In life, all humans are bound to experience ups and downs at certain points in life. Whether it is in our career or our family life, we tend to have some happy moments and some not so good moment also. Whichever way, the ability to grieve over hard times and snap up that sober mood is what that matters most.

In a country like Nigeria, education is one vital aspect of our lives that we take seriously because we tend to believe that having a successful career is tied to sound education. While there are a few people that are doing well without tertiary education, having at least a secondary school certificate is needed in a country like Nigeria, the same goes for other countries as well.

Among the Nigerian youths, one of the common exams that are written by virtually everybody is WAEC. For those that don't know, WAEC is an acronym for West African Examinations Council. This exam is not limited to Nigeria alone but is written by students in Liberia, Ghana, and other English-speaking West Africa countries. A good grade in WAEC gives you the chance of gaining admission into the university, polytechnic or college to pursue your dream career.

Though it sounds very easy passing WASSCE (West African Senior School Certificate Examination), it is not always the case as many students struggle to get the required number of credit passes needed to seek admission into tertiary institutions.

There are so many candidates that are looking forward to resitting WAEC. If you are one of them or you are just about to sit for WASSCE for the first time, this article will show you everything you need to know about resiting for WAEC and passing in flying colours. Before we jump into the crux of the matter, let's take a look at a brief history of the West African Examinations Council, WAEC.

Here's a complete guide on resitting your WAEC.

WAEC Exam Class
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What you need to know about WAEC

WAEC is an examination board that was set up to help determine the eligibility of students in English-speaking West African countries such as Nigeria, Liberia (Monrovia), Ghana, etc. The examination council is also responsible for awarding students certificates which is equivalent to other international examination bodies. Established in 1952, WAEC has helped boost education in English-speaking countries in West Africa such as Gambia, Liberia, Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Nigeria.

Apart from organizing the Junior WAEC and WASSCE, the examination council also contribute towards boosting education in West Africa and helping those who cannot afford an education.

If you are a student in Nigeria, you must have written either the junior WAEC or the senior WAEC. These exams prepare us for the next level of education. For instance, you need to pass your junior WAEC to be qualified for admission into the senior secondary school. Peradventure you wrote WAEC but didn't meet the necessary requirements, a resit needs to be taking, giving you another chance to prove yourself in the same examination.

All the subjects you can think of can be written in WAEC. Whether you are a science, arts, a commercial or social science student, WAEC has the capacity to organize exams for you. Apart from the English Language and Mathematics, below are some of the subjects you can write in WASSCE:

Physics, chemistry, biology, agricultural science, geography, further mathematics, government, economics, literature, technical drawing, religious studies, and a lot more. So no matter what you want to study at the university, you need to pass your WAEC before you could be considered for admission.

How to resit WAEC

If you didn't do well in your WAEC or are not satisfied with the grades you got in certain subjects, you can actually rewrite WAEC to get better results. You don't have to spend too much time grieving about your poor results - all you need to do is to look for ways to resit for the exams.

While most of the schools (public and private) in Nigeria have some outstanding teachers to teach the students, it is very likely that there will be students who will fail WAEC every year. If you failed WAEC, you can actually make it up by resiting for the exam the following year. The question most students like to ask is "how can you resit your WAEC?"

To resit for WAEC, there are private and public schools that accept external candidates to join them for WAEC registration. From experience, it is easier for a student to do his WAEC registration with schools in rural areas than those in urban areas. Alternatively, if you don't want to write the regular May/June WAEC examination, you can register for private GCE that usually takes place around November of every year. Although the GCE is meant for those who have finished secondary education long ago but are still interested in scoring good grades in WAEC, other fresh secondary school graduates can also put in registration for GCE.

Whichever way you decide to take (either the regular WAEC or GCE), you need to prepare adequately so that you don't have to rewrite the examination the third time. This takes us to the next subheading on how to resit for WAEC and pass in flying colours.

Study For WAEC Exam
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Preparing to resit for WAEC

If you didn't do well in your first sitting for WAEC, there is always another opportunity to right the wrong. However, for you to be able to perform better in the resit, adequate preparations are needed.

There are private classes organized for students who are interested in resiting WAEC. Some of these classes are group classes where more than one students are taught in a classroom. Also, it is very easy to find private teachers who have years of experience in teaching and preparing WAEC candidates on how to write and pass excellently. Platforms such as Superprof has been the number one place where students can easily find a teacher to teach them every tips and trick needed to pass WAEC. Whether you want to learn online via webcam or you want a face-to-face teaching method, Superprof has quite a number of tutors that are available to coach students from any part of Nigeria.

Where can I retake my WAEC?

Steps to take for outstanding results

As it is always said, there is a price to pay for success. Peradventure you have written WAEC before but was unable to get the required grades needed for admission to the university or polytechnic, there is always another opportunity to write the exam again. If you really want to put an end to writing WAEC every year, you need to prepare yourself by taking some vital steps. Follow the advice below and you would be surprised at your performance in the coming WAEC.

Draw out a study plan for yourself: If you truly want to perform well in any exam, you need to create a timetable for study. This would make your study more organized and you will be able to cover the syllabus needed to be studied prior to the exam. Having a study timetable helps to manage time wisely and makes studies convenient for students.

Be optimistic: Do not ever write yourself off because you didn't do well in your first WAEC. Just have it at the back of your mind that probably you didn't study enough that was why your grades weren't good enough. Be optimistic about the next exams, read harder, and you'd be surprised at the kind of results you will get this time around.

Look for a private teacher if possible: peradventure you didn't do well in your previous examination because you didn't understand some vital topics, now is the time to get help from a private teacher that will help you get a good grasp of any subject. One of the advantages of getting a private tutor is that after teaching you, they will revise some past questions and answers with you so that you can know the type of questions to expect in the examination. If you are lucky enough, you may find most of the questions and practised in the past questions and answers in your exam.

If you are looking for where to get a private teacher that has years of experience helping students to pass WAEC excellently, Superprof is the answer to that. At Superprof, there are dozens of teachers available to prepare you for your WACE or GCE exam.

Failed WAEC
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When is WAEC usually written?

Usually, WAEC is written in May/June of every year. As for private GCE, it is usually done around November of every year. So whichever one you are interested in writing, endeavour to do your registration on time so that you don't miss out of the examination.

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