Port harcourt is one of the most popular cities in Nigeria. If you live in Port Harcourt, you will know that it is filled with several oil companies, banking, and finance organizations and a lot more startups and government agencies.

For Public accountants, mid-level accountants, technicians, and novices who would like to study accounting in Port Harcourt, you've come to the right place. There are a ton of opportunities for accountants and a lot of institutes that offer professional accounting courses.

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Public Accountants In Port Harcourt
Your role as an accountant is very vital to society. On a large scale, the growth of a country is solely in the hands of an accountant. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Why Study Accounting?

You may be at the crossroads about Accounting. Is it profitable? Do people value Accountants in Nigeria? Are there opportunities to advance in this career? Will your salary as an accountant be worth it? These and a lot more may be running in your thoughts.

For starters, Accounting is a very interesting field and as long as there are financial transactions, it will keep existing. Your job as an accountant is a very vital one. Unlike other professions like engineering or law, accountants can work everywhere. Accounting is not a seasonal job; writers, musicians, startups, government agencies, private sectors and any individual or group of individuals handling money need accountants. Technically, you will always be in vogue.

If you're concerned about advancing in an accounting career, you shouldn't worry about it.  Choosing this career automatically gives you the opportunity to undergo professional training to help build up your expertise. It is one of the rarest professions that help you develop your accounting skills while you grow your working experience. Also, as you expand your qualification, your salary increases. Most accountants after a substantial amount of qualifications and work experience earn a more than a six-figure income.

Consider yourself a hero because you're in more ways than expected, saving lives. As a Chartered Accountant in Nigeria, you're consciously helping to ensure that the flow of cash is well utilized. As a forensic accountant, you're ensuring that there are no signs of fraud. The rewards are always worth it. In Nigeria, there are countless opportunities as an accountant. Since a lot of people don't pay much attention to it, it's not a saturated market. Thus, your chances of succeeding as an accountant are quite high.

Accounting Courses For the Undergraduate in Portharcourt

If you're interested in going to higher institutions to study accounting, there are universities and polytechnics in Port Harcourt that offers a degree in accounting. For the University of Port Harcourt and Rivers State University, here are the requirements for a four-year degree in accounting:

  • To qualify, you must be over 16 years during your year of admission.
  • You must have at least 5 credit passes in relevant subjects inclusive of English Language, Mathematics, and Economics at GCE O'Level, SSCE, WASCE, NECO or any equivalent certification at not more than 2 sittings.
  • Direct Entry admission candidates include Teachers Grade II, HND, and OND. You must meet the required passes to qualify for accounting courses along with 5 credit passes in the necessary subjects including English Language, Mathematics, Economics and any of the subjects; Commerce, Bookkeeping & Accounts and Government.

The University of Port Harcourt offers the following courses in Accounting:

  • Social System, History and Philosophy of Science, Principles of Economics, Business Mathematics 1 (FC), Business Communication, Nigerian Peoples and Culture, Introduction to Business. Introduction to Logic and Philosophy, Introduction to the computer. Communication Skills in English, Introduction to Logic and Philosophy, Introduction to Computer Sciences.
  • Business Mathematics II, Computer Appreciation, Principles of Economics, Political Analysis. Business Statistics 1, Introduction to Financial Accounting 1, Introduction to Microeconomics, Computer Programme. And Appreciation, Principles of Marketing, Principles of Finance, Business Statistics II, Introduction to Financial Accounting 1, Intro. To Cost & Management Accounting, Introduction to Microeconomics, Community Service, Company Law, Introduction to Financial Accounting II Business Law.
  • Business Research Management, Principles of Management, Cost Accounting, Money and Banking, Intermediate Accounting, Fundamental of Entrepreneurship, International Accounting, Advance Accounting (Group Acct.), Taxation 1, auditing and Investigation, Introduction to Management Accounting, Production Management, Financial Management, Business Policy, Taxation II, Management Accounting, Auditing and Investigation II, Entrepreneurship Project, Research Project, Executorship Law Bankruptcy & Accounts, Advanced Accounting IV (Acct. Theory), Public Sector Accounting, Accounting/Management Information, Analysis for Business Decision.

