Abuja is a unique city that is located in the North Central part of Nigeria. It is a serene and very calm part of Nigeria. It offers you an ambience atmosphere that can easily be noticed when one step into Nigeria's capital city. The city of Abuja boasts of rich music culture that had churned out numerous live bands such as the Shyne Band, the Loosends Music Entertainment, and the Aso Rock Band.

The city is reputed for its calm nightlife since it became Nigeria's capital for the past 29 years. This makes it one of the coolest cities to grow your passion for music and learn to play the drum in Nigeria.

Abuja and the Festival of Music

Gone are the days when the only source of musical entertainment available to the music and fun lovers in Abuja was only limited to just concerts. With the expansion of different musical groups, bands and artists presently domiciled in Abuja, the city now boasts of different music genres such as Afrobeat, Hip-hop, Afro-pop, Highlife, R&B acts, Fuji, Afro Fuji, R&B Acts, and other alternative music.

Talented and young individuals are now taking Abuja by storm, which has made Abuja a great music hub.

The history of Abuja music and bands dates back to the state's creation with renowned bands that have ruled the Nigerian airways such as the Styl-Plus group. The Styl-Plus band was one of the most popular Nigeria R&B and Pop musical groups that were founded in 1997. There were renowned for their great talent in playing different musical instruments.

This great musical group's founding members include Shifi Emoefa, Tunde Akinsanmi, Yemi Akinwonmi, and Lanre Faneyi.

The name STYL came about from the abbreviation of the founding father's first names.

In 1998 one of the group members known as Lanre Faneyi died, and a new guy was added to the group by name Zeal Onyecheme which lead to the affixing of the term “Plus” to the group which was now known as Styl-Plus.

The group is dubbed as Africa's Boys II Men due to their voice and ability to deliver deep emotional ballads.

The styl-plus group was popular as a result of some of their tracks that ruled the Abuja and Nigeria Airways such as “Olufunmi," "Imagine That," "Run Away," "Call My Name," "Stay Alive," and "Four Years."

The Styl-Plus musical group singles such as Runaway and Olufunmi were reputed to be among the most requested love songs played on all the major Nigerian radio stations between 2004 and 2005. Most of their album was a massive chart-topper and was played and used for the Big Brother Nigeria's pioneer edition.

Presently, a new music genre has now been developed in Abuja, known as alternative music. This music type is now quite popular and widely accepted within the mainstream music. Upcoming musicians in Abuja are now merging Afro beats with other music genres, which are now called the alternative music in Abuja.

Other popular music artists that had ruled the Abuja music industry are Age Beeka, CEF, Abuja's Boy band, and the Isomers. These bands and groups also help individuals looking to find drum lessons in Abuja, wishing to take part in Abuja's drumming classes or to join drum classes in Abuja.

Styl-plus is one of the best music group that had come up from Abuja.
The Styl-plus music group ruling Abuja Airways. Source: Bellanaija Images

Drum Classes and Professional Tutors in Abuja

Drum classes and studios in Abuja are springing forth every day due to the increase in the demand for private drum lessons and tutors in Abuja.

Simeon is a musicologist on Superprof Nigeria with a reputation for being a professional and versatile drummer. He is experienced in teaching drum for all levels of learners both in theory and practical. He is known to use a systematic base and most efficient approach to teaching.

Simeon has more than fifteen years of teaching experience in drum lessons for beginners, and experts have worked with different churches and schools in different parts of Nigeria. He is now based in Abuja, where he offers private lessons to individuals wishing to learn the drums.

While some drum lessons tutors only take this as a hobby, Simeon has taken it a step further as an occupation and has taught over 40 students, consisting of both beginners and veterans.

Another unique feature of Simeon teaching methodology is that he also offers online lesson classes for his students living far from Abuja town with Skype or Zoom platform.

Simeon offers his first lesson free and makes it conducive if you are starting up as a drummer.

Another professional drum tutor in Abuja is the Shyne Band entertainment, founded and managed by Ofuyeta Felix. Shyne band is a professional live band with digital instruments.

This band group offers musical instrument training such as bass drum, snare drum, cymbals, and other drumming lessons. There also offers private drum classes and ways to keep your rhythm and beat.

Learning the fundamentals of drumming allows you to understand how to use drumsticks, cymbal, pedal, and other drumming parts only when a professional drummer teaches you.

"I'm inspired by anyone honest in their expression, people who truly beat to their drum rhythm. Gillian Zinser

Drum classes Abuja where Drum Lessons are taught on how to learn to play the drums
Drum Lessons and Academy in Abuja. Source: Drum Ninja Images

Music Schools in Abuja

The Eagles Music Academy is believed to be one of the most reputable music schools in FCT, Abuja. It started operation in July 2016 with just two students but now boasts of over 2000 students and locations in three different parts of Abuja (Apo, Gwarinpa, and Sunnyvale).

The academy has proven track records, laurels, and academic awards from reputable organizations and bodies.

The creation of this music academy was borne out of the pioneers' yearning to fill the gap of kids' performance in contemporary African music in Abuja.

