Do you live in Lagos and are planning to get a professional computer training in the megacity of Lagos? You are at the right place at the right time. This article is focused on revealing some of the best centres where you can learn computer in Lagos. Another good thing is that there is a flexible schedule to suit anyone that is interested in learning.

No doubt, Lagos is number one in Nigeria when it comes to industrialization, businesses, and job-market. There are a lot of opportunities in Lagos because it houses people from all works of life. Getting a bachelor of information is never a big deal because there are numerous student campuses where you can enrol for certification exams.

If you are serious about getting training in the Information Technology field, this is the time to act because there is a rave about IT right now and the world can't seem to do without it. IT courses are the bomb currently, so learning a computer skill can never be out of place.

If you are looking for degree-level certification, there are a countless number of colleges in Lagos to help you build a career in computer. However, you don't need academics in the university to offer computer support.

To make this article worthwhile, we shall be breaking it down into different simple segments.

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IT Training
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Learning the basics in computer

Perhaps, your aim is just to learn basic courses in IT and to be knowledgeable about one or two things in the world of Information Technology. This article got you covered because we shall show you some of the reputable places to get IT beginners classes in Lagos.

Why would you need a beginner course instead of professional training? Not everybody wants to be a guru in Information technology. Some are contented with just learning the basics. The beginner courses are enough to offer technical support in the workplace and to make you relevant in any computer-related environment.

As you read on, we have selected some of the best courses that will suffice for you as a beginner. These courses are to equip you with the basic knowledge and in preparation for further advanced training.

Beginner computer training to become a social media influencer, online affiliate marketer or blogger

Did you know that there are a lot of people in Nigeria living decent lives just by working with their computer? You don't have to attend a university or get involved in learning computer programming to be able to earn money online. If you are ready to learn, there are classes in Lagos that are ready to teach you for a fee.

Making money on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook is also very possible if you acquire the relevant skills. Becoming a social media influencer doesn't require a programming course; just basic tutelage is enough to get you going. There is also money in blogging. Nigerians such as Linda Ikeji, Jide Ogunsanya, Noble Igwe, etc. are bloggers that have been able to carve out a niche for themselves. Anyone can do it as long as there is passion, determination, and patience.

You can also become a digital/affiliate marketer by helping various companies promote their products online. How does this work? the company (you intend to work with) gives you a special tracking link. If you are able to make sales through the link, you get a commission for your effort. The commission could be anywhere from 2% to as high as 70%, depending on whose product you are promoting. A lot of people are already doing digital marketing in Nigeria and there is money to be made if you get the right training. Keep reading to learn how to get started with online marketing.

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 Information technology courses for kids

Majority of the top IT experts in the world started their journey as kids. Enrolling your kids in IT training during holidays would be the surest way of building them to become more relevant in the digital world. Information technology is very broad, and there are some basic training that will be beneficial to children of virtually all ages.

Also, as an adult or a retiree, you wouldn't want to be left in the dark on the latest technology. What a joy to keep the mind refresh by learning basic online programming courses just for fun or applying them in simple scenarios. As a matter of fact, with the way the world is going on a fast technology lane, most people will struggle to cope if they don't have basic IT knowledge.

Here are the Abuja centres for IT training.

Computer Training Workshop in Lagos
Learning programming courses in a comfortable working space | Photo Credit: NESA by Makers on Unsplash

Finding computer training classes in Lagos

Whether you are looking for advanced computer programming courses or just need basic IT training to keep you abreast with the latest technologies, Lagos is the way to go!

In Lagos, you can take online programming courses right from the comfort of your home. If you enjoy attending physical classes, there are tons of computer centres scattered all around Lagos - From Mainland to Island. We have done thorough research and have come out with some of the best places for learning software applications, information systems management, data analytics, operating systems, and lots more.