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Accounting Courses For The Career Changer

If you already have a career and you want to move into the accounting world, there are several courses you can take.

There are several reasons why you may want to change your career. However, the good news is that choosing Accounting is a great decision. Your level of interest would determine how far you want to go in your accountancy career.

One of the most common is the Association of Accounting Technicians courses. It will generally help you boost your cv. Here, you will learn the basic principles of accounting, how to use the accounting software, company financial evaluation, budget management and it will qualify you for more advanced professional courses. It is a professional body and you can even get to study the courses online.

In Port Harcourt, ICAN offers the Accounting Technician Scheme West Africa (ATSWA) Examinations which is similar to the AAT.

Just as the AAT, it will help lay the foundations to your accounting career path. Since you already have an educational degree, it will also be easier to study professional accounting courses. Usually, their requirements are geared towards graduates. However, if you do not have a basic knowledge of accounting, you will be required to start from the barest minimum.

Whichever you choose, you're surely on your way to having a great career in accounting.

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accounting graduate
As a Secondary School Graduate in Port Harcourt, there are several accounting opportunities for you even before you register for a university degree. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Professional Accounting Courses For The Mid-Level Accountant

Accountants who wish to advance their professional qualifications are not left out. In Port Harcourt, you can register under the following institutes:

  • The ICAN or Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria
  • The ANAN or Association of National Accountants of Nigeria
  • The ACCA or Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
  • The CIMA or Chartered Institute of Management Accountants
  • The AAT or Association of Accounting Technicians
  • The CMA or Certified Management Accountants
  • The CIA or Certified Internal Auditors

The qualification requirements of these institutes differ. The AAT or Association of Accounting Technicians does not require a university or polytechnic degree. Also, if you're registering as an ATSWA student under ICAN, you only need to provide your Secondary School Certificate with relevant passes to proceed.

The CIMA or Chartered Institute of Management Accountants require that you have a reasonable amount of work experience to qualify for their examinations. The ANAN or Association of National Accountants of Nigeria expects all graduates to take a one year course in the Nigerian College of Accountancy Jos before qualifying for their examinations. The CMA or Certified Management Accountants is designed for mid-level accountants. So, with your degree in accounting, you qualify to begin classes.

Each of these institutes also has their durations and number of exams. The longest exam is the ACCA or Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. You're expected to complete 14 exams in 10 years. However, you're exempted from some examinations with each qualification you get. ICAN ACCA graduates currently have the highest exemptions; 9 out of 14 exams.

The lowest number of years is AAT; each course you decide to choose is for one year.

Accounting Classes For Secondary School Graduates

If you love calculations and organizations, you should go into the accounting field. As a secondary school graduate in Port Harcourt, you should either go for the AAT courses or the ICAN ATSWA courses. Both of these would give you enough knowledge of accounting.

Your qualification can get you a direct entry admission into an accredited university of your choice. If you would rather continue professional courses, the most common for Nigerians is ICAN. You can go to the ICAN branch in UNIPORT to register and begin your accounting classes.

If you would like to work a little before schooling, your certification qualifies you to be an entry-level accountant at certain organizations.

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Port Harcourt Accounting Tutors
Did you know you can get training under one of Superprof's tutors in Port Harcourt? Photo Credit: Unsplash

Discover Accounting Tutors in Your Area

While several people can serve as accounting tutors, you need a professional. The reason is simple, most accounting examinations are quite tough and expensive. Getting a random teacher might just not cut it; especially for the professional courses. Also, some professional courses have a duration you cannot bypass. So, you should learn under a tutor that is equipped enough with accounting knowledge to help you understand better and get great grades.

For accounting undergraduates, you can also get a tutor to help break down complicated accounting theories.

If you would like a professional tutor to train you, use one of Superprof's tutors in Port Harcourt or online. A lot have current knowledge about accounting courses and have acquired several qualifications themselves.

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