Having in one’s life a person who understands Hindi or is a native Hindi speaker of the language is a great advantage if you’re interested in learning Hindi? That way, you can grasp the language’s concepts during the conversations you have and whenever you both create time to help you learn.

But what do you do if you don’t have someone like that? There are a few opportunities that you can leverage to learn to speak Hindi in Nigeria.

However, it is impossible to put a price on knowledge; we recommend that you take up the task of researching some available centres around you and see if they are offering any Hindi lessons. Then, if you happen to find some, compare their prices to see which offers the best value. Most importantly, ensure the lessons they offer will effectively help you in learning Hindi in Nigeria.

Regardless, you will need the guide provided in this article to discover the opportunities for learning Hindi in Nigeria, as well as what it costs to learn it.

Hindi Classes for School-Aged Children

Hindi fees in Nigerian Schools

As at the time of writing this piece, there don’t seem to be many schools in Nigeria that embed the Hindi Language in their curriculum. Hindi is not an optional language in Nigerian schools, let alone a compulsory one. For this reason, the opportunities to learn the language in a school setting is very limited here.

Thankfully though, There are two schools in Nigeria that provide classes in Hindi, and they are the Indian Language School, Lagos and Bhartiya School, Port Harcourt.

The Indian Language School is a private school running under the umbrella of the Indian High Commission in Nigeria, and it is affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi.

The school’s main objectives are to provide native Indians in Nigeria a means to learn their culture, language, and value, whilst acquiring formal education. Apart from the English language, Hindi is one of the languages with which they teach in the school. There are thousands of Indians living in Lagos state, especially on the island, so it’s crucial that a school such as this one was established.

How to Learn Hindi
Native Hindi Language speaker taking classes. Source: Unsplash

However, as much as learning Hindi in a school attended by native Indians is a sure-fire way to help you learn the language quickly, there is no clear-cut information as to if they take in native Nigerians. But even if they do, not many people are going fit in or find the environment comfortable, given the language differences.

That said, you can still mail or telephone them to inquire if there are any Hindi lessons in place for you. Meanwhile, if you’re a diasporic Indian who has lost touch with their native language, this school is a perfect place for you to connect with your language back again.

Their fees range between ₦200,000 to ₦400, 000 per term depending on your current level of education. They also provide the option to pay in instalments if you’re on a tight budget.

On the other hand, Bhartiya School, Port Harcourt is the most viable option for people within than region. The tuition fee is only available upon request, but we suppose it should be in the same range as the Indian Language School, given that they are both CBSE schools.

Cost of Learning with Hindi Experts in Nigeria

Upasna Agrawal

Upasna is a native Indian teaching Hindi at a professional level. She is also a digital marketer with 7 years of experience in shipping & logistics. She did her MBA in International Businesses and is available to teach Lagos residents Hindi from the stable of her home. However, she’s still at the beck and call of interested learners from other cities across Nigeria, as she also provides her Hindi lessons via webcam.

Her teaching methodology is simple for students to follow. She teaches them based on their prior knowledge, as well as their learning ability. More importantly, she teaches Hindi at all levels, from beginner to intermediate, and then advanced level.

Her Hindi Lessons cover a wide range of topics in the Hindi language; thus, her studies will get acquainted with Hindi greetings, making sentences, introduction to gender & numbers, and so on in a short time.

Finally, she provides her Hindi language tuition via SuperProf Nigeria, so interested learners can reach her from there. Her first lesson to each student is free, with subsequent ones coming at the price of ₦2,500 per hour.

Mohammed Nurudeen

Another great Hindi teacher in Nigeria is Mohammed Nurudeen, a medical doctor who studied in China and Malaysia. During his study years, he also took language courses in Hindi and China, and he has become versed in both languages over the years.

Mohammed, by and large, uses his proficiency in Hindi to tutor individuals and groups who are interested in learning Hindi in Nigeria. He’s also a multilingual person, so if you’re looking for someone to teach you Hindi in English, Chinese, Hausa, then he is your guy.

That said, Mohammed only offers his Hindi lessons via webcam. This allows for great flexibility in how and when his students take their classes. Mohammed can be contacted on SuperProf Nigeria, the Nigerian private tutoring platform through which he offers his services.

Interestingly, his first lesson is also free, so you can take the opportunity to appraise how he can help you learn the language. His lessons after this come at the price of ₦4,000 per hour.

Cost of Learning Hindi Through Virtual Means

Given that there are limited options to learn Hindi in a classroom setting in Nigeria, you might want to consider going virtual. Thankfully, there are a ton of online classes you can attend to do that.

Most of these online classes can be accessed via their dedicated mobile app, computer software, or cloud platform. Their prices vary, and, just as you might love to hear, some of them are free to use.


Udemy is pretty much a popular platform, and you will find thousands of courses there, and the Hindi courses vary. As a result, you should check with scrutiny which will help you make the most of the time you dedicate to learning the language.

The Hindi course on Udemy start from ₦5000, and once you make a purchase, you will have lifetime access to the materials provided. You will also be able to access any future updates added to the course for free, provided you still have your pass intact.

Ideally, you should purchase more than one of these courses to become fluent in Hindi. Their teaching methods differ, so having a couple or more of the courses will help you learn faster, and you should find yourself speaking Hindi soon.

How to Learn Hindi
You Can learn Hindi in Nigeria through online platforms like Udemy and SkillShare. Source: Unsplash


This app is commonly used by Indian diasporas and is loved by many casual Hindi learners. What sets the app apart is that it doesn’t use conventional teaching methods; it, instead, employs actionable exercises that will help users learn quickly.

However, you might need to learn and master the Hindi alphabets from other sources first; Duolingo doesn’t focus on alphabets much, and some of the concepts used on the app aren’t clear enough. But with fundamental or basic knowledge of Hindi alphabets and a few grammar rules, you should be up and running pretty quickly.

Thankfully, most of the app's features are free to use, except a few that are only available to premium users.

Some other platforms where you can take Hindi Lessons are:

• Mango Languages (starting from ₦8,000 per month)

• Glossika (from ₦13,000 per month)

• Pimsleur ( from ₦6,500 per month)

Cost of a Private Hindi Tutor in Nigeria

Learning how to speak Hindi in Nigeria
Dedicate time to practise all you learn in your Hindi language Lessons. Source: Unsplash

If for any reason you weren’t aware that there are private Hindi teachers in Nigeria that offer one-on-one lessons, then you’d be glad to know that you will find a ton of them on SuperProf. The tutors are committed to helping interested persons learn faster in any field of study.

When it comes to the language, Hindi, you have a variety of choices. You will find native Hindi speakers who live in Nigeria and are happy to help speak their language. If that doesn’t suffice, you can also find on SuperProf countrymen who have qualifications in Hindi, as well as professionals who have learned the language when living in India and are offering their services to help people learn it.

Indian natives are will be obviously proficient with Hindi, so they will help you learn how to speak Hindi in the best way possible. Nigerians, on the other hand, will resonate with your challenges better and leverage the things you have in common to make learning more effective.

Some of the Hindi teachers focus on helping learners develop your calligraphic skills, while others focus on helping learners develop their conversational skill in Hindi.

Thankfully, most of the tutors on SuperProf offer their first lessons for free, so you should leverage this to discuss with them how best they can help you. You can also take the opportunity to examine if their teaching method will be feasible for you. Regarding their pricing, it varies from one tutor to another but falls between the range of ₦800 to ₦5,000 per hour.


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