If you live in Kano State and are in search of a better place to learn computer basics, to further your IT professional studies, or get a bachelor's degree in computer science, this article will benefit you tremendously.

Taking information technology courses in this modern time has a ton of benefits attached to it. To be a computer literate does not only open doors of job opportunities for you but also makes you fit in well to the ever-changing Nigerian society.

The world at large is growing rapidly in terms of technology and Nigeria is not left out in this rapid growth. Learning computer skills can either be achieved by attending a university or looking for a standard training institute to groom you. In Kano, there are different means through which you can sharpen your IT skills, but before we go into that, it will be thoughtful enough to look at some other vital services of IT.

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Information Technology Courses
Learning computer skills from the comfort of your home | Photo Credit: Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

Why you should consider learning computer programming or any other computer skills

To remain relevant to society

The world we live in today revolves around digitalization. Whether you like it or not, a few years from now, you may become obsolete if you don't know anything about computer. No matter how small, learning the basics of computer can set you on the right track to adding value to your workplace or your society. Little things like using Microsoft Office Excel, Word, Access, etc. can help you improve in organizing your daily work activities.

Job opportunities abound

The smart ones are putting in every effort to learning computer programming courses because they know IT skills are in hot demand. Stand out from the crowd by making all effort to improve your IT training. The African continent is lagging behind in terms of technology, which invariably means that having the necessary skills will place you at the forefront in terms of employment.

Aside from just getting numerous job opportunities, your computer knowledge could be the reason why your salary is higher than that of your colleagues. This is a proven fact and it will continue to be like this because computer literacy can help boost the productivity of an organization.

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Getting a degree in information technology from the university

As a secondary school student seeking admission into the university, performing better in sciences will facilitate your admission process. Some of the science subjects you need to study information technology courses include mathematics, English, physics, and chemistry. Getting a good grade in SSCE and cbt JAMB will help you secure an admission into the university to study software engineering or any other computer-related courses.

Although a university education is not the only way to becoming IT personnel, it is the right avenue to having a bachelor's degree in information management. Except for the university of technologies that usually take 5 years of study, all other Nigerian federal and state universities require a 4-year study to obtain a bachelor of science. You may decide to further your education by enrolling for a postgraduate programme or jump straight into the labour market to work for a firm or be your own boss. It is always advisable for one to take professional courses in computer science because what you learn in school is mostly the theory aspect.

You can get a good education in computer studies in Kano State either from a university, a polytechnic or a college.

Ibadan also have some nice IT classes.

Getting certifications from IT training institute

It is not compulsory that you must be a science student in secondary school for you to take a programming course. As long as the passion and drive are intact, art or social science students can groom themselves to become the best in systems management or any other area of technology. There are several training institutes in most of the cities in Nigeria and Kano State is not left out.

Whether it is a beginners class or professional IT training you are looking for, keep reading to discover some of the best places to enrol for your training.

Learning has also be made easier thanks to the advancement of technology. If you desire to learn from the comfort of your home, you can take online programming courses via webcam and be certified after completing your training.

Online Computer Programming

Areas to venture into in computer learning

The study of computer is very broad. For this reason, one needs a specific area to pursue a career. While it is good to have ideas on different aspects of information technology, it will be more rewarding to follow a path and become an expert in it. Below are some of the branches of computer science:

  • Intelligent systems
  • software engineering
  • Learning programming language (Python, etc.)
  • database management
  • hacking
  • web development
  • Network and security
  • Graphics and visual computing
  • Architecture and organization
  • Computational science
  • business management
  • And the list goes on

For you to be successful in information technology courses, you need to possess some special qualities. Below are some of the qualities you need for successful IT training:

  • How to follow and implement a strategy
  • Good analytical skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Ability to concentrate and remain focused for a period of time
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Being organized

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Where to take computer training in Kano State

Kano is one of the biggest states in Nigeria with meaningful development going on. Finding a centre to learn computer skills will not be a problem because there is a university, polytechnic, or other certified training institutes to take you through your learning process. Below are some of the place to take computer programming courses or to enhance your information technology knowledge.

Bayero university Kano (BUK)

BUK is one of the top universities in Nigeria. If you reside in Kano or intend to study computer science in the state, putting in an application for admission into BUK would be a good idea. You can obtain your first degree before going for further studies by enrolling with a professional training institute.

Kano state university of technology is another good college to consider for an information technology course. Aside from these two universities, the Kano State polytechnic and federal college of education also render lessons in IT.

IT2 Computer Training Academy

IT2 is a computer training institute that helps people to become proficient in IT. IT2 is located along Panshekara road, Kano, and they operate during the weekdays. If you live close to Panshekara road, you can call their office via 07038480804 to make further enquiries. The little information gathered from our research shows that they are into beginners' classes for newbies. You can start your lesson with them if you want to improve your computer prowess.

NEWHUB Computer Learning Centre

NEWHUB is located at C7 Rukayya Bayero Complex, Kabuga Gwale Local Government, Kano, and they are ICT training for beginners and professionals. They operate throughout the week and their operation time is between 8 am and 9 pm every day. Some of the services they offer include web design, digital marketing, web development using WordPress, business development training, blockchain technology and applications, programming language, and lots more.

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Hakima Information System

Hakima teaches students in both English and Hausa languages. They are located at No. 9, Emir's Palace Road, National Library (Women Center Building), Kofar Nassarawa, Kano. They operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Hakima trains women in computer and offers courses such as Python, C++, computer maintenance, data management, graphic design and multimedia services.

Learning Computer Skills Online
Taking private lesson via webcam | Photo Credit: August de Richelieu from Pexels

Choosing a private IT training tutor on Superprof

Superprof has been the go-to place for most students who want to learn virtually anything of their interest. Why do most students prefer Superprof? Because our services are international and you are free to choose a teacher from a pool of excellent tutors. Also, you can get tutors in Lagos, Abuja, Kano, and other cities in Nigeria.

Equipping yourself with computer skills can be made very possible on Superprof.  On our platform, we connect students to the best tutors in specific fields. Learning through Superprof can be very convenient because you are free to choose the mode of learning – you can either go for online learning or go for a face to face lesson.

Most of our tutors have years of experience, which makes them a perfect fit for students. To make it worthwhile, 97% of our tutors offer a free trial lesson. This will help you judge if their pattern of teaching suits you without making any commitment.

Whether it is software engineering, graphics design, web development or any other computer skills, all you need to do is to read reviews on the approved profile of each tutor to find out reputation. Once you have made up your mind to work with one, contact him and your lesson begins. Rest assured of getting an international standard of teaching.

Start your IT training today and stand out from the crowd in terms of job opportunities and other vital aspects of life.

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