Popularly referred to as the annex of Lagos, Ibadan is the largest city in West Africa. The Oyo State capital has a huge history in sports. Aside from football (which is the most popular sporting activity in Nigeria as a whole), boxing is one notable sport that is getting popular. Of all the boxing matches that have taken place in Ibadan, the GoTv Boxing Night 18 that held in 2019 at the Obafemi Stadium was one that won't be forgotten too quickly.

Boxing was not so common among Nigerians until about a decade ago when some great boxers emanated from Nigeria. Names like Efe Ajagba, Anthony Joshua, Israel Adesanya (the kickboxing master) have made the country proud by representing it at the international scene and coming out as champions. More Nigerians are beginning to love the sport, which has led to the opening of several training gyms where one can learn how to box.

There are dozens of professional boxing training classes in Nigeria but most of her citizens don't know about it yet. This article is to help reveal some of the best boxing fitness centres in Ibadan and where you can also get a private tutor to help you improve your martial arts skills.

Before we jump into some of the places to practice how to box, it is paramount that we look at some of the benefits of boxing. There is more to the art of boxing than what most people have in mind.

Here are some boxing classes in Abuja.

Professional Boxing Training
Boxing Matches | Photo Credit: Delaney Turner on Unsplash

Who deserves to Learn Boxing?

The simple answer to the question above is EVERYBODY. We box for different reasons and everyone needs to engage in this contact sport in one way or the other.

Firstly, some people are born to become professional boxers. We already know some great names that are into boxing, and that is what they came to this world for. Of what usefulness could professional boxing be to humanity? The truth is, humans are diversified in thoughts, and we look for ways to add fun to our everyday lives. Boxing is a great way of entertainment and some people take it as their most favourite sport. Also, Some of the highest-paid athletes in the world are boxers. So, you can decide to learn boxing and build a career around the sport.

Secondly, boxing is a way of maintaining your fitness level. Most people are not aware that boxing is a form of exercise. Seeing someone in a boxing gym doesn't automatically mean he is getting ready for a professional career in the sport. Spending about 60 minutes a week in a boxing gym has a lot of benefits to your body system. It keeps your organs in good shape and helps prevent some unwanted sicknesses.

Kickboxing fitness is another good one to consider when looking for effective ways to stay fit. What makes kickboxing unique? it involves both your hands, legs, and other parts of your body. Kickboxing training is becoming popular in Nigeria, and there are some training classes in Ibadan. More on that as you read on in this article.

Finally, learning boxing could be your saving grace in some precarious scenarios. Having a self-defence mechanism is a great asset and boxing can be what you need to save yourself in times of trouble (at least in a few cases). You don't learn boxing to intimidate people, you only use the skill when you run out of options and you think using your boxing skill is the only way out.

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Should boxing be channelled to men only?

Boxing is not designed for a specific gender. Anyone can get involved in the sport, females and children inclusive. It is even advisable for females to learn boxing because they seem to be more susceptible to attacks. There is insecurity everywhere and everyone needs to be on guard in order not to become a victim. Getting training on martial arts is never a guarantee to avert an attack, but it can help in some cases.

Children are also not left out in this sport. In some of our schools in Nigeria, they (the schools) organize martial arts sessions for the pupils so as to increase their agility level and keep them fit all the time. So anyone can learn boxing regardless of your gender or age.

Boxing Classes Around Me
Female Kick Boxer | Photo Credit: Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

Some boxing classes around me in Ibadan

We will be looking at a few places where you can learn how to box in Ibadan. Since we cherish our readers and don't want to bore them, a tabular presentation of most of the boxing classes will also be shown below.

Supermax Gym

Located close to First Bank, Jericho, the Supermax gym is a good place to start your kickboxing class. We couldn't gather much from this gym because they don't have a website. However, from our findings, they offer kickboxing lessons, yoga, and other aerobic exercises. We believe they are open to both genders and their membership packages would be fair for an average Nigerian. You can get their contact address below if you need to make further inquiries.

My Figure 8 Gyming Center

My Figure 8 is located along Oluyole Estate road. If you live around this axis, then this would be a good place for you to start your journey to the world of boxing. Your training can be done online via webcam or face-to-face sessions. They operate from morning hours and close by 7 PM. You can still spend some time in the gym after work before they close for the day. Their pricing starts from ‎₦2,000, which I think is not so bad for an average gym. Visit My Figure 8 if you are looking for fitness classes in Oluyole road.

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Oyo State Executive Gym

If you are the type that likes to exercise even on Sundays, Oyo State Executive Gym is a good one for you. They open every day and closes by 9 PM. The gym is located at Mokola Hill. If you live around this area, you can visit them or put a call through to them to get more information. Their contact address and phone number are given at the table below.

Elle'n'Elle Fitness, Arts & I.T Center

The gym is located at Akobo Road, close to IDC Primary School, Ibadan. They offer all kinds of fitness activities, with a set of instructors that help in the training. They accept both males and females, and their operations start in the morning and close by 7 Pm. According to them, their hours or services may differ so you need to contact them to get concrete information.

We can go on to list more and more boxing gyms in Ibadan but in order not to bore you, we decided to put them in a tabular form below.

Table representing professional boxing training classes in Ibadan

Go through the list in the table and select the boxing fitness class that is closest to your home.

Name of Boxing GymContact Address and Phone Number
My figure 8: MF8 gym in IbadanPlot 22, Block 34, Alaafin avenue, Oluyole Estate Road, Ibadan
Phone: 0815 492 8659
Oyo State Executive GymMokola Hill, Ibadan
Prime FitnessOkunola Abbas St, Ibadan
Phone: 0802 771 2165
Supermax GymPremium House, Beside First Bank, Jericho, Ibadan
Phone: 0813 597 8978
Elle'n'Elle Fitness, Arts & I.T CentreFirst floor Elem Building, Akobo Road, opposite IDC Primary School, 200103, Ibadan
Phone: 0803 363 8581
HIC WELLNESS CLUB (GYM)No 8b Ondo St, old bodija, Ibadan

Get a Private Boxing Tutor on Superprof

One-on-One Boxing Training | Photo Credit: skeeze from Pixabay

You can learn boxing either in a small group, a large group or via a private tutor. Any of the methods you choose will be worth the experience. However, for an effective boxing fitness lesson, a private trainer is the best way to go about it.

The question that always comes to people's minds is, "are there boxing classes around me that offer private tutoring?" Some of the gyms listed above might have private classes but you may need to confirm this to be sure. However, to get a private boxing trainer with a verified profile, Superprof has made it easy for you.

At Superprof, you can easily choose a qualified boxing trainer in Ibadan that will teach all the skills you need to become a boxer. A flexible schedule is of the essence when learning martial arts and that's what you get on Superprof. If you want a private tutor that will come to your home for a face to face training or prefer to go the technological way by opting for online training via webcam, Superprof got you covered. Before choosing a trainer on Superprof, you have the opportunity to read through his profile to verify if he has what it takes to train you.

Also, 95% of tutors offer their first lesson/training for free, which gives you the opportunity to know and assess your tutor before making any long term commitment

Therefore, if you live in Ibadan and are looking for a professional boxing training class for private lessons, look no further because all you need to do is to choose a certified boxer on Superprof.

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