Torilo Academy

Located at 1, Olaniyan Close, Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja, Torilo Academy is a good place to start or improve your computer skills. They operate every day of the week except for Sundays. If you live around Ikeja, you can simply visit their office for registration. Alternatively, you can visit their website and fill the registration form before proceeding to the next stage. Depending on the course you want to learn, there should be different price tags for various courses. Below are the courses this training school offers:

  • Digital marketing training
  • Graphics design
  • systems management
  • machine-learning
  • Web design
  • Motion graphics
  • Product design (UI/UX)
  • Software engineering

Torilo Academy offers both online and on-site training for its students. You can reach them on 08123499111

FlamyTech Computer School

If you live around Surulere, FlamyTech may be the place for your learning. Its address is 176 Adetola Street, Surulere, Lagos. FlamyTech offers certificate courses such as Diploma in Java Programming, Software Engineering, Android App Development, and Python Web Development. The good thing about FlamyTech is that they update their courses regularly by introducing relevant courses. If you are trying to build a career in IT and you live around Surulere, you can start your journey with FlamyTech. Most of their courses run from 1 month to 6 months, depending on the registration plan you have interest for. Their phone number is 08163796681.

Meridian Technologies LTD

Meridian Technologies is located at 207, Muri Okinola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. Meridian operates from 8 AM to 6 PM every day excluding Sundays. No much information could be gotten from this computer school because we can't find their website. You can reach them on phone via 07093177944 or you can visit their address to make further enquiries. Since it is a computer school, there should be courses for both beginners and professionals.

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NIIT needs no introduction for those that are into IT. NIIT is an international body that is focused on spreading Information Technology to every part of the world. With an office in Lagos and other cities in Nigeria, you can enroll with them to begin or improve your ICT skills. Their office is located at 23 Western Avenue, Surulere, Lagos. It is one of the most popular schools in Nigeria with a wide range of courses. If you are looking at learning digital marketing to start making money online, NIIT is a nice place to start. Other available courses in NIIT include, but not limited to Java with DevOps, Big Data, etc.

Nova IT Academy

Nova is a versed IT academy that deals on software and computer applications training. If you have kids in primary school, secondary school or in tertiary institution, Nova is the best computer classes to accommodate them. Nova offers both basic and advanced courses to people. Ther are located in Surulere, Lagos, and other parts of the country. Below are some of the training you could get from them:

  • Office IT operations: learning and developing the skills on how to use personal computer or laptop in day-to-day activities
  • WordPress CMS
  • Website design
  • Desktop publishing
  • Blog development and management
  • MS Excel training (beginner and advanced)
  • Data processing
  • Graphics design
  • and more...

Nova collaborates with schools to offer IT education and computer training to students in Universities, secondary, and primary schools. They also provide classroom training for individuals who desire to build a career in Information technology.

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Learning IT Online
Computer training is done online with students. | Photo Credit: Christina @

Take your information technology courses on Superprof

Over the years, Superprof has made it easy for students to learn any course of their choice. With Superprof, you can become a guru in computer programming by choosing an instructor to guide you through the process.

Why do most people prefer a private tutor on Superprof? Simply because you get in-depth coaching, and you can choose to learn in your home. Just make an arrangement with a  tutor and he will be glad to come to your home to teach you. You will also get a free trial lesson because about 98% of tutors on Superprof give a first-time free lesson without commitment. This helps you assess the tutor and find the best tutor for you.

There are IT tutors on Superprof to help you hone your technical skills by becoming a cybersecurity specialist, software-development expert, information assurance office, etc.. Whether you are looking for online programming courses or face-to-face learning (home tutoring), you can always find an instructor on Superprof.

Every teacher on Superprof has a verified profile that qualifies him as an expert in his field. You can start your computer programming courses today by choosing a private tutor on our platform. You can create a schedule for yourself and decide whether you want online or offline learning.

No need to wait any longer, the opportunities in IT-related fields are boundless. Start your IT training by enrolling for a programming course on Superprof!

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