Ogun State is a state in the Southwestern part of Nigeria that was created in 1976. The State is a musical state that borders Lagos State to the South, Osun and Oyo to the North. The state boast of numerous music stars that have and still ruling the Nigerian music industry.

The Ogun State indigence has a traditional drumming style characterized by the use of the dundun hourglass tension drums.

In Nigeria presently, both the populous city of Lagos and the largest city in Ogun State, known as Abeokuta, has brought a multicultural musical genre that has become the root of most Nigeria music.

Ogun State has nurtured and grown different local and international stars on different genres of music. These includes:

Sir Shina Peters: One of the greatest Nigeria Juju musician that was born in Ogun State. He was a member of Ebenezer Obey’s band, where he played the piano before leaving to join Adekunle’s band, thereafter forming his musical band.

K1 De Ultimate is a popular Nigeria Fuji Musician. He is believed to be the father of the popular Fuji genre known as Talazo Fuji. This musical genre is appealing to all age groups, backgrounds, and tribes in Nigeria. K1 De Ultimate had toured and played in different countries globally, including North American and Europe. He has also performed at Hammersmith town hall in London. He has had an annual musical tour since 2000, where he has visited different countries such as Canada 2000 and USA Tour 2003. He is a celebrated musician and the only Fuji musician to perform at SOB, WOMEX, and TROXY music festival.

Ebenezer Obey: is popularly known as the Chief Commander of the Nigeria Juju music. He hailed from Owu, a sub-group of the Egba in Ogun State. Obey began his professional music career under the tutelage of the Fatai Rolling-Dollar's Band. Ebenezer Obey is popular because he experimented with the Yoruba percussion style of music and his band used more of drum kits, talking drums, and guitars.

Kizz Daniel: This is another popular Nigeria singer and songwriter from Ogun State. He is best known for his singles, known as Yeba and Woju. He is one of the major revelations of the '20s. Kizz Daniel and his crew have won different awards in recent years and played in different musical concerts and festivals.

One unique thing about these music stars is the presence of a professional drummer in their musical band or crew.

Yoruba Drummers celebrating and beating drum
Traditional Music in South-Western Nigeria. Source: Music in Africa Images

Benefits of Learning the Drums

  • Find your musical Voice: No two drummers’ plays the same way and drumming helps one find their musical voice. It provides one with the creative outlet and the opportunity to forge one’s musical identity. Since drums can be played in different tempos and dynamics, it makes it a great tool for non-verbal expression for the drummer
  • Induces Deep Relaxation: Recent studies have shown that the mental state achieved while drumming at a consistent tempo can help induce a meditative quality of mind. The word “Rhyme” originated from the Greek word “Rhuthmos," which means “The flow”. The systematic communication between the body and the brain while drumming helps generate an on-going stream of rhythmic consciousness.  
  • Strengthens the Muscles: Drumming helps to strengthen the human muscles since the art of drumming is an intense cardiovascular workout. The activities involved while drumming can also help the muscle endure over time since it is a repetitive motion involving different muscle groups.
  • Releases Endorphins: A study has shown that drumming activities generate the endorphin high and not the music itself. As undertaken at the University of Lagos, the research shows that performing musical activities produces high mood-enhancing endorphins that encourage a positive psychological effect, which is similar to a runner's high.
  • Coordination: The activities involved in drumming helps to develop coordination. This is linked to the fact that while drumming, the drummer uses all four limbs to play in synchronization. This action ignites both sides of the brain, allowing you to play perfectly and keep to beat and timing. This also improves your motor coordination as it relates to every other area of your life, which includes the ability to multi-task.

Private Drum Lessons Tutor in Ogun State

Durojaiye is a very popular classical drummer with over 20 years of experience in drumming lessons and drum classes in Abeokuta. His teaching methodology is highly practical, with a small dose of theoretical lessons.

Durojaiye is a very experienced, dedicated, and consistent drum lesson tutor that you can rely on if you are looking for how to learn the drums. He can be found on superprof   platform

Adetunji is another professional drum lessons tutor that is based in Ijebu Igbo, Ogun State.

He is a graduate of Electric Electronic Engineering but with a great passion for drumming right from when he was a kid.

Adetunji offers drum lessons for beginners and other levels of expertise. Adetunji has also been a professional drummer for more than eight years and has performed even on stage and music festivals. He is also available on superprof.

