In today’s world, acquiring technical skills such as software development or becoming a programmer puts a lot of career opportunities at your hands. The world is going completely digital and those in the IT industry are having a swell time because of the numerous opportunities that lie therein. However, for you to become a certified IT professional, you must be prepared to go through the process.

For example, to become a programmer, you must take computer programming courses, write exams, and become certified as a programmer. All these processes require adequate preparations if you truly want to do well in IT.

Some universities in Nigeria offer information technology courses for both undergraduate and graduate studies. However, there are other non-university bodies that specialize in IT training to people of all ages – you can either opt-in for online programming courses or on-site learning. You can decide to do diploma courses in software development, data science, digital marketing, software engineering, network and security, and lots more.

Learning computer programs or any other IT courses can never be a wrong idea. With these skills, you can either work for multi-national companies or be your own boss by setting up your business. Why is taking information technology courses important? This question takes us to the next subject of discussion.

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Information Technology Classes
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What are the benefits of IT training in Port Harcourt?

After Lagos and Abuja, the next city that comes to mind in terms of the workforce is Port Harcourt. The Niger-Delta region of Nigeria is the hub of oil and gas companies, and PH city is home to most of the multinational companies in Nigeria. For that reason, there are jobs in data analytics, cybersecurity, telecoms, and other businesses.

Port Harcourt city has two universities that offer information technology courses, which makes it easy for anyone to obtain certifications. Even if you don’t attend a conventional school, there are other professional institutes that run diploma courses for both beginners and professional IT personnel.

Yes, it is true that the Nigerian labour market is saturated and it is pretty difficult to secure the job of your dream. However, with adequate preparation in IT lessons and passing all your professional exams, finding a job in Port Harcourt wouldn’t be that much of a big deal. The world needs technologically inclined people to fill in more spaces in different work sectors, so becoming a programmer or software engineer would make you very useful to the most work environment.

Another good reason to attend computer classes in PH is that most of the training centres offer courses for both beginners and experts, adults and children. Even if all you need to know on a computer is just the basics, you can easily find training that will suit you. As a retiree, you can keep your mind refreshed by taking a course in IT, either for fun sake or to find small jobs that require less effort.

There are some centres that take time to groom kids to become computer gurus. You can easily locate one and enrol your children.

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Is IT courses meant for science students only?

Everyone is beginning to see the importance of having a computer skill in job-market settings. Contrary to most people’s belief that learning computer programming or any other IT course is tied to being a science student, anyone can actually go into information technology if there are passion and determination.

Even if you were art or social science student in secondary school, nothing stops you from pursuing a career in information technology. You don’t necessarily need a university degree in computer science to become a certified IT professional. There are diploma certificate courses you can attend to become an expert in computational jobs.

Some of the popular names in the digital space didn’t attend colleges to study computer science. To make learning easier, it is possible for anyone to become a programmer by enrolling in online programming courses. The good thing about the online course is that it is convenient and has a flexible schedule.

So, not minding your educational background, you can develop yourself to become IT personnel if you are determined and passionate.

However, since IT is broad, making a decision at an early stage will make you focus on a particular area and build yourself to become one of the best. Starting your classes today will be a great decision, and if you live in Port Harcourt, you will be getting some of the best places to start your journey to becoming an IT person.

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Computer Programming Courses Beginners
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Where to take IT courses in Port Harcourt

Our list will cover both college degree for those interested in pursuing a university degree in computer science, and professional courses for those who want to become certified IT personnel.

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Federal University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT)

If you live in PH and are interested in graduate programs in computer science, UNIPORT is a good school to pursue your dream. To study computer science, one needs to spend four years in university. In the first year of study, one will take courses in mathematics, physics and chemistry. As one goes higher in level, he/she starts to focus on his area of specialization. To become a computer scientist, some of the subjects you need to take seriously in secondary school include maths, physics, and chemistry.

After completing your degree program, you can decide to further your education by enrolling in a post-graduate course. Although most people prefer to go for professional courses that are more practical than the university. That way, they will be able to put their university knowledge into practice.

Aside UNIPORT, another good school in Port Harcourt to get a degree in computer science is Rivers State University of Science and Technology.

LOCTECH IT Training Institute

If you are looking for a non-university learning centre to hone your computer skills, LOCTECH is a good place to visit. It is located at 4a Etim Okpoyo Close, Rumuobiakani, Bridge bus stop, Aba Express Road, Port Harcourt. LOCTECH also organizes summer computer classes for kids. Below are the courses you can take at LOCTECH:

  • Big Data – Machine learning, data science, database management systems, data analysis, and statistics
  • Design and Media – Graphics design
  • Network and Security – Ethical hacking, cybersecurity, CCNA, network systems, Windows server
  • Development – Programming, web development, web design
  • Business professional – Microsoft Office, accounting, project management

You can either take beginner courses or enrol for further training. LOCTECH operate from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm, then on Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm. You can visit their office or call them on phone via 07038885466.

NIIT Port Harcourt

NIIT is another popular international IT centre that is known worldwide. Their office is located at 1 Kaduna Street, Woji, Port Harcourt. You can learn computer skills at NIIT to remain relevant in this digital age. Some of the things you can learn from NIIT include Python programming, software engineering, digital marketing, web development, data analytics, big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, CompTIA, etc.

NIIT offers diploma courses that will certify you as a professional IT personnel after successfully completing the courses and passing the exams.

Success Computer School, PH City

If you are looking for a computer training centre to learn the basics of computer, Success Computer School is a good place to visit. They are located at Police Park, Success Center, Mile 1, Port Harcourt. They operate during weekdays but remain close during the weekend. If you want to familiarize yourself with the computer by learning the basics, Success School has what it takes to help you. Some of the courses to learn include desktop publishing, graphics design, computer appreciation, web design etc.

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Learning Computer Programming
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Choose a private IT tutor on Superprof

If you are looking for an alternative to all the IT institutes listed above, Superprof is a good place to turn to. Superprof is an online platform that connects students with tutors. At Superprof, you can learn almost anything by choosing from a pool of verified profiles.

If you decide to take entry-level online programming courses, advanced programming course or want to have a private teacher that will lecture you face-to-face in the comfort of your home, you can choose a tutor on Superprof. 98% of tutors offer a free trial, which helps you assess the quality of training you will get before making any commitment.

One advantage of using Superprof is that only the best are allowed to teach on the platform. Also, for any course you intend to learn, you have the choice of choosing from different teachers. You can decide to start your IT training today by going to the platform to choose a personal tutor.

You can check Superprof today and take advantage of the free trial on your desired courses. Learning fee on Superprof are usually affordable and competitive and the quality of training you get is top-notch

Equip yourself with the relevant IT skills and stand a high chance of securing a 6-figure job in no time.

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