Popularly known as the capital of Niger Delta and Rivers state, Port Harcourt is home to sports and recreational activities. While football has a more significant percentage of fans in sports, boxing is gradually gaining its way into the heart of many.

Why are boxing and kickboxing gradually gaining ground in Rivers State? Nigerian boxers such as Israel Adesanya, Efe Ajagba, Kamaru Usman, etc. have proven their worth at the international stage, so people are beginning to see potentials in the sport.

If you live in Ph and have been craving to learn how to box, this article should be particular to you. You will get to know that boxing plays a massive role in keeping fit, and also learn where to find some of the best gyms in PH. Some of these training centers offer a free trial to new members to get a taste of what they are signing in for. If you need a personal trainer, we will show you the best place to find one - either online classes or face-to-face lessons. It is going to be an exciting experience for you as you read on.

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To make this article well-simplified, we have broken it down into different segments for easy assimilation.

Boxing Matches
Boxing Classes Around Me | Photo Credit: Metin Ozer on Unsplash

Attending boxing classes as a beginner

There is always a beginning in any learning process. If you are a novice in boxing, you don't have to be intimidated about it. Learning martial arts has great benefits, and it can save you from dangerous scenarios at any time. Far from what most people think, getting training on how to box doesn't necessarily mean you plan to become a professional boxer.

No doubt, boxing is a profession and there are people who earn a good living from it. For instance, in the heavyweight rematch between our own Anthony Joshua and Ruiz, it was revealed that Joshua made around $60m. People make money from professional boxing, but you don't have to learn boxing just because of being a pro boxer.

Boxing can be a form of exercise for some. There are different beginner classes in Port Harcourt where you can learn how to box for fitness purposes. Most people you see storming the boxing gym are not doing so for career reasons. Some just want to maintain their fitness, and they believe boxing would be a good option for them.  I know at this point, the question in your mind is, Where can I find boxing around me? Keep reading to see the training class that is closest to your home.

Did you know that some people learn martial arts for self-defense? This could include karate, boxing, kung fu, and other body contact sports. While we hope not to encounter situations that would require us to engage in physical combat, we can never predict what lies ahead of us. Not just Port Harcourt, the world at large is full of uncertainties. Your boxing skill might be your saving grace in certain conditions.

Please note that we don't recommend that you use your boxing skills in every situation that arises. Certain conditions call for your discretion - You don't showcase martial arts to an "armed" person. Use your skills whenever you think it is necessary and don't ever get intoxicated because you have the skills to box.

Professional Boxing Training
Heavyweight Boxing | Photo Credit: Rodger Shija from Pixabay

What to expect in boxing or kick boxing fitness class?

Most people are scared of boxing because they think they might lose a tooth while practicing. This is never the case. All the gyms in PH have all the necessary protective gear available for all their trainees. Whether you want a featherweight or heavyweight boxing training, or just an amateur class, there is nothing to be frightened about. See boxing as a sport and enjoy and enjoy all the experiences that come with it.

There are different classes and the class you join is dependent on your experience level. As a novice, you won't be paired with expert boxers. Most gyms have different membership packages, so you will have to determine which is best for you. Some have packages for singles, couples, and families, and the membership package can run for a duration of up to one year.

In summary, the only thing to expect in a boxing class is the fun and exhilarating effect that comes with it. Nothing to be frightened about. Whether it is just to maintain your fitness or to go professional, there are lots of exciting moments in martial arts classes.

Have a friend or family in Oyo State? Here are some good boxing training centres in Ibadan to recommend to them.

Where can I find boxing classes in Port Harcourt?

The rivers state capital is home to different sporting activities. As the people are beginning to embrace boxing as a sport, more and more boxing training classes are springing up.

We took out time to carry out comprehensive research some of the best boxing training centers in PH. You don't need to stress yourself looking for boxing gyms in Port Harcourt because we have put together a list. To make it even easier for you to navigate, we created a table that summarizes most of the boxing gyms around the city and their contact details.

