In an attempt to define what art is, most people end up not encapsulating the total concept of art. Perhaps, this can be attributed to the vast nature of art itself.

However, one thing everyone will agree to is that art is the creation of “beautiful objects”.

In order to cushion up this definition, let’s explore the three most popular categories of art: visual arts, performing arts, literature. Even though these three categories of art are interdisciplinary, visual arts and performing arts that mostly used in referring to a bachelor or master of art.

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Art Degrees and Programs

The subjects that art study covers are very broad, just like how expansive the definition of art is. However, the most common type of art degree you probably will earn in any university will either be a master of Fine Art MFA or a bachelor of fine arts BFA.  So, if you receive a degree in this field, you can be a ceramics maker or even an art theorist.

Fine Art Degrees

If you are a scholar in the fine arts, you will likely encounter new movements as well as budding artists that will contest your ideas, while exposing you to a vast array of ideas.

This, you will find evident in the variety of subjects that are being offered under fine arts programs.

Some fields you can specialize in and help you narrow down your choice of art study include:

  • Studio Arts
  • Sculpture
  • Drawing and Painting
  • Printmaking
  • Art Design
  • Architecture
  • Digital Media
art and design program in Nigeria
As a scholar in the fine arts, you will likely meet budding artists that will challenge your ideas. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Film School Degrees

It’s very common that specializing in film studies can earn you a degree tittle that’s the same as other fine arts degrees. However, based on the type of university you choose to attend, film school degrees often offer an impressive number of art programs. That being said, you may not find a university solely dedicated to film and film production, what you will find are universities who offer a wide range of disciplines not limited to art, and that art can have different specializations that range from art and design, sculpture, music and theatre arts and of course film and film production.

Nonetheless, students can obtain either a bachelor or master degree in art courses like film and film theory from universities.

Conversely, it’s possible to find an art academy that is solely dedicated to film and film production.

If you decide to get a degree in film, you should expect that the degree will cover subject courses like screenwriting, editing, game art, other technical skills and more.

Here are some programs that might interest you if you want to study in a film school:

  • Photography
  • Computer Animation
  • Film and Television Production

Art History Degrees

If you are interested in curatorial work, galleries, museums or art auctions, then art history is one that’s tailored to your future career. Although many people perceive art degrees as a field that only accommodates “the creatives”, but studying art can also include subject courses like finance, business and of course, history. So, if you are looking for how to blend the two sides of obtaining a degree in the history of art, whether you are artistically inclined or not, art history is your calling.

Art history degrees and courses that are being offered will vary from program to program. Some degrees are configured to fit specific movements in arts while others give room for more of a focus on a particular era in the history of art. Know that the history of art is as broad as any art-related field, so it’s important you identify which period in art history you are more drawn to – whether baroque or pop art.

Types of Design Courses

Due to the highly interdisciplinary nature of studying art and design – combining subjects like physical composition and visual arts – obtaining art and design degree can be a different ball game from usual degrees in a fine arts school in Nigeria. That’s because most design works are physical, a lot of budding artists who opt into this field can also establish their own retail or artisanal shop.

Below are the most popular programs you will likely obtain if you attend a university or an art and design academy:

Fashion Design

A course subject like fashion design can be perceived as a smaller field of study that’s comprised of designing and production of apparel alone. The truth is, fashion design degree is more than just that, and it covers everything that deals with the fashion industry. Fashion design subjects include anything from graphic design, jewellery making, illustration to printmaking.

Though it’s possible to find courses in art schools in Nigeria that are connected with the fashion world, a lot of students who are drawn to this field usually opt for an academy that is solely focused on fashion design. One of such art school in Lagos is Zaris Fashion & Style Lagos, Nigeria, and they offer courses such as fashion and design production, photography, jewellery craft, illustration, and soft furnishing.

fashion design industry
Fashion design subjects include anything from graphic design, jewelry making, illustration to printmaking. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Interior Design

While it’s easy not to have noticed the obvious; the design of everything from malls, offices, to hospital rooms was designed with intent or plan. Including the spaces you enter, whether frequently or just once, are parts of the subjects of interior design that are being studied.

Interior design is closely related to the field of project management, and as well requires the study of many diverse subjects. Jeniez School of African Interior Design offers courses that include 3D Max, a business of interior design, interior styling and photography.


Photography is now one of the easiest fields to dabble into, thanks to the ever-increasing affordability of smartphones. The good thing about studying photography amongst other art subjects is that a lot of beginners course and art courses at the undergraduate level can permit their students to borrow cameras and equipment.

However, your choice of photography study will determine the time of the type of equipment. For instance, the types of camera for engaging in underwater documentary naturally has to differ from the ones that that are used for an event like a wedding or naming ceremony. Shola Animashaun Photography Academy offers courses in photography like wedding photography, Photoshop and Lightroom, fashion photography, and more.


Subjects in animation can come stem from a vast area of other subjects in arts. Say, some students specialized in film studies finds out, through the course of their program, that their passion lies in animation. Irrespective of the motivation, students enrolled in animation programs will as well take courses that include multimedia, graphic design and more.

You can start to check out Ai Multimedia Academy or Basement Animation Studio if you are interested in studying animation. You might also be interested in studying abroad which is great because quite a number of the world’s best universities offer impressive programs in animation.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is one of those aspects of arts jobs that features in many areas of our daily lives. For instance, most of the designs of our favourite brands we interact with on social media, and well as the interface of social media platforms are works of graphic designers. Not only that, many of the old and latest video games we play are part of the works of graphic design.

However, graphic design is an art program a lot of people who enjoy freelancing will find appealing. One of the best schools that offer graphic design is the Yaba College of Technology. So, if you are seeking to combine your passion for computer software and visual arts, Graphic design is for you.


There is a slight difference between programs in architecture and any of the other art and design degrees. Interesting that many people often disassociate architects from fine artists, but fail to recognize that architecture has always been a huge part of all major movements in art. That being said, that’s why architecture is very much important to the history of art.

For the most part, a degree in architecture will earn you a Bachelor of Science (BS), based on your field of specialization. Some art courses you will likely study in this field include Metropolitan Design, Sustainable Design or Industrial Design.

If you are interested in checking out some degree programs in architecture, University of Jos or University of Lagos is a good option.

studying architecture in Nigeria
Architecture is very important to the history of art. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Career Opportunities you can get With an Arts Degree

Sometimes, it’s may not be easy to figure out what you would like to pursue as a career due to the fact that the current economy gives room for people to pursue more than one career throughout their work life. However, it’s good to be always prepared, regardless. Here are some types of jobs and salaries you can get based on your degree and how prepared you are.

Exhibition Work

It is the joy of many artists to be able to support themselves with their art alone. This can be realized through the display of their artwork for galleries or museums, or through collaborations with coffee shops and local businesses. If what you desire is selling your art creations, owing a gallery collaborating with artists alike, then this is a field you should give a shot.

Only a small number of artists are able to support themselves solely with their artwork. Like many other artists do, especially performing artists, it is important you have more than one source of income if you decide to live off your artwork.

Arts Administration

This field has little or less to do with the creation of your own artwork, it’s more concerned with facilitating the movement of art from people and places to another. Jobs in this field include working in Galleries, NGOs, national libraries, and more.

Below are some jobs you can pursue with an art and design degree:

  • Art teacher
  • Film industry
  • Performing Arts industry










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