Considering a future in art? You are not too far off.

Deciding to study art in the university or taking online art courses means you have one less step to take in your quest of becoming an artist. After all, the reason you study any subject is to get an understanding of it and broaden your knowledge.

As much as you have decided that you want to study art courses, there are some important aspects that you should factor in before going on with the plan. From the financial potential of your choice of the university art course in relation to career opportunities available and projected business opportunities. All these and more are what you should consider, but most importantly, the specific art you want to be your focus of study.

Though you may find the field of Arts very exciting, you should keep in mind that the scope of art degrees is broad. Art is one of the largest fields of study in the world - and as the years go by, it keeps expanding. It will also interest you to know that since the first documented history, the works of art have impacted human activity and that first documentation was a representation of the work of art as well.

What this means is that you have an array of art degrees you can opt for. This can include anything from sculpture, printmaking and fine art.

Whether you plan to establish your own printmaking outlet or become an art director in the advertising industry, having the right knowledge of the types of programs that are at your disposal in the schools they are being offered in Nigeria is a crucial development in choosing the right university. This article can give you a brighter scope of the types of art programs that are available and how to start with the building of your portfolio.

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Know the types of art courses that are available and start building your portfolio. Photo Credit: Unsplash

How to Choose the Right Art Program

It is true that all artists share a common desire to create, however, they don’t create the same form of art. What this suggests is that it’s important you learn the types of university art courses open to you before you start looking for which school is the right fit for you.

Basically, the field of art can be expressed in three main expansive categories such as Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and Literature. In spite of the differences between these categories, they are in some way intertwined with each other. Regardless, emphasis and focus will be placed on the types of university art courses that fall within the first and second categories.

Fine Arts

The broad nature of fine art makes it difficult to give Fine Art a precise definition. Taking you back to the previous paragraph, you can refresh your memory that bachelors and masters degree that falls in the discipline of the fine arts comprises of interwoven programs that are in all three branches of art. This can comprise of university art courses or online art courses like Photography, Digital Media to Theatre.

The distinction in the types of courses that will be offered in any of these programs will depend on which university and what courses their program covers. Whether it is art courses online or physical university art courses, the programs you will mostly come across in this field include:

  • Printmaking
  • Drawing and Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Art/Graphic Design
  • Studio Arts
  • Ceramics

In spite of the differences in these categories, it is not uncommon that you will find schools that offer these particular subjects. For instance, a university that focuses on photography or universities that offer general fine art programs can also be focused on offering design programs.


art student course in ceramic
Some universities offering design courses also offer courses that include ceramic, photography, graphic design, etc. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Film Making School

Apart from that, film schools are a different ball game. While it’s not impossible to find Film Making programs in many online art courses or university programs, you will find quite a number of universities whose sole focus is in developing the technicalities involved in film making.

This informs you that lecture-based programs that specialize in aspects of film theory or universities that offer you hands-on training like filming or directing movies most of the time are at your disposal. However, here are the most common types of program you will likely find in such schools:

  • Photography
  • Computer Animation
  • Game Art
  • Fil and Television Production

Art History

Asides those who have artistic ability and want to learn more about their craft, an Arts course can be an excellent choice for anyone who has an open mind about their future career. So, if you fall on any side of this coin, an Art History course can be a good avenue to explore art or the history of art. Whichever avenue through which you choose to study art; maybe taking art courses in an academy of arts, studying in a design school, or a part-time course in the university of arts or an online art course– Art History is one subject nearly most university offers.

That being said, there are many art history programs at your disposal that you can study. You can either choose it as an area of specialization in your study or study it as an elective along with your degree in fine arts, whether as bachelors or masters. Plus, you can also study the history of art courses you like and how they have evolved over time.

Art Schools in Nigeria

Interested in studying art in one of the best art schools in Nigeria - whether studying art courses in Abuja, going to study liberal arts with an art centre or even focusing on visual art life drawing and painting, whichever place you choose to study will require you to pay a tuition fee.

