Do you wish to return to school as an adult after taking a break from academics? Or do you want to pursue an undergraduate degree in History but lack motivation? Maybe you are an A or AS Level student in need of brief revision classes before your final exam? Or you want to know how to study history and why? Whatever love you've got for History, you'll find a History course in Port-Harcourt that matches your preference. This article covers the different adult history classes and university history courses in Port-Harcourt.

While historical happenings are fact-based, not all history lessons are similar. While some cover major world civilizations, others cover nation-building and nationalism, comparative political systems, and economic history. Thus, be mindful when choosing these courses, especially in university. Port-Harcourt universities offer top-notch History degrees and well-structured study programmes. Besides the quality standard of education, the city has fascinating tourist attractions, sightseeing, and cultural scenery.

Here's what this city has got to offer.

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Not all history courses are the same. Choose wisely! Photo Credit: Unsplash.

Why Do Students Take History Courses?

Even though it's an exciting but demanding course to study, there are many benefits historians enjoy besides the pleasure of knowing dates and events. Due to the in-depth research, cross-referencing, and fact-checking involved in this subject, studying for a history degree will make you an academic researcher. While performing your academic research work, you'll engage in months of data collection and online research which will enhance your I.T. skills, critical thinking, and concentration.

As regards communication skills, no history degree is devoid of debates, lectures, seminars, presentations, and final thesis defence. The aforementioned tasks will help improve your writing and speaking skills, thereby making you a better orator and writer.

At the undergraduate level, you will take courses on African History, European History, Asian History, American History, and the Middle East History. If your love for the course remains after your four years of study, you can then specialize in any at the postgraduate level. Whatever skills you acquire in these courses will increase your employability chances.

Career Paths

Let's highlight some sectors Historians can work in and thrive. Some of them include the following:

  • Advertising, Public Relations, and Marketing
  • Journalism
  • Politics
  • Business & Finance Sector
  • Library, Museum, & Archive
  • Teaching & Lecturing
  • Department of Foreign Affairs
  • Department of Immigration

Restricting yourself to any of the aforementioned sectors might not do you much good; hence diversity is the key. Many celebrities bagged history degrees but ventured into entrepreneurship, the film industry, and the music industry.

Benefits of Studying in Port-Harcourt

The famous city of Pitakwa, as it's popularly called is the capital of Rivers state. Even though it’s not as large as Abuja, the cost of living is just as high. It’s easily accessible by road, sea, and air, and over seven airlines are operating scheduled services from Port-Harcourt International Airport to many destinations globally.

Being a prospective student, you may be into tourism and entertainment as much as you’re into academics. In as much as you wish to know the top Nigerian universities, you should take some time out to visit new places. If you’re a golfer, for instance, visiting the Port-Harcourt Golf Club in your free time would heighten your interest in golf. For tourists, however, the Rivers State Museum, Port-Harcourt Zoo, Bonny Island, and Port-Harcourt Tourist Beach would be intriguing to visit. Your study in Port-Harcourt will be incomplete until you’ve tasted the delectable pepper-smeared bole and fish at the renowned Bole King Restaurant.

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Nothing beats being a Historian. Photo Credit: Unsplash.

History Courses in Port-Harcourt

The University of Port-Harcourt has it all irrespective of your area of interest in history. Some interest areas include Major World Civilisations, Slave Trade & African Diaspora, Historiography, Latin American History, African Decolonization. Note that history courses differ from school to school, so be sure to confirm what courses each school offers. Below is the best history-offering schools Port-Harcourt has to offer:

Secondary School Revision Classes in HistoryTry Greenoak International School - or Ashgrove Academy.
History at the University LevelTry the University of Port-Harcourt.
Adult History EducationPort-Harcourt Branch of the National Open University of Nigeria.
EveryoneBrowse through Superprof for private tuition.

