“After a good dinner, one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations.” – Oscar Wilde

Achieving an uninterrupted healthy lifestyle requires some amount of money, self-discipline, and also time. However, it may not be easy to achieve for some people either because of their income level, the time frame they have at hand, or other factors.

A lot of Nigerians today are lacking access to a healthy diet due to their limited resources and lack of enlightenment from a nutritionist. Generally, you believe that time is money, and money is also time. A large number of people prefer to pick up a frozen meal and microwave it or they reach out for baked processed food at any time of the day.

It shows how fewer time people devote to preparing nutritious meals, smoothie, and the making of a balanced diet for themselves. These common nutritional mistakes and negligence are rampant among citizens of Nigeria, and they find it very difficult to adapt to healthy living through a proper meal plan, over the long years of poor eating habits, there has been no zeal to sort for a better formation of a nutritious meal. There are people you can seek ideas, detailed information, tips, and essential guide on how to live a healthy life through healthy eating.

A nutritionist could be referred to as trained and certified professionals that help save the day when there is a need for productive and healthy living. Based on prolonged experience and proper training, nutritionist works with different type of clients with the sole purpose of meeting their health goals.

You might be looking for nutritional therapy, detailed advice on how to lose weight, or looking to have a healthy recipe combination for you, the work of nutritionist cuts across all these sections. Due to the enormous role being handled by a nutritionist in the society today, it might interest you or get you curious about how to become a nutritionist Nigeria with relevant qualification and certification.

Becoming a professional nutritionist means you have been approved by relevant authorities and have gone through a degree course intended for a nutritionist.

The tips, bits of advice, and ways of achieving a healthy lifestyle provided by a certified nutritionist to their clients helps them adopt a proper eating habit. Of course, a nutritionist that is certified and has the right accreditation is determined to guide the Nigerian citizens (their clients/customers) to a better eating lifestyle.

Be it, you are working as a nutritionist in the public sector or private sector, you will get an insight into where you could get clients around you. Also, to be able to perform better, you need to have clients who are returning to your services.

Get to know how to become a registered nutritionist in Nigeria after post-secondary education.

How to Find Clients in the Public Sector

Tools for measurement
Your healthy lifestyle depends on what you consume as an individual. Seek professional help from a nutritionist. (Source: The City University)

Probably you are a recent graduate of nutrition course from a reputable institution with certification from the relevant association; you are now ready to turn your knowledge into a profession. Making the choice to work in either the private sector of a nutrition career or to work in the public sector is a decision that should be fast-tracked. Based on your choice, this would determine the status of the client you would look out for and what type of nutrition job you would definitely want to accept.

Certified Nutritionist working in the Nigerian public sector has access to a wide variety of clients. Unlike the nutritionist working in the private sector space, they work with individual clients either from the comfort of their office or their home as the case may be.

Nutritionists that have chosen their path to work in the public sector has access to working with a high number of patients such as nursing mothers, elderly individuals, infants, students in schools, university cafeteria, hospitals, and so much more.

As it would be seen in the private sector: nutritionist looking for clients, a nutritionist working in the public sector does not necessarily need to start promoting themselves on social media, or on the internet, looking out for clients. They are employed by either the government or an NGO, who then assign them to the client they are to take care of.

More so, the clients might be a large group of people, individuals, or a community. Indeed, a nutritionist with past experience and education in the Public Health Nutrition could be hired by any level of government in Nigeria to work with other experts in their health department. They would be saddled with responsibilities to create awareness among community dwellers on the importance of healthy eating. Some part of the job requires that nutritionist introduces new food recipes, food combinations to the entire citizens of the communities they are assigned to.

Besides working with a community of large people, working in a hospital may vary. As a nutritionist, you might be assigned to patients that are just recovering from past health issues or individual hoping to prevent further harm to their overall health. Regarding a situation like this, patients who have suffered from a heart attack or probably cancer patients, and other categories of illness like obesity, diabetics are managed through nutritious meal plans provided by a nutritionist.

Basically, in the hospital where a lot of categories of illnesses are treated, nutritionists are in charge of advising and motivating their patients in order to prevent future occurrence of such illness due to poor eating habits.

However, in the public sector, the client does not get to choose the nutritionist that will work with him/her but they are assigned by the employer in charge of the said nutritionist. More so, another advantage is that they have a lot of work to do while they are attending to a different type of clients with diverse diseases type, which would broaden the experience of the nutritionist.

