As a student at university, it is an exciting phase. Most of the time, it is always the first time a young individual will travel far away from his/her parents to study for an extended period. Besides the fun and excitement of the campus environment, the university also offers other packages like:

  • Developing and learning while on campus;
  • Expanding your knowledge on a course through lectures
  • Building a new relationship and making friends.

An undergraduate economics degree is a renowned course across Nigerian universities, and there are several reasons for that.

Most of the time students of economics, graduate with several transferable skills acquired in their undergraduate days. This skill opens up several career opportunities for them after graduation.

Be it the communication skills that have been developed over the cause of study in the university or the analytical skills that are part of the economics degree curriculum in schools, graduates of economics are with several capabilities that make them unique in their respective job duties.

As you read on, you will see several economics degree jobs available for graduates of economics in Nigeria, and several options of courses you can study at the university if you choose to further your studies at MSc Level (Masters).

Indeed, achieving excellent career opportunities is also attributed to performing greatly during your institution exams and coursework. If you notice your performance during university assessment time is below standard, it would be beneficial you seek the help of a tutor who will guide you in areas you need help and also ease your academic struggles.

As an undergraduate student in the university, looking out for a tutor that can put you through your difficult subjects are students running their Master’s degree or the ones that are pursuing their PhD because they have a wealth of understanding in the previous topics and will also provide you tips that would assist you in your exams.

Superprof is an online tutorial site that offers seasoned tutors in economics who have different backgrounds in economics, By signing up on the platform, you will be able to get tutorial assistance from tutors around you, and they would meet your specific demand, while not breaking your bank.

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Searching the right job vacancy website and network properly shows you the limitless available jobs for economics graduates. (Source: Unsplash)

Understanding The Job Options Available In Economics

Whenever you think of an economics degree, several career options come in your subconscious mind; such a career line includes but not limited to economics tutor, or teacher, an economist in the private sector, or even the public (civil) service e.t.c

Although careers associated with economics are significant areas economics graduates can turn to, obtaining an economics degree also gives you a significant boost ahead of other courses graduate in getting jobs in different sectors of the corporate world, as graduates of economics are much demanded.

A lot of employers in Nigeria do not place emphasis on the course of study in the university; they focus more on your transferable skills gained during your university education; there are some conventional job roles that align with economics degree more where graduates of this field have more opportunities

Therefore obtaining a good grade in your economics degree may help you get jobs that do not relate to your course of study, as many employers of labour in Nigeria prefer brilliant candidates without considering their course of study.

More so, the exceptional knowledge and experience gained as an economics degree student in the university make you a valuable asset to several employers. Graduating with an economics degree proves that you would be able to perform well with:

  • Problem-solving and be a forward-thinking
  • Also, be good with Numbers
  • Be equipped with economic trends, issues, business news and be updated with current events in the nation and;
  • Be able to interpret data relating to financial situations from several sources.

The transferable skills you have acquired through the cause of your economics degree in the university would help you in your career path because employers love hiring candidates with transferable skills in Nigeria.

If you have noticed that you studying economics in the university would be interesting, or you would love to apply for an economic degree after your secondary education, you should be smart with your ambition and do not indulge any fear of future; economics degree has a lot of future career prospects and prospects.

Additionally, you will understand that obtaining a degree in economics offers you a final push in the labour market when it comes to time to apply for jobs in economics. 

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Accounting job is one of the roles an economics graduate can land after graduation from the university. (Source: Unsplash)

Gaining the Graduate Economist Job Roles

Obviously, in the Nigerian job market, employers value skills more, you can use your acquired skills in the university to apply for jobs and scale up your career to another level, while working for organizations of your choice.

For example, you should think about the sector you would like to work in, either in the public sector or working with a private firm; also, you can decide to further your study as it can be your decision after undergraduate school.

Public Sector Jobs

The conventional job roles available for a graduate of economics in the public sector in Nigeria revolve around working with the Federal, State, or Local government at several departments or ministries. Landing a job with your economics degree in the public sector is advantageous and promising, as there are different packages from the government such as pension schemes, health welfare, leave bonuses, and housing schemes.

Private Sectors Jobs

Aside from the public service sector jobs, there are jobs in the private sectors, and employers offer full-time job roles for graduates of economics degree. Companies or firm offering these graduate roles specializes in different aspect of the business, including:

  • Accounting firms
  • Investment banking firms
  • Banks
  • Consultancy firms

Some firms are not serving functions relating to economics, such as marketing firms that absorb graduates of economics graduates; this shows that you are not restricted to working in the accounting, banking, or consultancy firms.

However, if you are trying to find balance within yourself about the career line, you should pursue after graduation, contact career counsellors or recruitment consultants for advice on how to go about your career options and the type of employers you can turn to.

There are opportunities for you if you decide to pursue careers in economics because career counsellors or recruiters can match you up with one or two, it is advisable to have your updated CV with you when going for such meetings.

Further Study

If you find a degree in economics exciting, and you would love to develop a career in the academic line, you can plan towards a great future in academia.

Provided you have graduated from undergraduate studies and obtained a degree in economics, either Bachelor of Education or Bachelor of Science, your next stop would be a Master's degree in economics. You might decide to apply for your Master's degree after National Youth Service at your existing institution, or choose to switch to another university; the choice is yours.

Possessing your Master's degree in economics is an opportunity to progress in your academic journey by applying for a PhD and obtaining a doctorate in economics or base your research towards the progress of economics. With the knowledge and certifications, you have acquired, you can decide to build a career in academia by becoming one of the listed roles below:

  • A university professor
  • An undergraduate or postgraduate lecturer or
  • An academic who is respected in the university settings.

Peradventure it becomes challenging to secure academic position after your PhD studies, switching from the educational line and applying for graduate economist jobs in Nigeria with the public service or the private sector firms can also be an available option. More so, most employers accord respect to graduates who have obtained Ph.D., therefore, such candidate would have opportunities available for them to apply for easily.

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Aside from graduate jobs, internships and all, you can opt to further your studies in economics. (Source: Unsplash)

Pursuing A Career In Economics

Not minding the career path you choose after graduating from the universities, you should understand that obtaining a degree in economics and acquiring analysis skills during the cause of your study is a starting point of gaining a good graduate economist jobs.

Based on the breakdown done by NGCAREERS, a job posting website focuses on the potential opportunities available for economics graduates in Nigeria. The write up explains economics as a science or as an art and also highlighted the skills required in the economics degree. Furthermore, a list of universities offering economics degree undergraduate courses either as BEd or BSc is also listed.

Ensure you meet the minimum admission entry requirement, which includes the minimum SSCE grades and the JAMB/UTME subject combination before you apply to any university.

One of the issues student faces is that they may perform significantly in the courses they would love to study at the university in their secondary school days, but they could find it so challenging to perform well in other courses in the university, which may result into being advice to withdraw from the school.

Peradventure, you realize you are performing well in economics, but finding it difficult to stabilize your grade in mathematics, it might be an indication you need some extra help so as to obtain a better grade.

There are different sites like Superprof that creates an avenue for students to meet with tutors in different subject areas. Suppose you need support in Maths, English, Government, or economics, there are seasoned tutors in Nigeria spread across the country available to put you through the challenging aspect of each subjects.

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