Secondary School Revision Classes in History

Be it for history or any other secondary school subject, preparing for A-Levels or SAT examinations can be hectic and frustrating. To ensure you pass excellently, you might have to attend a couple of revision classes. For this, it’s worth considering the revision centres you can enrol in here in Port-Harcourt, especially those teaching history education.

Greenoak International School

Greenoak International provides students with a hybrid programme that features British and Nigerian curriculum. The school has a Sixth Form Programme that offers preparatory classes for students revising for A-Level, JAMB, SAT 1, and SAT2. The class is intensive and attendance is compulsory. You will be able to study history here at the secondary school level. It will be worth the sacrifice when you’ve passed.

Ashgrove Academy

Ashgrove Academy is a foundational school that offers various access courses into universities globally. These universities include those in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Asia, Nigeria, and Canada. The school prepares students for A-Level and Cambridge examinations.

Besides these examinations, they have classes for JUPEB candidates seeking direct entry admission or admission to an international university. This academy is owned by the University of Port-Harcourt so its credibility is assured. You can study history here pending the time you write your examination and gain admission to study for a history degree.

At the Ashgrove Academy, three programmes exist and they include the following:

  • One-year A-Level Programme (Accelerated IGCSE/AS Level Programme)
  • Cambridge two-year A-Level Programme (Normal)
  • One-year Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board D.E. Programme

Art History Courses at the University of Port-Harcourt

Knowing which art history courses you wish to offer at the university is important because every Nigerian university differs. Hence, you need to do your research before choosing which university to attend. For the University of Port-Harcourt, they offer History & Diplomatic Studies under the Faculty of Arts & Humanities. Like every other Nigerian university offering History, you need five ordinary level credits including Government or History, and English. As a student of the department, you’ll take courses such as Intro to Archaeology, Intro to Diplomacy, African Economic History, Nigeria Since 1800 A.D, among many others.

University of Port-Harcourt – History & Diplomatic Studies BA

The aim of the Department is informed by the need to remain relevant to the changing demands of the dynamic local, national and international community in the new millennium with its array of complex challenges, and to benefit maximally from the opportunities that arise. To this end, the programmes of the Department are designed to achieve the following objectives:

(i) To seek solutions to the questions concerning our existence and conditions- questions of how, when and why we came to be what we are and where we are going from here.

(ii) To train professionals in the discipline who may continue in the search for answers to questions in the areas of history, diplomacy and culture, with a view to equipping them with the knowledge and skill to cope with the demands of the emerging global village.

(iii) To equip our students with the appropriate knowlege and skill to create and/or find employment in the complex labour market and to live a good and responsible life. (iv) To produce more versatile graduates who are equipped with the knowledge of a historian and the skill of a diplomat and culture resource managers.”

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History is just as fascinating as any other course. Photo Credit: Unsplash.

Adult History Education

National Open University of Nigeria

Adult education has never been this easy as you get the chance to study for a degree at any age. You can study for a university history course from the comfort of your home at the National Open University of Nigeria. NOUN makes it possible for students to work and study simultaneously by providing history courses online for students. Note that having the luxury of online history courses doesn’t make the course easy. You should know that courses at NOUN are research-intensive and require disciplined students capable of reading independently. Also, you can study history at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Private History Lessons at Superprof

If none of those classes appeals to you, rest assured Superprof is designed to solve your unique tuition needs. Superprof is a private tutor platform that makes tutor-student connection possible. Presently, the website has over five million tutors worldwide who major in approximately one thousand areas. These areas range from education to health and fitness, music, arts, culinary skills, languages, and professional development.

What sets private tuition apart is its time and location flexibilities, and it’s tailored to your needs. If you work on weekdays and can’t attend history classes, your tutor will make adjustments to fit your busy schedule. Furthermore, if you’re interested in spending more time on a specific topic knowing that you’re strong in other areas, your tutor will adjust the lesson plan. With normal classes, however, you’ll have no choice but to relearn what you already know. And when you need extra hours for teaching what’s difficult, the teacher just brushes through the topic.

Now is your chance to be taught by a graduate student or scholar!

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