As a student living in Nigeria, you'll find that learning requires versatility. For instance, if you would like to study abroad or other parts of Africa, language-learning is an essential tool for you. The same rule applies to Nigerians who intend to increase their connectivity and networking on a larger scale. Technically, a Nigerian student that is learning a new language increases their chances of connecting with the outside world and networking.

You may be a little conflicted as to what language course or language lessons to take because you want to be certain that you're making the right choice. Students who intend to learn Italian language courses in Nigeria should be aware that they are making a wise decision.

How so? You might ask. The Italian language for starters is the fourth most studied foreign language in the world. It is also one of the top 50 most spoken international language in the world. In essence, you can opt for Italian classes for business purposes, to improve your work profile, if you intend to go to schools in Italy, or if you'd like to learn other languages just for the fun of it.

Since the tuition for language classes differs, your next line of action is to find out the cost of Italian language lessons.

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Students who have made proper research tend to find the best teachers in the city at affordable prices. Photo Credit: Freepik - Master1305

Cost of Italian Lesson For Beginners

Learning how to speak Italian doesn't just happen in a day and taking classes in the Italian language for beginners is quite delicate. Just like other language classes, Italian lessons demand that students take their research seriously. If you intend to get the best foreign language learning, researching the right language learning programs and the right tutors is necessary.

In essence, the cost of Italian language lessons can differ based on the following:

  • If you intend to take private lessons with a dedicated home Italian tutor.
  • If you intend to start your language acquisition journey in a language school.
  • If you want to start learning the language online.

We will take a look at each of these points to help the learner make the right decisions for the tuition fee and the best learning experience.

Taking Italian Courses At Home

To learn to speak a foreign language fluently, you will be needing the help of a language teacher. This is regardless of whether you're learning in a class or privately. In this case, if you're one of the students that prefer to learn a new language privately, then you should keep on reading this article.

Learning the language of Italy requires interest and dedication. To find the best instructor for your price, you will need all the information you can get. If you happen to be a little unsure about where or how to find the right Italian teacher, you can do the following:

  • Work with reviews. If your Italian tutor has trained other students before you, all you need to do is find out if they did a good job. Reviews can reveal the proficiency levels of your intending Italian tutor and their methods of teaching. Reviews can also tell you what level your teacher is interested in. When it comes to getting information, reviews offer the right amount of information for every student that intends to study the Italy language with a teacher.
  • Work experience.  Your learning process as a beginner is quite delicate. You may want to start your language study with a tutor who's experienced in the field. An instructor with years of experience is bound to have special reviews attributed to them. This can happen during their working years in a school or during private study time with new students.  In the instance where this is not an option for you, consider working with student-tutors who offer dynamism during their language class. In any case, their teaching methods should be in sync learning. As a thing to note, teachers who have high experience levels may likely charge a lot higher than instructors with little to no experience.
  • Level of Interest. Look out for teachers who are interested in your level. You'd find that they have excess learning materials that will suit your needs. Not all language teachers are great at tutoring a beginner. In a lot of cases, some teachers even prefer to train advanced or intermediate learners. Getting an instructor who has taken the desired interest in your level will bring you desirable results.

With all of these in mind, you can learn a language with ease. The cost of an Italian lesson with a private tutor ranges from ₦2,000 to ₦5,000 per hour. Some parents who would like to kickstart the Italian language learning program for their children can offer to pay monthly. In a month, an Italian tutor can offer a minimum of ₦30,000 which is dependent on the number of days and hours.

In retrospect, private tutorials allow students to learn in the most desirable way. Unlike the class setting, your Italian teacher focuses on you and you alone. Imagine the results when you work with a competent instructor!

Learning Italian In a Specialised Italian School

Italian schools are located in several parts of Nigeria for students who want to learn the Italian language and culture. It is also a great opportunity to build a community with other learners. So, if you find it a lot more fun to learn with others, you can take your Italian language-training in a school.

Italian schools in Nigeria tend to offer fees based on the level of the student. In essence, if you're a beginner, there are higher chances that you will be paying a lower fee than a student who is already at intermediate or advanced stages. Depending on the school, prices can range from as low as ₦40,000 per month. Of course, you should bear in mind that the more prestigious the school, the higher chances of a higher school fee.

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Taking Italian lessons with Superprof gives you the best teaching options in any city of the country. Photo Credit: Freepik - Master1305

Taking Online Lessons

The third option is to take your Italian language lessons online. MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) platforms like Udemy and Linkedin Learning offer a wide range of language classes for an affordable price. In a month, you may be spending an average ₦15,000 for your online classes per month.

If you intend to learn online with a private tutor via webcam classes, tutoring platforms like Superprof offer the best teaching services for every learner at different learning stages. Superprof also offers private home tutoring lessons. So, whether it is physical home lessons or online webcam classes, get the best teachers at affordable rates.

Superprof's instructors offer an average of ₦2,000 - ₦5,000/per hour. With these prices, you can view the profile of your intending instructor to read up on their educational background, their teaching interests and what past students have to say about them.

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Teachers who offer the best language training usually have a dynamic way of teaching their students. Photo Credit: Freepik - Katemangostar

How To Choose The Italian Tutor That's Best Suited For You

To study languages, you'll be highlighting its linguistics in terms of its grammatical form; you hope to also improve your writing skills, communicative prowess, and in general, your language proficiency. Getting an instructor who is dedicated to ensuring that you learn in the best form can be a very fulfilling experience. This is why it's important to pay the most attention to the hiring process of your instructors.

To reiterate, nothing beats having an Italian tutor that is interested in your level. So you must look out only for a tutor that prefers to teach your level. This helps you streamline your list for finding a tutor.

An advanced university undergraduate who's interested in the language and culture of Italy should hire an instructor who, asides from having an interest in university education, meets the international requirements for Italian education.  The reason is simple; having an instructor who has advanced their teaching prowess up to international education requirements will do a good job training an advanced level university undergraduate.

If you prefer group study, several schools offer after school tutorials for all courses. However, in the case where you prefer a home or online study, you can get your home or online instructor to conduct special sessions dedicated to helping you do group study.

Away from your trainer's interest, reviews serve as a great source of information. Reviews tell you experience years, their education stages, and how their prices work. You will need the help of reveiws to determine whether your instructor is best for your learning.

In your city, you can check out the standard requirements of a good instructor. Bear in mind that the more expertise year they have, the higher the teaching price. However, if you want to beat down the price, you can work with group lessons that will allow you to have enough time to learn and understand each course.

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The language of Italy as stated earlier has its own culture. So, as requirements, you should look out for an instructor that also pays attention to the culture of Italy. It means having a special day or a time during the week where you and your teacher celebrate something special about the culture of the country. It's a great way of delving deeper into your course.





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