According to a potent saying, you only fail if you stop trying!

There are hundreds of students who have given up their goals and ambitions because they fail to pass WAEC at the first sitting or fail to get the required results needed to study a particular course in the university.

First thing first, what does WAEC stands for? It is an acronym for the West African Examination Council. This council is in charge of conducting exams for junior and senior students in English-speaking countries in West Africa. Some of these countries include Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, etc. You can find a WAEC office in all the State Capitals of Nigeria. WAEC has a grading system that is similar to what you find in most of the universities in Nigeria. After writing either junior or senior WAEC, a certificate would be given to you to show that you participated in the examination. If you failed WAEC or are not pleased with the results, then a resit becomes the likely option for any ambitious candidates.

No doubt, it is demoralizing to fail certificate exams or even the normal internal examination, but it is never the end of the world. To be successful in life you need to possess a resilient spirit that would keep you going despite the difficulties you face. There is nothing impossible to achieve and life always gives us a second chance to get things right. What this means is that as secondary school students, there are opportunities for you to retake or resit your WAEC if you are determined and focused on getting a good grade in the examination.

Therefore, in this article, Superprof will be revealing to you why you really need to retake your WAEC and the best places to take the exams. No matter where you live in Nigeria, this article will help you get the necessary information needed about WASSCE and how to become successful in your examinations.

Can you rewrite your WAEC?

Retake WAEC in Nigeria
Even if you failed WAEC, you can resit and pass excellently by studying hard | Photo Credit: Susan Yin on Unsplash

Why do you need to Resit your WAEC?

When it comes to writing an exam, I have seen some of the brightest students struggle to pass some subjects. Does it mean you are dull if you failed WAEC in your first sitting? Not at all! You see, today's world is full of so many distractions that make it difficult for students to get good results. While there are a bunch of excuses to give for failing WASSCE, candidates need to look at the positive side of rewriting the examination and passing it.

Since education is a major factor in doing well in Nigeria or any society in the world, putting in your effort to get the best out of it is of the essence. Below are some of the reasons why secondary school students should endeavour to retake WAEC if they are not okay with their results:

To further your education: If you are passionate about furthering your education, then exams such as WAEC and JAMB need not be taking for granted. If you plan to attend a higher institution such as a university, polytechnic or a college, then you need to have a good WASSCE to be able to stand a chance of gaining admission. For those that would like to attend top universities such the University of Ibadan, University of Benin, University of Lagos, etc., you must have an exceptional WAEC result and a high score in JAMB to be considered for admission. To gain admission, you need a grade of at least credit passes in Mathematics, English Language, and any other three subjects that are core to your area of specialization.

To pursue a career of your choice: While the majority of the people think that having a robust career is solely dependent on your university study, they fail to acknowledge the power of secondary education. Actually, your performance in senior secondary school helps define what it would become of you in the university. For instance, if you decide to study Medicine and Surgery, without a sound WASSCE, your dream will definitely be cut short. So, retaking WAEC and getting a good grade would help you pursue that career you have been dreaming of right from childhood.

You need good WASSCE to get some jobs: Some candidates take it upon themselves to resit WAEC because there are opportunities that require just O'Level certificate. To qualify for these opportunities, you need to have a solid certificate to tender during your interview. So, for candidates who Failed WAEC in their first sitting, resiting for the exam would help present tons of opportunities in the future.

These are just some of the reasons why retaking WAEC is important. To get more on the reason why you need good results in WAEC, you may want to speak with a private education instructor or contact one on Superprof that specializes in helping WAEC candidates pass the examination excellently.

Having talked about some of the reasons to retake WAEC in Nigeria, the next question that comes to the mind is, how can you resit your WAEC? If it is possible to resit your WAEC, where can it be done? This takes us to our next heading...

Where to Retake WAEC in Nigeria?
Studying hard for your exam without any form of distraction | Photo Credit: Dayne Topkin on Unsplash

Where to resit your WAEC in Nigeria?

For you to have taken the bold step to look for a place to retake your WASSCE, it shows how determined and ambitious you are. Kudos to you! Resiting for WAEC in Nigeria should not be a big deal because there are centres who are ready and willing to accept external candidates for WAEC registration. No matter where you live in Nigeria - be in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kano or anywhere else, there are always opportunities to resit for WAEC.

Now, WAEC has made it even easier for students who left secondary school for years to put in for WAEC registration. This is made possible by coming up with WAEC GCE. What is GCE? It is an exam set by WAEC to help candidates that are not interested in the May/June WAEC which is primarily for senior secondary school students. GCE usually takes place around November. Unlike the May/June WAEC that requires all candidates to wear the uniform of the school they are writing the exams, GCE is a private certificate exam that anyone can write without needing to wear a uniform.

Is there any difference between the May/June WAEC and the GCE WAEC? No difference for whatsoever! There are both the same certificate exams that are taking in different times of the year - While the school WAEC usually holds around May/June of every year, GCE usually takes place around November of every year.

If your interest is to write the normal WAEC that takes place in May/June, there are still private and public schools that accept candidates for registration. Although most schools prefer to register students they nurtured from the early stage of education, some schools still allow external candidates to register with them.

How do I get a school that will allow me to resit for May/June WAEC? You should have a friend or two who have gone through the same process before, asking them some questions would help you secure a centre for your WAEC resit. Furthermore, it has been discovered that most of the public secondary schools in the rural areas of Nigeria easily accept external candidates for the May/June exam.

To register for GCE, there are accredited centres that are allowed to register students all over the country. Once you register, an examination centre would be assigned to you and it is usually close to the address you filled in during registration. A simple online search will give you multiple options to work with in terms of getting a centre for WAEC GCE or May/June WAEC. Better still, you can find a private tutor on Superprof who specializes in WASSCE and JAMB to guide you through the process.

Here's everything you need to know about WAEC resit.

How you can Resit your WAEC
Study for your resit and make yourself proud! | Photo Credit: Wokandapix from Pixabay

Preparing to resit your WAEC

Now that you have known where to retake your WAEC, the next question to ask is how can you resit your WAEC and pass it with a good grade. There are private classes scattered all over the country that help secondary school students prepare for their certificate exams. With a high level of teaching, passing exams such as WAEC should not be an issue for any student.

How to rewrite your WAEC.

To help facilitate the process of getting a qualified teacher that has years of experience in coaching students for WAEC, Superprof has a list of approved tutors to help out. You can read reviews on Superprof to see what other students are saying about a tutor so as to help you choose the best tutor on the platform.

There are different teachers on Superprof that are ready to help any WAEC candidate perform well in his examinations. They (the teachers on Superprof) have the syllabus needed to help a candidate do well in his WAEC. With Superprof, you get your first one hour of lesson for free. The free lesson is to help you ascertain the teaching method of a teacher and if it suits you.

Now that you have known that it is possible to resit WAEC and where to retake the exam, it is time for you to start preparations so as not to experience any failure again in your examinations. Prepare a timetable and use it for your study.

We wish you all the best!

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