The school offers music training in different areas such as piano classes, drums classes, violin classes, and voice classes. Others include saxophone classes, trumpet classes, guitar classes, cello classes, and horn classes.

The academy offers lessons ranging from primer, intermediate, advance, and professional.

The academy comprises veteran instrumentalists, musicologists, performing artistes, and seasoned music educators who are passionate about improving music performance across West Africa and, ultimately, the world.

The Tenstrings Music Institute is another reputable music institute located in Abuja and other drum lessons centers in different parts of Nigeria.

The Institute has trained over 15,000 students that span from 16 countries over 13 years.

TMI offers different courses that range from three months to six months. This gives you the chance to choose the program that suits your drumming career needs and aspirations.

With the training and lectures offers in TMI, you are opportune to develop your style of drumming while building and pursuing your passion in the field of music and drumming.

“Don't quit. Never give up trying to build the world you can see, even if others can't see it. Listen to your drum and your drum only. It's the one that makes the sweetest sound.

Simon Sinek; British-born American author and motivational speaker

Different drums and drum lessons for beginners
Assorted drums in a drum institute. Source: Fuentechdrum Images

The Benefits of drumming lessons

To learn how to play the drum is fun and exhilarating as it allows one to become the next big name in the Abuja music industry.

Playing the drum comes with some beneficial and unique impact on the drummer’s health.

Studies have proven that playing the drums and drum classes helps accelerate one's physical healing, boost the immune system, and speed up the mental health of the drummers.

Other benefits that are inherent when you learn to play the drums include

  1. Improve in Academic Performance: Studies, as conducted recently, has shown that music training and drum playing is a good way of building academic performance. Learning to drum helps kids to build their math skills. It also helps you in subjects such as English to help you to identify emotional cues, which is a skill that you can use to identify motives and thought processes. Therefore, parents are encouraged to enrol their children into drum classes in Abuja since it helps your son or daughter perform well in school and not take away from his or her studies.
  2. Reduce Stress: Playing drums helps to relieve frustration, stress, and disappointment. The drum beating is a great reliever, whether you're hitting a djembe in a drum circle, a drum kit or beating a marching band bass drum, always remember that playing of the drum will boost your mood. Playing the musical drum for just a few minutes can help to boost one's mood.
  3. Global Citizen: The art of drumming can open the doors to becoming a global figure worldwide. Whenever you learn how to play the drum, you stand the chance of joining a band ranging from Afro, Jazz, or any other musical tradition across the world.
  4. Therapeutic Tool: Recent research has proven that drumming helps to boost the drummers’ immune system, accelerates one's physical healing, and assists in releasing emotional trauma. ,
  5. Develop Confidence: Learning the drums helps you to break complex tasks into controllable parts. With persistent practice of the drum, one can play complex beats and tones. To be successful as a drummer, one needs to develop strong confidence to play dynamically. These include both loud and soft beats.

“My version of a stress dream is showing up on a concert stage with a drum set and not knowing the chart.

Damien Chazelle: American film director, producer, and screenwriter

Learn How to Play the Drums Online

To most people, learning to play the drum online is a myth, but it is possible as many beginners have learned the art of drum beating just from their home's comfort. Learning how to play the online drum will require you to own your drum kits.

To learn the basics of how to pray the percussion online, you can look at the Drumeo platform to understand the basics and techniques of drum playing. This online platform boasts of thousands of free videos, weekly podcasts, and tutorials that are expected to give you a great insight into the world of drumming.

You can also contact other professional tutors in Abuja and environs that are willing to teach you how to play the drums with the help of Skype, video calls, and the Zoom App.

It is important to understand that this step might take a little time to progress while using this remote route, but it is still possible and achievable.

Join a Band in Abuja

For drummers already at the intermediate or advanced stage of playing, it is necessary to join a drum band in Abuja to become better and break more grounds.

Many websites such as Join a Band or AdsAfrica list hundreds of ads from bands across Abuja looking for drummers wishing to join a band group or practice.

You can also join other drummers in different churches to play and practice while making new friends and broadening your repertoire.

These are great ways to meet other great drummers and musicians playing other genres such as rock, jazz, electronic or punk. This will be an immense way to broaden your musical knowledge.

To locate any concert and music in Abuja, you can go through this guide.

Contact a Tutor on Superprof

Superprof is a great option for any individual looking for a platform to learn the various styles and techniques needed to play the drum.

In Superprof Nigeria, you’ll get drums tutors for your drum classes in Abuja starting from ‎₦1500/hr.

Superprof offers you the opportunity to select the options that are suitable for your learning needs.

Choosing to improve your understanding of the technicalities of drumming with Superprof's professional tutors gives you the following:

  • 95% of teachers who offer their first hour of lessons for free.
  • Reviews from past students.
  • A detailed profile of the teacher's educational experience.
  • Options of your house, the tutor's house or any other place of your choice
  • Option of online classes via webcam.
  • Lessons offered individually or in group

You can check out our drumming classes in Nigeria or just search for drum lesson Abuja on the platform and see the tutors closer to your location.

Google "drum lessons near me" now and start your musical journey.


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