Finding a tutor who resonates with your learning ability can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to a language such as Hindi. Admittedly, learning Hindi in Nigeria — in its entirety — is not a walk in the park; a lot goes into this special language, from getting acquainted with Hindi alphabets to picking up words and them coining them together to make an intelligible sentence — either verbally or in calligraphy.

For natives here in Nigeria with no fundamental knowledge of Hindi, it’s a long ride, to begin with. But for Indian migrants who live here in the country, mastering the language should come much easier, considering that you will often meet your countrymen across the country.

Without mincing words, there are, thankfully, a few opportunities to learn Hindi in the country or find Hindi Teachers in Nigeria who will help you understand the language within a short time. Whether you’re seeking to learn the language to work in a hemisphere comprising of Hindi-speaking people or want to learn for business or personal reasons, you’ll find here options that are most apt for you.

The Hindi language can be learned in Nigeria
Some textbooks in the Hindi Language Source: UnSplash

Learning Hindi in Nigerian Institutions

There aren’t many Nigerian institutions — be it at a primary, secondary, or higher institution — at the moment that offers Hindi as a subject of study. This is largely because most institutions here don’t have European languages in their curriculum, let alone a non-European language such as Hindi. If there’s any foreign language prioritised at all in Nigeria, then it’d definitely be French.

Is this enough reason to despair? No, far from it. They're still viable options for you to learn Hindi in Nigeria; the heads-up is just an indication that the options are very limited.

As deliberated earlier, it is appalling that there aren’t universities or other institutions that offer Hindi classes in Nigeria, considering the influx of immigrant Indians in the country in recent years, as well as various multinational companies owned by Indians across the country. The availability of Hindi language courses would have made a more intimate or effective work relationship between Indian employee/employers and their Nigerian counterparts.

However, if one put into consideration the poor implementation of even the Nigerian native languages in curriculum’s across various institutions, one would cut the Indian Language, Hindi, some slack.

Be that as it may, that many Indians are now living in the country — particularly Lagos State — has necessitated the establishment of schools such as Indian Language School, the only of its kind in the whole of Nigeria.

Indian Language School, Lagos.

The Indian Language School is an institution affiliated with CBSE, New Delhi. The school is just about the only school in Nigeria that offers Hindi education in a classroom setting, but there is a catch: it appears to be only open to Indian kids in the country, helping them learn their language while pursuing their academics in the diaspora. There is no clear-cut information about the institution taking in native students in their mix.

However, if you’re interested in having your child learning Hindi, there is the freedom to make inquiries at the School or jettison the idea completely. Stick or twist; it’s your call.

Hindi lessons in Nigeria
kindergarten Hindi Lessons in Nigeria
Source: ILSLagos

All in all, you might want to consider unconventionally ways of learning Hindi, outside the four walls of a classroom.

So, what are the options?

Hindi Classes for Adults

Hindi classes that allow you to learn at your convenient time and the pace of your understanding are something anyone would appreciate, and there are ways to get them in Nigeria.

Rosseta Stone Software

Rosseta Stone SoftwareRosseta Stone Software provides a great opportunity for you to learn Hindi in Nigeria. The software is a proprietary computer-assisted language learning (CALL) powered by Rosseta Stone Inc. It employs leaning elements such as text, images, and sound to instil in learners the words and grammar of a language; this it does without translation and with spaced repetition.

One of the languages this software teaches is Hindi, and it does it effectively using an embedded dynamic immersion feature. The software is, as a matter of fact, used by the United States Government to teach their international relations officers the language of their allies.

How does the software’s dynamic immersion work? It presents four images to students, after which an AI native speaker will describe the images in Hindi and with the transcription of the speech displayed on their screen. After that, a student is required to pick the image that best matches what the AI speaker described. There are also other learning exercises on the software, including writing exercises and grammar Lessons. The software also allows students to attach a microphone and speak in Hindi, then the software’s AI evaluates the speech for correctness.

Hindi Lessons in Nigeria (for Kids)

If you have children whom you would like to learn Hindi, there is also an option available for them to learn Hindi online.

Whilst various platforms provide online Hindi classes, we reckon Language Curry offers the best of them all, with provision for not only Hindi but other Indian Languages such as Gujarati, Tamil, Marathi, Kannada, and Sanskrit Punjabi.

There is a mobile app for it, and whilst adults can also leverage the app to learn Hindi online, it is most ideal for kids. You can install it on their tablets or computers and have them learn with it for five to eight minutes every day.

The lessons are concise, and there are also live video classes held by language gurus of India. The classes encourage collaborative learning, and students can also take the chance to ask questions and get answers quickly.

If you’d love to learn to speak Hindi in Nigeria and have your kids do so, too, then this is one of the better options out there for you to leverage. The app is to free to use, except for a few features exclusively available to only premium users.

Learn to Speak Hindi in Nigeria with the Help of a Private Tutor on Superprof

As stated earlier, there is barely any Hindi course available in the whole of Nigeria, and, if you have ransacked the internet yourself and haven’t found any institution where you can learn the language, you might want to employ the services of a private Hindi tutor.

However, finding someone whose teaching method suits you the most and who is keenly interested in helping you learn the language can be a tad difficult. We often find adverts on Jiji, Facebook, and other online platforms where supposed Hindu tutors advertise their services. And, whilst it’s good to have this plethora of choices, no one knows how sustainable their services are.

That said, to narrow down your search and save you inevitable stress, you should look into Nigeria’s renowned learning platform,

SuperProf is a platform where thousands of private tutors offer their services to learners seeking to get help with their academic studies or learn any foreign language. They tailor their lessons to each student’s learning ability and find what works best for them to learn better.

Hindu tutors on SuperProf can be found across the major cities in Nigeria, some of which are Ikeja, Ijebu Ode, Ibadan, Abuja, Warri, etc. Interestingly, other than native Indians offering their services on SuperProf, you will also find Nigerians who are adept with and are very proficient with Hindi on there. These Nigerian tutors are professionals who have taken Hindi course themselves, as well persons who have lived in India for some time and have now mastered the language.

The advantage, though, is that you'll be taught in English - Hindi or any Nigerian language - Hindi, depending on the tutor you choose to help you understand better. You can also choose to have your classes online via webcam on days when you will not be available to meet your tutor in person. Yes, you’re allowed to choose what works best for you.

To top it all off, most of the tutors offer their first lessons for free, then subsequent ones cost ₦800 to ₦5,000 per hour, depending on the tutor.

Learning Hindi in Nigeria
There is a lot to learn with the beautiful Hindi Language. Source: UnSplash

Things to Consider If You’re Considering Teaching Jobs in Hindi

If you’re versed with Hindi or have got some qualifications in it, you might be prompted to take a teaching job in any of the institutions in Nigeria. But, just as we have deliberated in this article, most schools — if not all — in Nigeria don’t offer Hindi courses, let alone look to recruit professionals to teach the language.

There might be institutions looking for Hindi teachers but that haven’t seen any applicants. Alternatively, you can try writing a mail to or approaching schools around you to inform them of your qualifications and proficiency in Hindi. Ideally, these should be schools that have some foreign students in their mix.

The reason for this is obvious: the demand for Hindi courses in Nigeria is low. However, if you’re still keen on using your qualifications to help students learn this beautiful language, then you should consider private tutoring, this gives you access to students who are interested in learning another language like Hindi, which isn't readily available everywhere in Nigeria. Lots of Nigerians go to India to school, for business, for medical trips e.t.c and find it advantageous to have a knowledge of the Hindi Language.

Joining a tutoring platform like the Superprof will connect you to students both locally and internationally to share your Hindi knowledge.


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