Your decision to study art can, however, encounter a hitch when it comes to financing your art journey – but the good news is that there are many options you can look into. Since you live in Nigeria, looking into affordable art courses in Lagos or art courses in Abuja that are available to you is just a few reads away. There are affordable schools within states in Nigeria with just a bus ride away. On the flip side, check out available scholarships in your choice of art university, government grants or bursary available for you from your state government can go a long way to relieve you of the financial burden of your university tuition.

Importantly, be sure to know if the university is a Federal University (always the most affordable), State University (next to a federal university in affordability) or a private university, which most often than not tends to be the least affordable. Knowing this will help inform your budget.

Without beating about the bush, here are some too schools in Nigeria to study art programs like architecture, art, and design according to the field of their specialization. However, the requirement for application will vary from school to school. That being said, it’s important you check out these requirements.

Art Academies For film making

  • Royal Arts Academy - if you are looking for art courses in Lagos, this academy offers first-class training and has trained over 200 students, many of whom have made a huge business out of their craft. Located in Lagos, Nigeria, Royal Arts Academy offers programs that include directing, editing, cinematography and more.
  • National Film Institute - this is a government-owned institution and you can tell this is more affordable. Located in Jos, Plateau state of Nigeria, the institute's choice to be located in the area was based on the fine weather and scenic locations for shooting film. The institute is accredited by CILECT (Centre International de Liaison des Ecoles de Cinema de Television) in Brussels, an academic body that accredits all film institutions. Plus, it boasts of affiliation with the Department of Theatre and Film Arts of the University of Jos and it is also accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC)
  • Del-York International - known as Africa's best film school with a foremost capacity building institution and led by an instructor from Hollywood, Del-York is a creative academy that covers almost everything in film making, basically from photography, sound design and scoring, costume and set design, screenwriting, music video production, film editing and more. The school also boasts of partnership with the University of Southern California.


  • The University of Lagos -For art courses in Lagos, the University of Lagos is a good choice. Often called the best university in Nigeria, the University of Lagos offers great Fine art, Applied Arts, Creative Arts and Architecture program for its students.
  • Obafemi Awolowo University - one of the oldest federal universities in Nigeria. However, admission is very competitive. The university offers art courses that have produced over a thousand highly skilled graduates. It is also is one of the best places to study Creative arts, Fine art, Applied arts and architecture in Nigeria as they have adequate facilities and competent lecturers who will ensure that you are sufficiently trained for the profession.
  • The University of Jos - This is one of the top universities in the country that offer university art courses. Their four-year Fine arts & also architecture program remains one of the best in the country, and it is quite affordable. A good number of graduates from the school are presently doing well as architects and artists.

Art Schools abroad

However, you don’t have to limit your study to Nigeria alone, because, there universities abroad that also offer art programs as well. Not only will you enrich your cultural knowledge, but you also get to enrich your professional experience as well. So, whether it’s a pre-degree program, online art courses, a four-year art degree or just a semester cultural exchange program abroad in conjunction with your school of arts, you can check out art schools around the world and what they have in store for prospective international students.

 You can find the appropriate school of art and design in North Africa

  • Rhode Island School of Design, United States
  • Parsons the New School For Design, New York, United States
  • Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver, British Columbia

Or interested schools of art and design in Europe?

  • The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen
  • École Nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris
  • Design Academy, Eindhoven

Perhaps you are an international student looking for art schools in Africa

  • Lagos School of Design, Nigeria
  • The University of Pretoria, South Africa
  • University of Cape Town, South Africa

Here are also the best art and design schools in Asia

  • Tongji University, Shanghai
  • The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
  • National University of Singapore, Singapore


finding art courses abroad
You can go find art programs/courses in top art schools abroad. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Pursuing a job career after Graduation

Finding a job after graduation is one of the biggest hassles that usually occur.

However, if you are looking for an opportunity as an artist in residence at a university, or to display your artwork in galleries, it is advisable you try to connect with the alumni. Getting your artwork into an exhibition as an art student is a common struggle, so it can be a good thing to get some advice from the alumni.

Some art job opportunities you can take on include art teacher, university provost, curators at museums or even frequent feature in an exhibit.


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