The rate at which every aspect of life is going digital is mindblowing. As an individual, it is risky not to know anything about IT or any computer knowledge in this jet age. Why is it risky? Virtually everything we do today requires at least an iota of digitalization.

Information technology courses are highly sought after because people are beginning to see that the world is driving very fast on the digital lane. Numerous job opportunities abound if you engage in learning computer programming because the world needs you.

This article is focused on getting some decent places where you can enhance your IT skills in Ibadan, Oyo State. If you live in Ibadan or you intend to study programming courses in Ibadan, this piece will be of great importance to you.

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Preparing to study ICT courses at the university level

If you intend to study engineering, computer science or information management courses in Oyo State, the two recommended universities are the Federal University of Ibadan and Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso. These two schools are highly rated in Nigeria and you can kick-start your IT training courses in any of the schools if you desire a degree in computer science.

To study computer programming courses at the university level, you need to take a science subject in secondary school. Social sciences can hardly get you admission to study computer science. However, there is no limitation to becoming a programmer even if you are not a science student. You can decide to take certification courses from non-university bodies.

Some of the subjects you really need to perform better to be able to gain admission to study information technologies include Mathematics, English, Physics, and Chemistry.

Another option is to attend polytechnic in Ibadan.

The Oyo State College of education is another school in the state to study education courses such as information technology education. This would be a nice choice for those who desire to pursue a career in education.

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Become a programmer even without a university degree in computer science

There are a countless number of people who didn't study or have a degree in computer science but are doing well as programmers. One's success in the digital space is not tied to a degree certificate - your sheer determination and passion can drive you to learn computer programming even without prior knowledge.

How do I take IT training even if I'm not a science student? There are professional IT certification institutes that train people from all educational background. As long as you have an interest and are ready to learn, you can obtain diploma certificates in software engineering, data analysis, Python, graphics design, web development, cybersecurity, systems management, and a host of other computer fields.

With the advancement of technology, you can even take online programming courses from the comfort of your home via webcam. Most of these ICT companies offer short courses that span from one week to 6 months or more.

Here are Abuja computer training classes.

ICT beginner courses

As a newbie in the ICT world, you can start off by taking some beginner courses to improve your knowledge. Some of these courses include hardware maintenance, web designing, software & programming language, cybersecurity, Microsoft Office, animation, etc. Even though we refer to them as beginner courses, knowing how to use these computer skills will help you improve your daily life!

While it is good to start learning computer programming at an early age, there is no age limit attached to it. As long as you have an interest in it, the right time to start is now.

Most primary schools have ICT laboratory where they teach pupils the basics of computer. This training is to prepare them ahead in becoming knowledgeable in anything relating to computer studies. Not having knowledge of computer can be so embarrassing sometimes, especially when you are called upon in a gathering.

Information Technology Courses Ibadan
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Going professional with information technology courses

After completing your computer science degree course, you can decide to go for postgraduate studies for further education. While this is good, it is not the only way to becoming a guru in IT. In short, most people prefer not to go the university way - they choose to attend professional institutes that offer IT courses.

Computer learning is very broad, so you have to choose an area you really have interest in and pursue your dream. Becoming a jack of all trade won't take you to the level of being called a guru. The list below comprises some of the areas you can decide to focus on when it comes to information technology.

  • Information Technology Management
  • Cybersecurity
  • Internet of Things
  • Network and IT Security
  • Big Data and Business Intelligence
  • Software Engineering
  • Programming Language
  • And many more

All these courses are relevant in our everyday life, so focusing and mastering any of them would make you valuable in most organizations.

Port Harcourt also has some nice IT centres.

Finding an IT training institute in Ibadan

Ibadan, just like Lagos, is a major city in Nigeria and Africa at large. Finding an institute to train you on a programming course will never be an issue because the state houses one of the best universities in Nigeria. Below are some of the place you can take IT training - whether online programming courses or on-site learning.

IT training at the Federal University of Ibadan

UI is one of the best schools in Nigeria. If you decide to get a bachelor's degree in ICT, UI will be a good choice for you. Computer science is usually a 4-year course, during which you will be introduced to the basics of computer. To get an admission, you must do well in your SSCE - credit in English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry will suffice. Your JAMB result must also beat the cut-off mark to be considered.

Aside from UI, another school in Oyo State is Ladoke Akintola Unversity of Technology, Ogbomoso. The entry requirements are similar to that of UI, but you will spend 5 years because it is an engineering college.

Computer Training Class
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NIIT Centre Ibadan

NIIT is an international IT training institution that offers beginner and professional IT lessons to individuals. If you attend training with NIIT, you are not getting a degree certificate - what you get is a diploma certification that is enough to land you your dream job. NIIT offers lessons on subjects such as programming, digital marketing, data analysis, systems management, and a host of others. You can reach them via phone on 09087519481.

New Horizons Computer Learning Center Queen Cinema Ibadan

New Horizons is located at Remilekun Place, 66 Fajuyi Road, Ibadan. Some of the courses they teach include digital marketing & analytics, graphics & multimedia, Python programming, ethical hacking, CISCO certified network, full-stack web development, full-stack software development, etc. New Horizons offers courses for both adult and children. If you live around Fajuyi Road, you can pay them a visit for more enquiries.

NCT Academy

NCT Academy is another amazing IT training centre in Ibadan. Its office is located at MKO Abiola Way, Oluyole. Some of their courses include CompTIA A+, CCNA, Oracle, Cloud Computing Certification Training, and others. Their phone number is +1 240 780 8907. They operate from Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.

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Choosing a private IT tutor on Superprof

In addition to all the IT academies listed above, Superprof is another great place to acquire IT lesson. Learning computer programming or other computer courses has been made easy with the help of Superprof.

Superprof is an online platform that helps students in finding teachers on any particular subjects. A lot of Nigerians make use of Superprof and the reviews so far are nothing less than superb.

Why do people like the teaching pattern on Superprof? On Superprof, you can take online programming courses via webcam or a face to face lesson. Superprof makes it easy for anyone to learn by providing an enabling environment. All the tutors on Superprof have profiles that show their abilities and most have past reviews from previous students. To make it more appealing, more than 97% of our tutors offer free trial training so that you can assess the level of training you are about to get, without any commitment.

You get to choose from different teachers by reading reviews. If you find any profile intriguing to you, you can contact the person to arrange for your learning process. The process is so simple, and you can schedule your teaching to a time that is most convenient for you.

Take action today and start your journey to learning computer programming or other relevant courses in information technologies. The time to act is now because there are numerous opportunities waiting for you even when the labour market looks bleak.

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