Have you started thinking of how you will gain admission into the university and fulfil your dreams? If yes, that's great. However, you need to take some actions before your thoughts concerning education can become a reality. You need to start preparing for UTME/JAMB if you want to excel in life.

You may easily get confused about what to study and where to study since there are varieties of courses and locations available to you. If you’ve already made up your mind to study History, then you have made a wise decision. However, you still need to make one more important decision, and that’s a decision about your study location.

Without any doubt, Lagos state is one of the best locations to study history courses. Many Nigerians prefer studying in Lagos because of its cultural diversity and its numerous peculiarities. In this article, we shall gladly guide you towards the most rewarding university history courses in Lagos.

Benefits Of Studying History

Why do we study History? If you have studied this rewarding course for some years, then you must have gotten a number of answers to that question. A History degree is beneficial to you and the world as a whole. While some of the benefits of studying History are obvious, others not.

In case you don't know before now, History degree offers you a variety of transferable skills. For instance, debate, lecture, and assignments will motivate you to develop your commutation skills. In a similar manner, the researching demands of History education will compel you to develop general IT skills.

Undoubtedly, the subject of research will assist you in developing academic research skills and make you become an independent learner who can study from home or anywhere. Also, the subject of research will assist you in developing cross-referencing capabilities that will transform you into an excellent defender and debater.

You will become very relevant to the economy when these fundamental skills combine with your experience, and passion for knowledge. With all these facts in mind, art history courses are highly rewarding. Just in case you haven’t fully made up your mind to study History, it is high time you made up your mind.

Career Paths For History Graduates

Employment opportunities for those who study history courses
Historians can work in many places (Photo source: unsplash)

There are lots of employment opportunities for Historians. They can secure jobs at museums or jobs in teaching. In case you are wondering the other positions that you can be well-suited to as a Historian, check out the following:

  • Historians can work in Media and Journalism
  • Historians can work in Research and Heritage
  • Historians can work in Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations
  • Historians can also work in other professional sectors like Business and Finance, Law, Politics and the Public Sector.

Benefits Of Studying In Lagos

Lagos city
Lagos is an ideal place to study history courses(Photo source: unsplash)

Anyone who tours Lagos will quickly notice that Lagos is a busy and colourful city in Nigeria. The conditions in this beautiful city make Lagos an ideal place for both work and education. There are thousands of employment opportunities available in Lagos city. This fact won’t surprise many people since Lagos houses several industries and it ranks as the city with the fourth-highest GDP in Africa.

With more than seven universities in Lagos, you will easily find the right school to study in Lagos. Anyone who once studied in any university in Lagos will testify that the university environment enhances learning. The Lagos climate and culture are parts of the reasons why Lagos city is ideal for learning. In case you haven’t thought much about the privileges in Lagos, you should start doing so in your free time.

Whether you are from Lagos city or you are travelling from another location to study in Lagos, you will enjoy a multi-ethnicity and multi-national environment. Lagos universities admit thousands of students from various ethnic groups in Nigeria. This multi-ethnicity environment will give you the privilege to learn different things about the various ethnic groups in Nigeria.

Although studying in Lagos is very rewarding and exciting, you need to plan well so that you find an ideal course, accommodation, and maintain a lifestyle that will enhance your learning. For instance, a room with poor ventilation isn’t a proper place to stay during your study years. Since Lagos is a populous city, there is a chance that you won’t get good accommodation if you don’t make the necessary preparations on time. We recommend that you put the following into consideration before you apply to study:

  • Ensure you know all the entry requirements for the course you want to study.
  • Verify whether you will pay tuition fee, and if so, what amount do you need to pay?
  • Will you need to do a part-time job alongside your studies?
  • What jobs can you secure with the course you want to study?
  • What is the duration of the course you want to study?
  • Does the school provide free accommodation for students or not?

The moment you’ve adapted to the lifestyle of an independent adult, you can start to focus on how to study at the university.

Lagos History Courses

University Of Lagos - History And Strategic Studies

This course focuses on areas like the Historiography, History of International Relations, and History of Political Thought. This course will assist you in developing critical thinking ability. This school aims to contribute to national development through this course.  From time to time, the University of Lagos reviews the academic programme to keep it relevant and retain its quality. The University of Lagos added the sub-field of strategic studies to recognize the roles which strategy is playing in the activities of humans. The university has carefully divided the classes in a manner that promotes easy assimilation. We implore you to attend all your classes because each class is very important.

Key benefits:

The learning environment is very friendly

Students will enjoy the privilege to learn directly from historians with rich experience.

Graduates can work in different sectors, including government, business, law, heritage, and finance.

Lagos State University - History And International Relations

This course will take you through the entire History of Africa and beyond. You will get the opportunity to learn about many events that took place in ancient time. You will also learn things about international relations in this course. Lagos State University is internationally known as a university that pursues academic excellence and the advancement of learning. The good reputation of Lagos State University clearly reflects in this course, making the university to be one of the best places to study art history courses. This course will take you through a series of fascinating lessons and researches. You will learn both inside and outside the classroom, so you must take every session seriously. Through this course, you will gain so many transferable skills that will help you in your personal and professional life.

Caleb University - History And Diplomatic Studies

History courses textbooks
Caleb University holds many History textbooks in its library(Photo source: unsplash)

History And Diplomatic Studies at Caleb University will provide you with sound knowledge in the historical field. The course will assist you in understanding the cultural diversity in the world today. If you are wondering why you should study at Caleb University, then you need to consider the following facts about the school. The university has an ideal setting for learning and a competent workforce. The university library holds more than 12,000 volumes of books. Almost all the functions of the library are computerized, allowing you to read books on history courses online. The university provides skill-based lessons that prepare students for a bright future. Without any doubt, this institution is an ideal place for you to study.

Anchor University Lagos - History And Diplomatic Studies

Anchor University Lagos is one of the best places you can study History.  The History And Diplomatic Studies at Anchor University Lagos gives you the privilege to learn the whole History of Africa and more. The programme is moderately flexible to assist students in learning at a convenient pace. By studying in this glorious university, you will gain the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude that will transform you into a self-reliant practitioner. The environment of this university promotes peaceful co-existence, thereby making academic activities to go on without any form of disturbance. This institution prides itself to raise students who will standout everywhere. Indeed, the facilities in this university speak a lot of positive things about the education standard in Nigeria. Undoubtedly, Anchor university is the right place for everyone to learn History.


Finding history courses in Lagos shouldn’t be a problem since Lagos has a lot of universities where you can enrol. Although the conventional university system is enough to equip you with all the necessary knowledge and skills, you may decide to take additional online history courses to increase your pace of learning. We implore you to use the information in this article judiciously while finding history courses to study in Lagos. We wish you the best in your study.

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