If you are reading this, chances are you are looking for the best options to study art in Nigeria, and you're highly interested in developing your own skills under the guidance of an expert.

However, it’s salient you know that art in itself can be ambiguous; as it can be referred to as an end product of human creativity. This makes art very encompassing because there are many aspects to specialize in studying art programs at the tertiary level – from painting, sculpture, to theatre arts. Your interest will inform your choice of program and the career opportunities it will open you to.

Here, we give you a thorough guide to everything about studying art, starting from the types of programs you might find, down to the professional opportunities you're likely to encounter based on the degree you have obtained.

All art not the same because studying art is broad.  Photo Credit: Unsplash

The good news is if you are in Nigeria – whether you are looking for an art school in Lagos, or art school in Abuja, you can find Art courses near you as they are becoming more popular among Nigerian students. Plus, one of the perks of studying art is that it opens you to more career opportunities than some other courses.

Understanding the broadness of art and the opportunities your choice of art study will open you to will help you make better decisions, be it anything from Music, Mass Communication, Digital Communication of Fine & Applied Art. So, if you are thinking of earning hands-on experience or want to earn a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, you can start here by acquainting yourself with the array of degrees you will find in Art schools in Nigeria.

Fine Arts Degrees

Searching for a college or art school in Nigeria near you to study Fine arts? You will either earn a master (MFA) or a bachelor of fine arts (BFA) once you have completed your program of study. It’s also feasible to obtain an arts education within the liberal arts program, but the only difference in the degree title you will earn is (BA or MA)

Here are some Art fields you can specialize in:

  • Art History
  • Creative and Visual Arts
  • Film Studies
  • Studio Art 

Art and Design Degrees

For aspirants hoping to study any program under art designs, art design comprises a subset of art degrees that ranges from an associates degree in communication arts to a bachelor degree in media arts.

It’s however not uncommon that art and art design programs may require many other skills that are rarely classified as “art”, even though fine and visual arts share so much in common.

Perhaps, this is because a lot of budding artists studying art and design usually combine their skills with business goals. If you have been dreaming of studying art and design in an art school in Nigeria, you could inquire if your future art school has course programs like project management or art administration.

Interested? you could check out some fields in design like:

  • Fashion Design or Fashion Merchandising
  • Graphic Design or Graphic Arts
  • Interior Architecture
  • Digital Media
  • Printmaking

Reasons To Study Art

Most of the beauties we appreciate in life are the work of arts. So, if you also love to contribute to the beauties of life, why not?

That being said, if you have a master degree in fine arts or you are taking art classes at your local art school near you – may be in an art school in Lagos or an art school in Abuja –  you should keep in mind that the support for the history of art courses and its cultural significance to the society still holds its importance as much as it did during the Renaissance.

Studying art is rewarding not just because of how it portrays the political and economic features of an entire generation – but because as a study, it is highly versatile. So, in case you find yourself passionate about studying fashion design or want to put your creativity to use, you are on your way to contributing to the society positively and your own general health as well.

Don’t look too far, you can find the best art classes near me here.

As an artist, you can connect with your community in ways you could never have imagined. Studying at an art school in Nigeria or graduating from a design program doesn’t have to be one-way or solely limited to your art studio or art school lectures. It’s been proven that arts have the potential to foster closer relationships among communities, be it through collaborated efforts, workshops or even alumni networks.

Job Opportunities for Art students

Studying art opens you to more career opportunities, including Photography. Photo Credit: Unsplash

The great thing about studying art is that it opens you to a diverse array of career paths, and that’s probably why a lot of people opt to study art. Of course, this doesn’t automatically open you to any job, but it will be dependent on your course of study.

Perhaps, you are a graduate who specializes in one of the programs under design degrees, it will be possible for you to work in a sector that ranges from graphic designing to jewellery making. Some roles you will thrive in if you obtain a degree in an art school in Nigeria include:

  • Illustration for a publishing house
  • Design computation specialist

On the flip side, say you graduate from a film school in Lagos or Abuja, you have the potential to work in the entertainment industry or you can establish yourself as a business owner. Some of the careers you are open to in the film industry are:

  • Photography company owner
  • Computer animation expert

Art history is often conceived as a program that only allows you to excel in fields like curatorial work in museums or working in the galleries, studying art history can also open you to career opportunities like teaching jobs in the creative arts.

You might want to explore more career opportunities on this guide so as to put you through the ideal career path in an art school in Nigeria and beyond.

Requirements To Study Art Education

Creating an Art Portfolio gives you more advantages to pursue admission to an art school. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Whether you are applying to a design school or an art University in Nigeria, there is a bit of difference in the admission process. This means that for the art university, you have to through the admission process, and apply through the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME)

For design school, you may be required to submit a portfolio, depending on the design school. Even though this may seem to limit, portfolio building is one of the prolific steps to your artistic career. It gives people an insight into your capabilities and the subjects where your interest strongly lies.

Putting your portfolio together may however be a huge task. Though there are many ways to put your portfolio together, there are set rules you should adhere to, such as:

  • Gathering all of your artwork
  • Picking a method of organization
  • Building a narrative

For some design schools and art universities in Lagos, Abuja or Nigeria as a whole, strong portfolios give you leverage that most likely be the last step in the art school admissions process.

For your application on the UTME portal, there are some important things to factor in. As you focus your efforts on providing the necessary data, it is also important you take out an ample time to prepare. Be aware of deadlines so you don’t miss your application.

Top Art Universities to Study Art

There are top art schools in Nigeria where you can choose to study your choice of art.  Photo Credit: Unsplash

No doubt that studying art programs can be very profiting, nonetheless, there are some important things to check out before opting for the best art schools in Nigeria. As a suggestion, it would be valuable to get the best advice from by talking to the Alumnus or the Course Advisor of your potential art school.

In addition, it’s also important you understand the aspects of your chosen program of study that include:

  • Tuition
  • Possible scholarships
  • Undergraduate and graduate programs
  • Whether they have positions as an artist in residence
  • The kind of university art they have produced

You don’t have to go through much stress to find a bachelor's or masters degree in fine arts because there are a lot of top art schools in Nigeria to choose from. Whether your interest in specializing in a particular discipline like architecture or something more related to visual art, there is no shortage of schools that can offer both.

If you are looking for a college of fine arts that specializes in studio arts, painting, and drawing, you can start by researching schools like Yaba College of Technology or you can check the University of Lagos for specialization in creative arts.

If you are interested in obtaining a degree from a school of art and design for courses like photography to fashion, Lagos School of Design might interest you. What about a career in architecture? You can also search for art schools in Nigeria that specializes in this field. There are quite a number of amazing schools that offer some of the best programs in Nigeria for architectural studies.

If you are interested in studying abroad instead, there are colleges that offer programs in the field of digital arts such as Rhode Island School of Design in the United States or Humber college in Canada.  International students are required to follow their given guidelines and deadlines which is mostly different from that of domestic students. On a safer side, be sure to prepare some months ahead for any visas or application requirements you will have to meet.



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