Nobody wakes up one day and decide they want to learn Hindi. There must be a thing or two they intend achieving that necessitated learning the language.

Whatever your reasons might be, whether it’s to help you communicate well when you travel to India or help you get along well with Hindi-speaking friends or your colleagues at work, there are a lot of tools you can harness to do that.

Given the world we live in today, wherein virtually everything one can think of is available digitally, there is absolutely no reason not to leverage the opportunities available to learn Hindi online in Nigeria. There is great flexibility in learning through digital means, thus allowing you to learn at your convenient time and pace and without any pressure heaped on you.

That said, it goes without saying that the best way to learn Hindi in Nigeria is with the help of a private Hindi teacher who will tailor their teaching to your needs. Thankfully, there are many of them offering their services to interested learners in major cities across the country. You can find a competent Hindi teacher on SuperProf.

However, if you don’t have the money to spare, you can go ahead with the cloud-based tools that others are using to learn how to speak Hindi in Nigeria. You will find here both free and paid ones, but we reckon the premium ones provide the best techniques to help you learn. Not taking anything away from the free tools, you will find what they offer helpful, too.

Did You Know? Hindi, alongside English, is the official language of India and is spoken by over 360 million people worldwide. Even more, English has many borrowed words from Hindi, some of which are bungalow, karma, shampoo, thug, and Yoga!

Books, Magazines, Newspapers, etc., to Help You Learn Hindi

If you're already getting familiar with Hindi alphabets, you can proceed to read books, magazines, and newspapers published in Hindi.

Although it is a bit difficult to find them in Nigeria compared to other languages like french e.t.c, you can look around you for people selling foreign-used books to see if they have any. Alternatively, you can visit any bookshop or library within your proximity to check if they have books written in Hindi — be it a journal, literary fiction, or historical book. Just get one. If you're in Lagos State, you can find libraries nearby on the Lagos State Library Board.

The objective of reading these books is to help you get acquainted with Hindi grammar, as well as the structuring of sentences. That way, you’ll pick up words gradually and start practising your conversational skills in Hindi as time goes.

Hindi Lessons in Nigeria
Find a book published in Hindi Language and gradually pick up words and phrases Source: Unsplash

If you’re not able to get any, you can head over to Readwhere, an online reading and publishing hub with thousands of comic books, magazines, and newspapers published in various Indian languages. Of course, these include Hindi, and there is also provision for books published in European languages.

The magazines by and large cover everything from entertainment to art, health to fashion, and a host of others. They all can be read for free, so you can read as many as you want and at your convenient time. Remember, the aim of reading books published in Hindi is to help you learn Hindi words and expressions, subtly understand grammatical rules, and hone your conversational skills in Hindi.

If you’re a beginner who hasn’t learned Hindi alphabets and has no idea of how they read when put together, any of the following apps and website platforms below should give you a soft landing:

Websites and Apps to Learn Hindi Online

There are a ton of online tools open to Nigerians to learn Hindi from the comfort of their homes and offices. What makes these tools very helpful is that you don’t have to commit most of your time to them; dedicating 10 – 30 minutes five times a week is enough to have you reading out loud words and even full sentences in no time.

So, what online tools are the most recommend? They are as follows:

How to Learn Hindi in Nigeria
You can learn Hindi online with various tools! Source: Unsplash


When it comes to regular functionality-improving updates and occasional discounts, it’d be difficult to place any tool above Pimsleur. The dynamic lessons offered on the platform are designed to develop your speaking skills, and they come in stages, not overwhelming you with too many to digest at a time.

Nonetheless, one of the perks of this platform is the method with which they approach conversational speech. There are two different voice models on the app — male and female — and they pronounce phrases with different tones. This will allow you to model your pronunciation varyingly.

The only downside is that they don’t provide lessons on writing Hindi, so, generally, you’re only going to be learning how to speak Hindi. But who says you can’t write what you speak? The words used to teach you on this platform are written out, so you should be able to visually identify alphabets that make up a word, as well as words that make up a sentence.

Classes on this platform cost around ₦7,000 per month on the standard plan. There is a premium plan that costs more, but the only thing that makes it better is that it has more reading practices than the free standard plan.


Duolingo is arguably the most popular app to learn Hindi. The app is used by millions of diasporic Indians, as well as millions of people of other nationality interested in learning this beautiful language. Tourists who go to India for visits and people who just got a work permit in India all use this app to quickly learn one of the country’s official language, Hindi.

Nigerians seeking to lean Hindi can also use the app to learn from scratch or keep abreast of what they’ve learned in the past.

The disadvantage, though, is that the app doesn’t go too in-depth and is, as a result, most suitable for casual learners. Albeit being used by millions of people worldwide, we don’t find the method with which it teaches alphabets feasible. You may find it difficult to understand, so we suggest learning the Hindi alphabets from an external source.

After that, the rest of the lessons are executed perfectly, and there are plenty of them once you master the basics. Also, the app has enough audio content to help you learn quickly.

FSI Hindi Course

Ever thought about delving into the Hindi language fully? Learning everything from the basics to intermediate, and then advanced? FSI provides you with the opportunity to do exactly that. It is generally a Hindi course in PDF format, but there are a few hiccups that may make learning with it complicated.

The texts are a tad crooked but still fairly intelligible. Also, the format of the book, in its entirety, is outdated. Despite these shortcomings though, the book covers a lot of topics on grammar, and you will be taught with short phrases and some clauses in Hindi.

The topics on verb usage are broad, thus helping you develop your lower-level skills. Whilst a lot of other FSI language eBooks have audios embedded in them, this particular one doesn’t have any. But, given that the topics are very in-depth, it is worth giving a try.


HindiPod101 is another great tool that you can leverage to learn Hindi in Nigeria, and it is particularly targeted at absolute beginners. The lessons on the websites are provided via short audio & video lessons that are easy to follow.

Interestingly, the lessons are provided by real Hindi teachers, so they will guide you with real Hindi conversations. You are also given the benefit of learning at your own pace; hence, the teacher assigned to you will only advance into the next topic only when you have fully grasped the ones treated last.

Other than their reading, writing, and grammar lessons, they also provide classes for students to learn about India cultures. This will come in handy if your learning of Hindi is to help you immerse yourself in an Indian environment when you travel up there.

Meanwhile, you won't have to worry about forgetting all that you've been taught; the app provides flashcards, slideshows, and word lists upon the completion of each lesson. These will re-quiz you on words you’ve learned and ensure they always linger in your memory.

Finally, your teacher will provide you with feedback and point out areas where you could improve on in real-time. Feels like learning in a physical environment, doesn’t it?


Learn Hindi in Nigeria
Learning Hindi language doesn't end online. Find time for personal studies! Source: Unsplash

A great tool for learning Hindi in Nigeria, Glossika focuses more on oratory than calligraphy, and its lessons are designed to help users absorb Hindi patterns and speak the language naturally.

People who learn how to speak Hindi in Nigeria are guilty of memorizing words, rather than understanding them to flow naturally. This is not feasible because, the moment you begin to lose the memory of some words, it will become difficult for you to come up with any sentence that makes sense.

So, how does Glossika tackle this issue common with learners? It will provide you with audio-based training that will help you listen and grasp Hindi words at a native speed. This way, you won’t have to memorize words but will rather get to understand them and where they best fit in Hindi contexts.

More importantly, the interactions on the app are natural, and, as a result, you will be able to speak like a native speaker if you learn actively and dedicate enough time to learning with the app.


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