How to Find Clients in the Private Sector

Social media
You would be able to showcase your previous work and canvas for clients on social media as a certified nutritionist. (Source: Unsplash)

Being a qualified and certified nutritionist in Nigeria is the first step of becoming a professional in the nutritional space of the country today, even though it might take a long time and good duties delivered by you before you can have recurring clients needing your services.

You also need to know that success in any profession is not a day's job, and new clients who are looking out for the help of nutritionist would love to see and hear your past achievement. This means that before you can be able to win more clients, the experience you have gathered during your course of study will help, and you would also be able to advise anyone interested on where to study nutrition.

Being a private nutritionist is really a good point to start, and the advantages are enormous as you would be helping different types of clients personally. To be able to land clients more comfortably, you need to take some certain steps before you can become successful with getting clients. Below are some of the steps:

  • Leverage on the power of social media: more than half of the world’s population are on social media, which ranges from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other popular ones. Here you would be able to display your services, list out your expertise, and also post testimonies of previous clients you have worked with. Joining groups on Facebook would also expose your work to a different set of people, and tagging your friends and families on social media would expand your reach as a private nutritionist. Besides, by successfully answering and using experience scenario to answer the question and reply comments under your post would show how intelligent you are.
  • Setting up your own website: the world has gone digital, and everyone looks out for services online. From taxi services to catering services to home decor and many more are searching for online in Nigeria. Many people are becoming so busy and do not have time to start visiting offices for nutritionist services. Indeed, you can set up a nutritionist website through WordPress and easily include all previous clients and past testimonials you have had. There are some nutritionists who have had their website set up; you can draw inspiration from what they have done.
  • Be lenient with your pricing: as a nutritionist who is just getting started in the private sector, you would understand that it might be difficult to break through easily. Offering a price that would be lower and affordable to clients compared to the regular prices charged by the experienced nutritionist would also help you gain more customers.
  • Signing up on services providing websites: The trend of services providing websites today has helped a lot of individuals get connected to a handyman, professional, and other categories of service providers in Nigeria. Sites like Superprof can help put your business and services on the search engine when you are needed by anyone, your details are available for you to be reached.

If you follow some of the steps listed above and research on other relevant ones, you would be able to land more clients than you are expected in a short period of time. Getting nutritionist jobs in the private sector is highly rewarding, as you can consult for many clients at a time from different part of the country, while you are still receiving clients in your office or home as the case may be.

Helpful Tips from Experienced Nutritionists

Dark chocolate would give you the required amount of sugar needed for your body daily. (Source: Unsplash)

The need to adopt a healthy lifestyle is very important, and people over time have recognized that to solve the problem they are facing from poor nutrition, it can be solved by getting help from a certified nutritionist.

Obviously, being able to provide tips, advice, solutions, and other necessary information required by a client helps you win more clients as a nutritionist working in any sector. Without the help of experts who are experienced in providing nutritional information, most Nigerians do not have access to useful information regarding a healthy eating lifestyle.

Some tips are listed below to help you eat better and avoid poor nutritious food which could harm your entire health:

  • Consume more dark chocolate: you might be surprised that chocolate is being added as a healthy food. Well, the majority of Nigerians daily consume more sugar than what’s needed in their body, from Coke to Fanta to other sugary soft drinks. For your information, the amount of sugar you are expected to consume is six teaspoons in a day for women, while men are allowed to consume up to 9 teaspoons. In order to avoid risking your health and being caught up with diabetics, consuming dark chocolate would help you gain the necessary sugar needed by your body.
  • It is not a must to eat heavy: definitely, some people would love to eat up any amount of food they are being served. Overeating can cause you constipation, flatulence, indigestion, and it is ultimate for you to understand your body so as to know the right proportion you require.
  • Preserve your meal by freezing it: a lot of Nigerian today work multiple jobs, and they are extremely busy, which then hinders them from preparing healthy Nigerian food. A simple solution to this is to have your nutritious meals cooked and refrigerate them for a later time when you need to eat.

If you desire to read more about helpful tips, visit www.thehealty.com and get to know the right things you can eat to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Being a nutritionist is a big role to fill up, and you should constantly update yourself about new food combinations, results of researches available from university dons. When you are more qualified and have increased overall skills, different jobs would definitely be allotted to you like nutritionist jobs hospitals either in public or in the private sector.

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