Boxing is an amazing sport that most Nigerians are beginning to embrace. Gone are the days when we get scared of boxing because we think those punches would have a permanent dent on our faces. There is more to boxing than what most people think. You can become a career boxer by enrolling in a professional boxing training or an amateur by hitting a boxing fitness class around you.

Nigeria is gradually covering a large area in the world's map when it comes to martial arts. Anthony Joshua and the likes are making us proud globally, and many of us are starting to find interest in boxing - this also includes kickboxing, which is also known as Thai boxing.

Boxing is a beautiful sport you should try to learn because it has so many benefits. Apart from the fact that you can carve out a career for yourself, boxing is also a great way to keep fit. Furthermore, while we don't pray to encounter troubles in our lives, having martial arts skills might save you from some unnecessary oppressions.

Before looking at some places to find boxing gyms in most of the major cities in Nigeria, we must know what boxing truly is.

What does boxing entail?

Boxing is a type of contact sport that is popular across the globe. Some of the boxing types include British boxing, French boxing, American boxing, and kickboxing, which is called Thai boxing. If you desire to become a professional boxer, you can grow from featherweight to heavyweight boxing. There are different stages involved, and you have to engage in formal training if you want to be successful in the profession.

Boxing matches are organized every year in different parts of the world, and the mammoth crowd that attends these matches tells a lot about people's love for the sport.

Aside from the fact that boxing is a profession, it is a lovely way to keep your fitness level in check. Contrary to most people's belief, martial art is not meant for men alone. Women and kids are told to partake in it because everyone needs to be fit at all times.

Boxing Fitness Workout
Boxing Fitness Training | Photo Credit: Edgar Chaparro on Unsplash

Would I be able to afford boxing classes around me in Nigeria?

The majority of Nigerians don't know that there are boxing gyms close to their homes. Those who know don't border to visit because they think the subscription packages' price will be exorbitant. This is far from being true!

Like visiting a conventional gym to build your muscles and work on your abs, boxing training is similar. Boxing training is not expensive, and anyone willing to learn how to box can conveniently afford boxing training.

Did you know that you can learn boxing online? Yes, you can! As you keep reading, you will discover the best places to start your boxing classes and even find out how to look for a trainer that will train via webcam.

Where do I find boxing classes near me?

Our goal at Superprof is to make learning as easy as possible for our audience. We take out time to research various topics and simplify them for you so you don't have to go through any rigorous process. This applies to whether you are looking for an online tutor or a face-to-face trainer that will visit your home.

When it comes to boxing, there are different places to locate one close to you. Since more and more people are embracing the sport, more boxing gyms are springing forth every year. Kickboxing workout centers are also gaining popularity among adults and kids.

You can learn boxing online no matter where you live in Nigeria. However, we shall be looking at some of the best places to learn how to box in some of the country's major cities. To make our research worthwhile, we shall cover one town in every region of Nigeria.

Thai Boxing for Kids
Kick Boxing for Kids | Photo Credit: Asa Rodger on Unsplash

Boxing classes Lagos: Finding the best gyms to train in the megacity

No doubt, Lagos is the biggest city in Nigeria. It serves as a pioneer when it comes to businesses and sporting activities. Finding a place where you can learn martial arts shouldn't be a problem because training gyms are scattered all over the city - whether you stay in the mainland or Island, there is a gym close to you. The problem is not finding a kickboxing workout gym, but looking for one with the best facilities to serve you better.

Most gyms in Lagos have training sessions for both young and old, males and females, and amateur and professional. No matter what category you fall into, you can find a place to learn how to box. There are also boxing matches that are organized in Lagos State. You can hone your skills and enrol to become one of the participants if you truly want to become a professional boxer.

Here are some of the best boxing training centers in Lagos, where you can begin your journey of becoming a boxer.

Boxing training Abuja: Your home of classic boxing gyms in Nigeria

Being the capital of Nigeria, you shouldn't expect less from Abuja when it comes to sports. The Federal Capital Territory is home to revolutionary sports in the country. No matter where you stay in ABJ - be it Maitama, Wuse, or Jabi, you will get a good boxing gym that has what it takes to train you adequately. There are also some good kickboxing workout centers that are good for both females and kids. You can enrol them to help improve their agility and keep them fit all the time.

Some of the boxing classes offer private training, group training, and online sessions. You can decide which is most suitable for you and opt-in.

Boxing training Port Harcourt: Learn boxing in one of the Niger Delta cities

With the recent security challenges ravaging the world, getting training in martial arts will be handy. Port Harcourt boasts of one of the top cities in Nigeria, and there are different places where you can start your kickboxing or boxing workout sessions. No matter which part of the city you live in, finding a training gym should not be a big deal. 

Some of the gyms in PH organize boxing matches for folks of different age groups. With as low as #5000 per month, you can enrol in boxing training. You can either register for small group classes or large group classes. Some of the gyms also offer private training to clients.

Here are some of the best boxing classes in Port Harcourt. Feel free to go through it if you live in PH and look for the one that is closest to you.

Boxing training Ibadan: Hone your martial arts skills from the best classes in town

For the records, Ibadan is the largest city in West Africa. Due to its closeness to Lagos, most of the developments taking place in Lagos are gradually extending to Ibadan. If you live in Ibadan, you can train on boxing for as low as #2000. There are different packages for couples, singles, and families. 

One of the notable boxing matches that took place in IB was the GOTV boxing night that took place in 2019. It created a lot of awareness among the city residents, which has caused a lot of persons to be more interested in the art of boxing.

Whether you live around Jericho, Oluyole estate road, or Mokola Hill, there are tastefully built gyms with boxing facilities. Some of them run both morning and evening sessions, some are only into the morning drill, while other training centers focus on people who only have the evenings as their spare time. Superprof has conducted comprehensive research on the best boxing training classes in IbadanYou don't have to stress yourself looking for where to get boxing fitness sessions anymore. Just go through our list and look for the one that is close to your home.

Professional Boxing Training
Private Boxing Training | Photo Credit: StockSnap from Pixabay

Final Verdict 

Boxing is a contact sport anyone can get involved with for various reasons. You can decide to build a career in boxing by going for professional training to launch you into the international scene. Boxing can also be used to maintain fitness. In some cases, martial arts could be a lifesaver - self-defense skills could save your life in certain circumstances.

Just like every other sport, boxing is meant to be enjoyed. It is quite normal for you to have a daunting feeling when starting as a beginner, but there is absolutely nothing to be scared about. As a novice, you will start your training from the basics and gradually grow to higher levels as you perfect your skills.

Start your boxing training today, and enjoy all the benefits that come with it!

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