The Benefits of Learning the Drums

  1. Reduce Stress: Playing drums helps to relieve frustration, stress, and disappointment that comes from the hustling and bustling of Lagos State, Nigeria. Playing the musical drum for just a few minutes can help to boost one's mood. Research conducted by the University of Uyo, Department of Theater Arts, compared the feeling a drummer experiences to a runner's high after a race. Playing drums triggers feel-good endorphins or euphoria. This feeling is most peculiar to drummers than any other musical instrument.
  2. Boost of Brain Power: A study conducted by a University of Lagos psychologist noted that playing the drum kit helps boost the individual's brainpower and IQ level. This is because it requires the coordination of all your four limbs at the same time. This helps you to make use of both sides of the brain simultaneously. Learning drums also helps to improve one's academic performance, especially in Math, since it is expected that all drummers count, know frequencies, fractions, and intervals.
  3. Develop Confidence: To be successful as a drummer, one needs to develop strong confidence to play dynamically. These include both loud and soft beats.
  4. A Therapeutic Tool: Recent research has proven that drumming helps boost the drummers' immune system, accelerates physical healing, and assists in releasing emotional trauma.
  5. Motor Skill Development: Research has shown that playing the drum requires the synchronicity between one's brain visual encoding with the body's muscular coordination. This skill helps to build steady hands and the ability to react quickly.
  6. Get Fit: A drum session is one of the easiest and fun ways to break a sweat. The drum helps to keep your adrenaline flowing and enables the drummer to burn an average of 250 calories in 25 minutes.

"A drummer is never late, nor is he early he hits his count precisely when he means to."

-Tony Allen, Nigeria Afrobeat Player, producer and musician

The greatest Nigeria Afrobeat Drummer
Tony Allen- Nigeria greatest Drummer and Afrobeat Pioneer. Source: AFP/Getty Images

Drum studios in Lagos

For any individual in Lagos, Nigeria, seeking a one-on-one lesson from a private tutor, it is necessary to check some of the drum studios that abound in most states, such as seen in Lagos.

Registering with a drum studio is believed to be the best option for beginners ready to learn the art of drum playing. This is because; drum kits are quite expensive and bulky, making it quite difficult for greenhorns in this art to practice at home.

The Muson School of Music

The Muson School of Music is a Lagos based music academy located in a serene part of Lagos. The music school was founded to provide quality music education for all age groups. The music academic offers training in Drums, Bass guitar training, Keyboard training, and others.

The music academy prides itself on its professionals. Every tutor teaching in this drum and music studio is a professional musician currently working in the Music industry in Lagos.

The image shows children learning music in a drum and music school
Drumming is spiritual and requires drumming lessons. Source: InfoTrust News

Harry Field Music Academy

Harry Field Music Academy is a Lagos based music school that was founded in 2012. The school teaches both kids and adults the rudiments of creating the perfect music.

The music academy teaches it, clients, how to offers melodious tunes of expression while using the Drum instrument. The academy offers three different programs, including the drum lessons for beginners, the intermediate program, and the advanced program.

The Harry Field Drum Academy beginners program is open for people who have a passion for learning the drums and playing the drum instrument but have never played it before or are still at the infant stage of playing the drum.

Music Schools in Lagos

The Tenstrings Music Institute is reputed to be the largest music school in Nigeria. The school has study centers in different parts of Nigeria. These include Ikeja, Surulere, Lekki/Ajah, and Festac Town. The music school has trained over 15,000 students from over 16 countries over 13 years. The institute offers a wide range of courses for individuals who are really serious in making drumming their future careers.

The TMI offers various unique and challenging drum courses that range from three months to six months and from Certificate to Grand Diploma Drumming courses. This allows you to choose the program from the list that suits your career needs and dreams.

The TMI covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of drumming while also helping you develop and build your confidence and expertise to become a professional drummer.

With this, you can fully develop your drumming style while becoming creative and adaptive to changes in the music industry. The institutes offer more of a full-time school that allows every student to interact, socialize during group workshops, and experience a professional live performance by vocalists and musicians.

You can register with the Tenstrings music institutes if you are interested in pursuing your passion in music and drumming.

"Playing fast around the drums is one thing. But to play music and play with people for others to listen to, that's something else. That's a whole other world."

– Tony Williams- American Jazz Drummer and member of the band of the trumpeter. An inductee in the Modern Drummer Hall of Fame

Learn How To Play the Drums Online

Most people feel that it is not possible to play the percussion online, but that is not true. Playing the percussion can easily be done online from the comfort of your home.

Many online videos are now available for free on YouTube and other online learning sites such as Drumeo.

These platforms offer you a plethora of videos to teach you how to learn the drums and learn to play the drums online.

Superprof is a great example of a worldwide online platform that operates in over twenty-seven countries, including Nigeria. These offer a unique online drumming lesson for their students all over Lagos.

For those individuals living outside the major cities in Lagos, know that you can still learn how to play the drum through the Skype and Zoom platforms as some tutors also offer these remote lessons.

Always remember that it might take you a little more time to learn, but it is possible. All you need to do is to point your camera or phone at your drum kits while playing to enable the tutor to correct you on the go.

Join a Band in Lagos

These are important for individuals that already have experience in the art of drum playing either as an intermediate or an expert drum player. It is necessary for you to join a band either here in Lagos or any other part of Nigeria. Joining a band helps you practice and play with other experts, thereby honing your skills the more.

Websites such as join a band-help lists hundreds of ads from individuals and groups looking for gigs, studio sessions, band for artists and drummers, and musicians wishing to form a band.

Other great ways to meet other drummers and musicians to join a band include rehearsal rooms, churches, and music festivals such as FELABRATION that holds ones every year in Lagos.

These are great ways to meet other great drummers and musicians playing other genres such as rock, jazz, electronic or punk. This will be an immense way to broaden your musical knowledge.

Nigeria Drummers celebrating and beating drum during a carnival
Nigeria Drummers beating drums in a carnival. Source: Nwalota Project/Getty Images

Find a Tutor on Superprof

If you are looking to learn all the styles in playing any drum or you wish to familiarize yourself with the various techniques that are associated with drumming, then Superprof is the best option for you.

In Superprof Nigeria, you’ll get drummer tutors for your drumming lessons in Lagos starting from ‎₦1500/hr.

With Superprof, you select the option suitable for you with your tutor. Your drummer tutor can come to your house or any designated place to offer his/her services. You can also opt-in for the online classes if you don't want a one-on-one tutorial at your home.

One of the best things about Superprof is that you can see past students' previous reviews to enable you to select the best drum teacher that matches your drumming needs. Also, 95% of tutors on Supeprof offer their first hour of lesson free, which gives you the opportunity to assess the tutor and vice versa.

You can check out our drumming classes in Nigeria or just Google for drumming teachers in Lagos and see the tutors closer to your location.

Google "drum lessons near me" now and start your musical journey.

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