The fact that you failed WAEC in your first sitting doesn't mean you are not brilliant. This article is not meant to encourage failure or give you a bunch of excuses why you failed WAEC but to help you rediscover yourself when it comes to education. The watchword here is DON'T GIVE UP!

No matter what your opinion is about education, it (education) still remains one of the building blocks towards achieving a successful and blossoming society.

As secondary school students, it can be so demoralizing to see that after putting effort to pass your WAEC you still end up not doing well in a subject or some subjects. However, failing any subject in WAEC should not prevent you from pursuing your goals of becoming a professional in a particular field. There are opportunities for you to right the wrong and this comes in form of WAEC resit.

In this article, Superprof will be revealing to you all that you need to know about resitting for WAEC - where to retake WAEC, how can you resit your WAEC, WAEc grading system etc., are some of the topics that will be treated in this article. Also, some important tips will be revealed to you on how to pass your WAEC excellently at the end of the article. So endeavour to read to the end.

Note: I will be using WAEC and WASSCE interchangeably in the article as they mean almost the same. WASSCE is a certificate administered to senior secondary students for participating in WAEC.

Resitting For WAEC
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Is it Possible to resit WAEC?

WAEC, an acronym for West African Examination Council is an examination council that organizes certificate exams for senior and junior secondary students. The council exam is taking by English-speaking West African countries such as Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ghana and The Gambia.

In Nigeria, for you to be able to gain admission into the university, one of the criteria is getting at least credit passes in five subjects including Mathematics and English Language. For instance, if you are a science student in secondary school and would like to study engineering at the university level, you need at least credit passes in subjects such as Mathematics, English Language, Physics, Chemistry, and maybe technical drawing or any other subject that is relevant to engineering.

Please note that aside from having an excellent grade in WAEC, you also need to perform well in your JAMB and Post-UTME to be considered for admission into the university. 

Now, if you put in for WAEC registration, wrote the exams and failed it, is it possible to retake WAEC? The answer is an emphatic YES! There is always an opportunity to resit for your WAEC every year and pursue your dream of attending the university to study your desired course.

The WAEC governing council has a grading system that determines the performance of candidates. To make it lucid for students, we decided to give a brief explanation about the WAEC grading system.

The grading system for WAEC

75% - 100% - A1 = Excellent

70% - 74% - B2 = Very good

65% - 69% - B3 = Good

60% - 64% - C4 = Credit

55% - 59% - C5 = Credit

50% - 54% - C6 = Credit

45% - 49% - D7 = Pass

40% - 45% - E8 = Pass

0% - 39% - F9 = Fail

From the grading system above, you can see that for you get a credit pass in any subject, you need to score between 50% and 64%. This is the least grade you should be aiming at because anything short of this won't be useful in securing admission to the university level.

While getting a credit pass is the minimum score needed, you should aim for higher grades like B3, B2 and A1 because these high grades tend to boost your chances of getting into some of the top universities in Nigeria.

Where to Resit WAEC in Nigeria
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Why is it necessary to retake WAEC?

Personally, I see myself as a coward if I failed an exam and just give up on it entirely. If there is a second chance for me to retake the exam, I will put in every effort to make sure I get the required grades needed. The same should be your case when it comes to WAEC. Below are some reasons why you need to resit your WAEC:

  • You can't further your education without having good grades in key subjects in WAEC. You need to pass your WASSCE and JAMB before you could be considered for university education. So, if you failed WAEC, you need to resit for it if you want to further your education to the university level.
  • If you want to have a professional career such as becoming a lawyer, engineer or doctor, you can't do without having good WASSCE results.

How can you resit your WAEC in Nigeria?

You don't need to grief for too long over your failed WAEC. Once you see your results and discovers that it is not good enough to get you into the university, your next plan of action is how to resit for the exams.

When it comes to writing WAEC, you now have two options to choose from every year - you can either go for the May/June WASSCE or the November GCE. What does the GCE entail? It is actually WAEC that is meant for people who have left the secondary school for some years and now planning to write the examination, but it is also open to everyone and great for those who want to resit WAEC

Whether it is GCE or MAY/June WAEC you want to write, the opportunity is open to all candidates. As for the May/June WAEC, you need to do your registration with a public or private secondary school. You can do this by making enquiries from schools around your location. From our findings, it was discovered that not all public and private schools accept external candidates for senior or junior WAEC. You may want to try out schools located in the rural areas because the chances of them accepting external candidates are higher than that of the urban areas.

If your interest is in GCE, there are thousands of accredited centres where you can register for your examinations. Unlike the May/June WAEC that needs you to wear the uniform of the school you registered with, you don't need to wear any uniform for GCE.

Steps to take to pass your WAEC resit

  • Have a study timetable: Drawing out a timetable will make your reading organized. Also, practice with past questions and answers to be conversant with the kind of questions set by WAEC.
  • Be optimistic: Don't dwell too much on your first failure in the exam. Be optimistic, determined and ready to go through your study diligently.
  • Get a quiet environment for study: One of the major reasons why most candidates perform badly in WASSCE is due to lack of concentration. These days, there are so many distractions that can prevent a student from focusing and one of such is your mobile phone. If you must study, you need to do away with any side attraction and look for a quiet place where there would be no distractions.
  • Seek help from a private teacher if possible: There are teachers that are specialized in helping secondary school students in passing their examinations such as WAEC and JAMB. They take you through all the syllabus and coach you to become prepared for your exams. At Superprof, you can easily find teachers that have experience in teaching students.
Retake WAEC in Nigeria
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Where Can I retake my WAEC in Nigeria?

There are thousands of secondary schools scattered in all the States of Nigeria which are accredited as WEAC exam centres. No matter where you live in the country, there is an opportunity to get where to take your WAEC or GCE. Since WAEC is a national exam, you can find a WAEC office in all the State Capitals of Nigeria in case you need to make any inquiries from them.

If your intention is to write GCE, all you need to do is visit an accredited private centre for your registration. You can simply do a simple Google search to get some of the centres in your area. Once your registration is done, an examination centre will be assigned to you and it is usually close to the address you filled during registration.

As for the May/June WAEC, this is usually done in private and public secondary schools. You need to visit a school and ask if they accept external candidates for WAEC. To make it easier for you, you may ask family and friends to see if any of them has taken the route you are about to take.

Whichever one you choose to write (GCE or May/June WAEC), your ultimate goal should be passing the exams with a good result. Getting help from private teachers on Superprof will definitely be a nice idea because they will take you through all the syllabus and guide you on how to write and pass your examination with a high grade.

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