You have made the decision to study economics degree at your undergraduate level at the university. The big question you would need to provide a solution to, is: 'which institution would you like to attend'?

Obviously, there are several universities across Nigeria and beyond the borders of the country that offers an economics degree course at the undergraduate level. However, there are several factors you should put into consideration before applying to any school.

For instance, you have to ponder if you would love to study economics as your sole Major and obtain the degree, or you want a combined course of studies such as Economics and Computer Science as offered in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

A lot of universities offers economics degree as a single course of study, having this in mind would impact the kind of university you would apply to after your secondary education.

Aside from the above consideration, others include:

  • What is the curriculum of the school like and what area of economics the school would cover (Some schools focuses on a different section of economics)
  • Location, you should consider how far the university is to your home and how prepared you are to engage in a long journey
  • Quality of the education, focusing on the quality of education being offered also matter more in your decision
  • You should check the university ranking and how the department that offers an economics degree in the school is being regarded

There are so many visible and educational differences between the best universities in Nigeria offering economics degree courses. Taking quality time to research on any of the university you have in mind to attend will help you make the best decision when its time to apply for admission.

Your research activities can include talking to alumni of such school who have graduated from the economics department and ask how their days in school was like. If possible, you can take a tour through the institution on open days if it is available. These steps would help you make a better decision on which university would fit your studying needs.

Below are few details about some Universities ranked as the best in Nigeria to study economics. Reading through this overview would help you decide what studying in those schools entails, this does not stop you from researching further though. You cannot have too much information when you are deciding on an institution to study.

Applying For Economics Degree at OAU or UNN

OAU and UNN are among the top best schools you can study economics degree in Nigeria; additionally, both schools are renowned for quality and top-notch academic standards.

More so, if you are conversant with university ranking, you will know that OAU and UNN are always at the top of the ranking list. Based on the Nigerian University Commission University ranking in 2019, the two universities are ranked among the top 10 universities in the country.

Though both universities are competitors in academics, students' performance and many more, you would be making the right decision by applying for economics degree admission at any of the two schools.

There are slight differences between the course offered during the length of obtaining an economics degree at OAU and UNN, that you should be intimated with.

During your part 1 while studying economics degree at OAU based on their online handbook, it centers on:

  • Elements of Microeconomic
  • Principles of Economics
  • Elements of Macroeconomic
  • Principles of Accounting
  • Mathematics for Social Scientists

As you progress in your studies, you will notice a concentration of your courses on macroeconomics and microeconomics, while there will be elective courses you are expected to borrow alongside your core courses.

UNN campus
University of Nigeria (UNN) is considered to be one of the best institutions to study economics in Nigeria. (Photo source: UNN)

On the other hand, UNN offers some courses which are combined in nature which include:

  • Statistics for Economics
  • Elementary Mathematics
  • Business Finance
  • Natural Science
  • Introduction to Psychology

Macroeconomics and Macroeconomics are still regarded as the primary course offered at OAU economics degree curriculum, while there are some other elective courses.

You should also be aware that both OAU and UNN are conventional universities and they have several departments and faculties which vary in numbers of lecturers, age and degree awarded also.

Students hostel are available for students who want to live on campus and they are being monitored by the hostel porters.

Check The University ranking in Nigeria for information

The university ranking is great to help you determine which university is best for you to study economics degree as this is a pointer to you receiving a quality education in economics at that institution.

Your decision should not be solely based on 'top university' ranking alone, there are some other institutions listed on the general university ranking table in Nigeria, and they are considered to be a great institution to attend as well. It would be best if you considered other factors such as tuition fees, quality of education, the performance of graduates from such schools. Some of the universities in Nigeria that offer an economics degree are highlighted below.

University of Ilorin – Economics

Economics degree is offered as a single course at the undergraduate level in UNILORIN; you would need to focus on maths and other subject combinations during your undergraduate studies. There is a concentration on microeconomics, macroeconomics while some aspect of mathematics is included in the course module, not forgetting philosophy also. (Restructured)

AAUA- Economics

The school requires that an applicant have maths in his/her JAMB/UTME subject combination before applying for admission in the institution.

Emphasis is laid on maths for you as a student interested in studying economics degree at AAUA. Examples of math subject you are expected to offer at 100 level is Basic Algebra. Be prepared to use the maths skills at higher levels during your university days.

AAUA Senate Building
Adekunle Ajasin University economics degree curriculum focuses more on mathematics. (Photo source:

OAU- Economics

So many universities offer economics degree combined with other courses but at OAU economics could be offered as a single course or combined with other courses like:

  • Computer Science

The Nigerian education system does not really review the course curriculum yearly but lectures in the department of economics research on prospective international aspects in economics coupled with new concepts and theories. Besides, there are opportunities for you to borrow courses from other departments, thereby equipping you with different knowledge alongside your Major course of study.


Searching on Google
Make sure you conduct exhaustive research before deciding on your preferred university  (Photo Source: Unsplash)

It is important you understand that university-ranking set-aside, there is a difference in every institution curriculum, and their course contents can be a factor for you to prefer economics degree in one university than another. It is a good idea to take a trip down to the university you hope to study and ask the relevant question from a student of the economics department and understand the way institutions structure their course module. Receiving direct source information about the university lifestyle can help you determine which school you can apply to.

Note that regardless of the university ranking in Nigeria, every university is different from each other based on their curriculum and course contents offered.

There are also some other points you must bear in mind when you are carrying out research about universities to attend as seen below.

Prepare For A Long Term Investment

Take note that there are many great universities spread across Nigeria which are not mentioned in this write-up.

The most important thing to take note when researching universities to study economics degree is to understand and make findings of things like:

  • What the school curriculum entails
  • How many years are you expected to study the economics degree course for
  • How many times would you be attending lectures and class activities in a week and
  • What is the mode of grading your performance during the study and in the final years also

The best universities for economics in Nigeria can be very challenging to gain admission into, it does not mean you should not make an effort to be admitted into such institutions. If you feel you have measured up to the grades required by the school, you can give it a shot.

More so, if you notice you would need help passing your JAMB exams, which is a requirement to secure a place for you to study economics at the university, reach out to seasoned tutors in various subject aspects to help you out with exam tips and tricks for success. Superprof has several economics tutors registered on the website and spread across Nigeria, who are more than willing to provide help to you either as a group class or 'one on one' at an affordable price.

Taking time to invest in your education progress by using the help of tutors counts a lot. Being tutored before you start your university education and during the course of your university days helps you prepare for courses that might prove difficult to you. It also makes you feel relaxed, on top of your academic pursuit, and boost your confidence in any course you are taking.

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