Italian language unlike French, Spanish or any of our Nigerian languages are usually not taught in primary schools or secondary schools and can be found only in a few universities. However, Italian is a beautiful language to learn and speak. It is even known as a Romance Language.

How then do you find Italian tutors and how do you learn from them?

A lot of Italian teachers offer private Italian lessons. They teach Italian online, give private lessons in their clients home or teach in schools specifically for learning languages in Nigeria.

Your next question might be: 'How would I know the difference between an exceptional Italian teacher from the one who is just basic and unable to impact the adequate fundamentals to learning the language?'

Keep reading to give you an idea of how to narrow down your search and choose the perfect Italian tutor for you.

Explore a complete guide to finding Italian lessons in Nigeria

Learn Italian Language in Lagos
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What To Consider In An Italian Teacher

To have another language is to possess a second soul. ‒ Charlemagne

Learning a new language is becoming a member of the club – the community of speakers of that language. ‒ Frank Smith

After going through the process of learning a new language, have you ever experienced that feeling of not communicating well, when you are interacting with a native speaker?, sometimes, this can be due to the fact that you were taught by a bad teacher, i.e someone who cannot interact with other native speakers and attempted to teach a person interested in the language.

The very first thing you should be on the lookout for is an Italian teacher with a lot of knowledge in the language, a positive attitude and a proven teaching methodology that works.

What do we mean by Knowledge of Italian Language?

It means your Italian tutor should be able to teach you:

  • The Italian Alphabet - this is the number one that thing that should be taught even for any other language.
  • Italian vocabulary
  • How to translate to and from Italian
  • Italian numbers
  • Italian verb conjugation
  • How to read and also understand the Italian writing
  • Italian pronunciation and listening comprehension

The Italian teacher should be highly knowledgeable in the language and its culture, and also must be fluent in speaking Italian.

By saying the above, the ideal Italian teacher should be bilingual (speaking two languages fluently). He or she, should either be a native English speaker who has learnt Italian and speaks it fluently or a native Italian who has learnt how to speak English fluently.

Additionally, the Italian teacher should know the best materials and books to recommend for the learning process.

He or she should also be able to access your level on whether or not you are an absolute beginner or someone who already is familiar with some Italian terms. This will help with the training process.

Se vuoi qualcosa che non hai mai avuto in vita tua, dovrai fare qualcosa che non hai mai fatto - If you want something in your life you've never had, You'll have to do something you've never done.- Thomas Jefferson.

Un giorno ti sveglierai e non ci sarà più tempo per fare le cose che hai sempre sognato. Falli adesso. - One day you’ll wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things that you have always dreamed. Do them now - Paulo Coelho.

Italy consists of thirty-four native living spoken languages and related dialects, most of which are recognised as largely Independent Romance languages by the country.

If you are only ever interested in visiting the Tuscan region or Venetian, then learning those dialects would be sufficient.

However, if you have dreams of living or working in Milan or attending one of the top universities in Italy like Politecnico di Milano,  you would have to learn the language cobbled together by Dante Alighieri.

Which brings me to my next question.

Why Are You Learning Italian?

There are many reasons why people decide to learn the Italian language. Some of the reasons are listed below;

  • To communicate better when they travel
  • To increase their chances to get a job especially in Italy
  • They are aware that Italy is the 3rd-largest national economy in the eurozone, the 8th-largest by nominal GDP in the world and are poised to take their place among Rome or Siena's movers and shakers
  • To familiarize themselves with the Italian culture and tradition
  • To learn how to cook the Italian cuisine by learning from the masters especially the native Italians

Some people may want to further their university studies by enrolling in one of the universities in Italy. Learning the language will make studying easier.

If your company is expanding internationally, you could be at the forefront of those trade relations by learning Italian online as a second language.

Some people learn Italian to become an interpreter of the language to foreigners.

Nigerian married to an Italian? you may want to learn to speak the language to avoid a language barrier while conversing with your new relatives.

Interested in starting a business in Nigeria, for example, Italian shoes, you may want to learn the language so there wouldn't be a barrier while communicating with your business partners in Italy.

Want to build a life long friendship? You may want the opportunity to communicate with a wider range of people (Italians) in their personal and professional lives.

For the same reason, you are researching? you may want to learn to speak the language today to become an Italian tutor tomorrow.

These instances illustrate the significance of understanding why you want to learn Italian before seeking out the best tutor for your Italian language course. 

Find out how much it costs to learn the Italian language

Italian Tutors in Lagos, Abuja - Nigeria
An aspiring Nigerian chef may want to learn how to make Italian food in Italy or online (Source: Unsplash)

Self Educated Or Certified

Anyone would certainly want value for their money by getting the best teacher to tutor them on how to speak the Italian language.

On the above notion, we are sure in agreement.

The question now is; what do we mean by the best tutor?

As earlier stated, there are certified Italian tutors who teach in a school, one on one private classes at your home or the ones who are into online tutoring.

However, they are not the only people eligible to teach Italian.

You could engage another student who is learning Italian to give you tutorials.

Nigeria does not require tutors to be certified or licensed.

The teacher should, however, be more advanced in learning the language than you are. A beginner learning the Italian language cannot start teaching another fellow beginner.

Hence, you could engage a student who is in an advanced stage taking Italian courses in Nigerian schools like;

  • Lextorah School of Language
  • Foursquare language school
  • Italian International school ''Enrico Mattei''
  • Marvton Language School
  • Graceville school of languages
  • Primmer language Institue
  • Schneider institute
  • Koos-End Languages Centre
  • Famlang International Language Center

Or you could probably look for native Italians near you (mostly online) who are trying to learn the English language to converse with you and in the process, they also learn how to speak English from you.

In general, people are always usually happy to teach others their native language if they show interest.

The major benefit of learning the Italian language from a student is that the price is likely to be cheaper than if you were taking an Italian course through a school.

You can also learn the Italian language through some self-taught guides to learning the language written by people who have probably done the same.

People who write self-taught guides to learn a language are usually passionate about learning languages in particular.

He or she probably learnt the Italian language by surrounding themselves with the culture, language and through thorough research.

Just picture such a teacher, transferring her passion for the romance languages to you!

Discover how to search for free Italian classes

Italian schools in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt - Nigeria
Choosing to take Italian lessons online or with a student learning Italian may reduce your costs (Source: Unsplash)

Different Ways To Learn The Language

Gone are the days where you have to be in a classroom setting to learn anything. In this day and age, you can decide to learn in the comfort of your home. 

Whether you choose to learn in the comfort of your home, in a school or online tutoring, learning the language will in part be dictated by how and where lessons are delivered.

The truth, therefore, is that this will be an important yardstick in choosing your Italian teacher.

Is your teacher skilled at teaching the Italian language online?

Are you ready to learn Italian through video call?

or would you rather learn in a classroom setting where you are physically seeing your teacher and learning words and phrases alongside other students?

Just remember that the traditional classroom setting by default gives students less talking time with their tutor.

In language classes, teachers do more of the talking, while students, for the most part, are trying to absorb all that is being said. This may not favour your learning goals.

Nevertheless, such a situation will enhance interaction with your fellow students. There could even be a network like a WhatsApp group to practice and learn Italian among each other outside the class.

Once you have decided whether you prefer learning Italian in a school or at home or online; once you have resolved on what level of prefered certification your tutor should have...

Once you have also decided why you want to take Italian courses, you can follow the steps you just read to find the most suitable teacher for your desired needs.

Ti auguro successo!

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