BodyBoost Health and Fitness Club

This gym has a core value of helping people maintain their fitness levels. Located at 6D Abacha Road, the body boost gym has modern facilities to keep you fit. If you are interested in kickboxing, the body boost club runs different sessions of kick boxing. Another good thing about them is that they have a weight section to build your muscles for free. There are both single membership plans and family plans, and the price range is between #5,000 and #45,000 every month. I am not sure if you can get a personal trainer, but you can contact them to get more info. Get more details on how to get a personal trainer for either professional boxing training or on an amateur level as you continue reading. 

Menia Martial Arts & Fitness Academy/Sports Shop

This sports shop has what it takes to prepare people to become both pro boxers and fitness boxers. If you live around Agip, this is an excellent place to start your lessons. All the boxing gear needed for sessions are all available - gloves, punch bag, protective headgear, etc. Menia Martial Arts have a conducive environment for classes, and their facilities are well up to standard.

Their business hours are from 8 AM to 8 PM every day except for Sundays. No details about their membership packages on their website, so you may need to contact them for more information.

Charlie's Total Fitness Center

This one is for the people around the Rumuola axis. The gym is open for both genders, and their membership packages are fair enough. If you want to learn how to box on an amateur level and you live around Rumuola, you can start with Charlie's Total Fitness Center. They close by 9 PM, which is suitable for people who enjoy the evening sessions.

Since they don't have a website, not much can be said about them unless you visit the gym in person or put a call through to get further information.

Online Kickboxing Class, Port Harcourt

This is a 100% online kickboxing class that comes with a certificate. If you are looking for just a fitness boxing class, then this is not for you. What you get from this online class is hardcore and practical training that will catapult you to the international scene. Since this is an international body, their membership packages are a bit expensive, and you have to pay in dollars.

This online kickboxing training has classes for one-on-one, small groups, and large groups. You will have to choose how you want your activity to be. Since it is an online thing, the timing will be flexible to suit most people.

Name of Boxing Gym in Port HarcourtContact Information and Address
Body Boost Gymplot F, 6D Abacha Road, GRA PHASE 3 500272, Port Harcourt
Phone: 0706 308 4038
SYNERGYM Fitness CentersNo 9 Apara Link Road by Y junction, Rumuigbo gyms, Port Harcourt
Phone: 0903 061 0966
Charlie's Total Fitness CenterPlot 56, 57 Stadium Rd, Rumuola, Port Harcourt
Phone: 0706 251 8233
Neth's Fitness and Training AcademyOkemini Road, Port Harcourt
Phone: 0703 322 9945
MENIA MARTIAL ARTS & FITNESS ACADEMY/SPORTS SHOPbeside Tonnino Filling Station, 41 Ada George road, Off Agip Rd, 500272, Port Harcourt
Phone: 0806 099 5094
Arcania Gymnasium & Fitness Centre170, Ada-George Road, Rumuochita 500272, Port Harcourt, Rivers
Phone: 0806 432 4290
JM LifeSavers FoundationChief Ike Street, Adantolu Estate, Off Ada George, 10, Port Harcourt
Phone: 0806 809 8508

Finding a private boxing trainer in Port Harcourt

Kick Boxing Workout
Private Boxing Trainer | Photo Credit: Rodger Shija from Pixabay

Usually, getting a private trainer to teach you how to box requires serious search. This could be time-consuming, and in some cases, you may waste your resources. But with the arrival of Superprof, it has become a simple process to choose an approved profile that will take you through your boxing journey.

You can also get some amazing boxing classes in Abuja.

Why is Superprof the best place to start your classes? Their trainers are certified, and you get to read their profiles before choosing the one that appeals to you the most. Also, 95% of the instructors and tutors on the platform offer their first class free, which gives you the opportunity to assess as many trainers/tutors as you want before settling for the best fit for you.  If you are interested in kick boxing or boxing, Superprof has got you covered.

Now that you have gotten all the information needed to acquire boxing skills, nothing should stop you from taking action today. You can decide to be a professional boxer or take boxing as an exercise.

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