“No Drum No Life Know Drums Know Life”

Professional Nigerian Drummer
Tony Allen, A Nigeria Professional Drummer 1940-2020. Source: Financial Times Images

Music Academies and Studios in Ogun

Beaconite Music International is one of the most popular and trendy music school and studio in Ogun State, Nigeria.

The school is located at Number 9 Soyoye Street off, Bola Ajibola Street, Asero, Abeokuta, Ogun, Nigeria.

The Beaconite Music International School was established in 2016. Its major goal and objective are to offer both formal and informal musical training. The school provides her students and clients, including Elyon College, Kosy Bethel International School, Buckswood School Nigeria, Tenderheart School, Christ Kingdom Seed Academy, among others, with friendly and welcoming drum classes and other music lessons.

In Beaconite Music International, the instructors teach you how to keep your rhymes and beat while learning to play the percussions using the bass drums, cymbals, and the snare drum.

Adullam Music School is another great option when looking for a great drum and music studio in Ogun State. The school is based in Ijebu ode, Ogun State, Nigeria.

The school boasts of ABRSM Graded Certificate Curriculum and has graduated over 1,200 students since its inception. It offers training and tuition in different musical instruments ranging from Drums, Piano, Guitar, Sax, Vocal, Trumpet, Studio production, and more.

The Adullam Music School offers insightful courses focusing on real industry experience, practical learning, and course integration. It also offers a wide range of styles, including classical, contemporary, MB, Pop/Rock, and Jazz training. The school has a team of well qualified and experienced tutors that provides regular concerts and performance for their students.

Adullam Music School is a great place to attend if you wish to take your music or drumming career a step further.

Drummers learning to Play the Conga Drum
Ladies Learning to Play the Conga Drum. Source: Pinterest

Learn To Play the Drums Online

Learning the drums online can be a bit tasking, but it is doable. This route is now getting more popular for individuals living far from the state capital, major cities, or very busy with other engagements.

But it’s important to note that, to learn the drums in this way, one must own a personal drum kit.

Technological advancement has made the online drumming lessons process a reality with the increase in private tutors willing to teach through the Webcam, Skype, Zoom, Facetimes, or other video-calling technologies.

Tons of thousands of free and paid videos now litters in cyberspace such as YouTube, Live Facebook Videos streaming and drumming lessons website known as Drumeo.

Drumeo is fully dedicated to offering free tutorials, videos, and drum lessons online.

There also offers a weekly podcast that is expected to give you a great insight into the world of professional drummers.

You don't need to worry again since technology has brought the drumming lessons opportunities, knowledge, and platform to your doorsteps.

Join a Musical Band in Ogun

Abeokuta and Ijebu Ode are some of the popular cities in Ogun State that boast of nightlife and numerous live bands. This makes it easy for one to join a musical band as the city is reputed for its Owembe celebrations.

Joining a musical band is essential for drummers at the intermediate or expert level in their drumming or percussion experience. Joining a drum band helps to better your skill and collaborate with other big wigs in drumming. It's another great way to make friends and professional connections.

Some websites, such as AdsAfrica and Join-a-band, help you meet other individuals or bands looking to form a musical group or drummer around your locality.

You can also get involved in music festivals such as Open-Mic Challenges, Voice Nigeria Audition, and other church or traditional groups or carnivals.

Nigeria Drummers playing drum during a Concert
A Band Playing At A Musical Concert. Source. Trent Image

Find the Perfect Drum Tutor on Superprof

Are you looking for the right tutor that will teach you all you need to know in the field of drumming or looking for drum lessons for beginners, then Superprof should be the right option for your learning need.

The platform is a great and powerful online marketplace for all your learning needs. The platform connects professional tutors with students across the 36 states in Nigeria, wishing to learn the rudiments of drumming and other services such as academics, music health, arts and crafts, and other services that Superprof offers.

On Superprof, you can hire a professional and verified tutor in Ogun State for as low as ₦1000/hour. I’m sure that you can’t get a more competitive price than that elsewhere.

Other unique features that Superprof platform offers include

  • Access to many professionals drummers offering the same services to choose from
  • Over 90% of tutors on Superprof offer their first drum lessons free.
  • A chance to ascertain the tutor's prowess and ability
  • Opportunity to discuss your needs and expectations
  • A feedback loop from past or current students
  • A verified and detailed profile of all the tutors on the platform
  • Opportunity to cancel any gig after the first hour of learning

You can check out our drumming classes in Nigeria or just Google for Drum Lessons Ogun and see the tutors closer to your location.


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