“Generally, you take good care of yourself by consuming a lot of fruits, vegetables, omega-3 fatty acids and also complementing it with the required amount of water."

It is believed that you are a reflection of what you eat, which is to a large extent correct. Most individuals consume toxic foods, processed sugars, finger foods, fried foods, which latter results in health issues. Prolonged health issues can then turn to diseases like diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer. Where to study nutrition courses is vital for anyone who is hoping to contribute to society through the knowledge acquired from nutrition courses.

Generally, you take good care of yourself by consuming a lot of fruits, vegetables, omega-3 fatty acids, while complementing it with the required amount of water. Indeed water helps improve the quality of life, it helps flush out unwanted waste products from your body while enhancing the quality of lifestyle.

Basically, one of the major factors responsible for people's health-related issues and general poor diet manners is nothing but the fact that they believe the time to cook a healthy and nutritious meal is not there. More so, they think that it would be hard to take precautions regarding their entire well been. However, without proper counsel from a professional nutritionist, such individuals may not be able to break through the poor diet cycle and lifestyle.

Perhaps you are battling with your health, and you have been experiencing damages in your body through poor feeding. A certified nutritionist can advise and formulate a diet plan that could reverse the damaging effect caused by the previous food intake by motivating and encouraging their clients to choose a healthy lifestyle through proper feeding and consumption of meals that are nutritious to the body. A nutritionist is an expert in advising clients on proper healthy eating.

Through the experiences they have gathered over years of work with different clients, and the results derived from researches they have carried out: they understand the kind of meal that is nutritious to the human body.

Considering how to become a nutritionist in Nigeria? You would need to go through undergraduate studies in a nutrition course at an accredited university. Furthermore, some nutritionists practice the career without having gone through the regular undergraduate studies, or undergone any training that qualified them to be. Although, for a nutritionist to be appropriately recognized, it is highly advisable to have your degree in nutrition.

Being certified as a nutritionist is essential, it helps you land different clients who will be willing to pay you much more for the services you have offered. As an individual who is aspiring to know how to become a registered nutritionist in Nigeria, Superprof's blog has compiled a list of several courses offered by universities in areas like public health nutrition, human nutrition, nutrition and food science, and basic nutrition.

Schools Offering Public Health Nutrition Programmes

Some accredited higher institution in Nigeria are the stepping point for studying nutrition courses. (Source: Unsplash)

It is no news that public health nutritionist works majorly in the public sector and create proper awareness for citizens of Nigeria on how to live healthy through healthy eating. After finishing your higher education in nutrition courses, as a nutritionist, you can work with different categories of employers, ranging from nursing homes, hospitals, universities, and schools.

The need to teach children about a healthy diet is well understood by nutritionists working in the public sector. The early teaching would shield them from making the wrong decision as regards their eating habit, which could then result in them having a life-treating disease. As a Public health nutritionist, you can work with schools in providing essential information regarding proper and healthier diets.

You can be in charge of the school cafeteria by creating delicious meals, combining recipes that are structured to boost the health of the students in such school. When a majority of the members in a community being monitored by a public health nutritionist is making the right choice as regards their diet lifestyle, this shows the impact that has been made by the nutritionist and how to prolong the lifespan of the citizens in the community would be through the awareness created.

To become a public health nutritionist, some institutions listed below offer degrees in nutritionist courses, and you can decide to specialize in the public health section of the nutritionist courses.

  • Afe Babalola Univerity: Located in the southwest, in the Ekiti State of Nigeria, the school offers a world-class education in the human nutrition course with her aim geared towards providing the society with experts in the nutrition career. The primary area being covered in the course include public health nutrition, community nutrition, and food and nutrition security. To become a graduate from this institution, you would need to pass through all the recommended courses and certified pass by the school senate before graduating as a nutritionist. Advancing forward to the master level expands your horizon regarding the public health nutrition course.
  • Federal University of Agriculture: this course is developed to help student undergoing the nutrition and dietetics course to understand the concept of and how they can become a registered nutritionist. The course spans for four years of the undergraduate study period, including eight semesters, while aspiring nutritionists can specialize in the public health section of the course. As a matter of fact, during the undergraduate studies, the students join the INSTITUTE FOR DIETETICS IN NIGERIA, the body regulating nutrition practice in the country.

