovia Street, Wuse, Abuja, Nigeria
Call to get a quoteFor women and kids
Wallys Fitness and SpaNo 11 Chuba Okadigbo Street, Apo Legislative Quarters, Zone B, 900001, Abuja
Both private and group training is available. Contact them for pricesOpen to everyone
Evolve 360Plot 649 Franca Afegbua Cres, Gudu, Abuja
₦24,000 for 1 month
₦60,000 for 3 months
₦80,000 for 6 months
₦110,000 for 12 months
Open for both genders

There may be other kickboxing workout centres in Abuja, but the table and list above have covered virtually the best boxing classes around Abuja.

Ibadan residents can check out these boxing training centres.

Searching for A Private Boxing Trainer

Private Boxing Trainer Abuja
Boxing Trainer | Photo Credit: PxHere

While most fitness boxing is done in groups, if you are looking for a solid professional boxing training, it is advisable to have a private boxing instructor. It may be more expensive to arrange for private training than the group training, but you tend to see faster results in whatsoever you are trying to achieve.

There are some private boxing instructors in Abuja, and a few of the gyms listed above offer private boxing lessons to their clients. You can make inquiries and arrange with them for a personal kickboxing workout or a professional boxing training. I am not sure if they would want to come to your house for the training, but if there is a good and conducive environment to train, then they might give it a try.

To make your search for a private boxing instructor easier, the best place to easily find one is at Superprof. There are internationally recognized trainers at Superprof that are readily available to take you private training in either your home or online. Since Superprof is known for linking students to online tutors in virtually all works of life, you can easily find boxing classes around you at Superprof.

With all the information you have gathered about boxing in Abuja, you can kickstart your boxing lesson immediately by taking action today!

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