Graduating from the higher institution of learning as a qualified nutritionist in the public health sector avails you the opportunity to apply for nutritionist jobs in Nigeria. You would become part of the change agent responsible for educating the public about the danger associated with poor and unhealthy eating.

Schools Offering Human Nutrition Programmes

Water and vegetables
Regularly eating fruits and taking the recommend liters of water per day would help boost your health. (Source: Unsplash)

The important nutrients needed by the body to perform optimally are composed in the study of human nutrition. The experts in this sector of nutrition, take some time to understand and analyse their client’s diet, food composition and extract a healthy eating program for them. More so, this expert understands the necessary nutrients that are responsible to keep the body functioning properly and also helps the body grow. Lack of essential nutrients in food can lead to low resistance of sickness and diseases by the body.

  • University of Nigeria Nsuka: The school offers a four years degree course in nutrition with specialty driven towards human nutrition. After successfully passing all recommended courses, both elective and compulsory courses, you will be awarded a bachelor’s degree in Human Nutrition. The combination of food concepts, human metabolism, and other aspects of nutrition are what make up the human nutrition curriculum.
  • Michael Okpara University of Agriculture: With the aim of the school driven towards effective production of stable food and providing research assistance on the food material released into the community. Human nutrition is mostly placed under agriculture faculty as it generally deals with food and its components. For students willing to know more about the efficacy of food, this course is designed for them and also allows then understands how well food helps the human body grow properly.

A Human nutritionist is saddled with the responsibility of ensuring everyone eats the right diet and consume meals that contain necessary constituents for healthy living.

Schools Offering Nutrition and Food Science Programmes

Nutrition student
Nutrition graduates from higher institutions in Nigeria are readily available to provide useful healthy tips for your well-being. (Source: unsplash)

The importance of food nutritionists cannot be side-lined as many individuals are now aware of the dangers associated with poor eating and what they stand to gain if they adopt the right feeding method.

During secondary education, students who have developed an interest in courses such as chemistry and biology and food nutrition are more positioned to study food science in the higher institution.

Undergoing the food science course enlightens the student on the effects of processed foods, the damages it can cause, and how alternative healthier solutions can be adopted. Here are some school where to study nutrition and food sciences courses in Nigeria:

  • Ladoke Akintola University of Technology: the school offers a 5 years course in food sciences where students study a wide variety of courses associated with food nutrition and how they can become a food nutritionist. During the first year in school, they are made to study the preliminary university courses, and the second year is meant for diversifying. Through the second year, fundamentals of food processing, food engineering, food chemistry, and lots more are tutored to the students.
  • Bells University of Technology: An accredited institution that only offers specialized courses to a few students. Being a private institution, they offer food science and nutrition courses, tailored to the students who have a solid background in science courses at the secondary school level. Students would also learn more about food safety, how to combat food shortages, and eradicate the world's hunger.

The above are few among the schools that offer nutrition and food science courses in Nigeria as a degree-awarding institution, As there are several job opportunities that are open to graduates of food sciences in the country.

Schools Offering Basic Nutrition Programmes

A student studying
Aside from basic nutrition programs, there are other schools that specializes in public health nutrition. (Source: Unsplash)

This course is developed to help the student understand how well food affects the body's well-being, and there is a cordial relation between basic nutrition and public health nutrition. After undergoing this course, the graduates can prepare a balanced meal that is meant to improve the health status of their clients. Below are some school that offers basic nutrition programs:

  • Nasarawa State University: The school is located in the north-central of the country, and with 8 semesters of full-time study, you would be studying basic nutrition programs where you will be taught the nutritious concept meal. More so, components of food, preservatives, the effect of processed meals, and other related food. Besides, there are some elective courses offered during the duration of the course years, which are meant to complement your studies.
  • Imo State University: the institution offers a basic nutrition course for four years. You would be allowed to run an internship program while in the third year of your course to gain field experience from food companies and other relevant agencies. Being a state university, the tuition fee and the stability of education is considered affordable and regular, respectively.

An aspirant who would love to study food science or nutrition course is encouraged to get involved in enlightening citizens of Nigeria on how to live healthier through their diet plans and their lifestyle. With the increase in the need for an expert nutritionist in Nigeria, there are several nutritionist jobs in government agencies and organisations.



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