The beautiful city of Ibadan, one of Nigeria’s most populous cities, brims with art, culture, and wide geographical space. Although Wole Soyinka and John Pepper Clarke have conflicting opinions about this great city, it remains a habitable city rich in ancient artefacts, carvings, and paintings. If you wish to take drawing tutorials in Ibadan, rest assured it’ll be a fantastic ride.

You may be wondering why an art class is important when you can learn on your own. Consider taking an art class as a form of relaxation and escape from this troubled world rather than another boring trigonometry class. Research shows that drawing is therapeutic, in that it helps improve your mental and physical health, almost as effective as meditation. Most of us use the left hemisphere of our brain more than the right. This is because while the left side is analytical, the right is creative. The benefits of taking an art class are endless, so just start right away.

We’ve compiled some of the best drawing tutorials Ibadan has to offer. If you're in another state, however, check out our Nigeria wide drawing guide.

"Those who are not conversant in works of art are often surprised at the high value set by connoisseurs on drawings which appear careless, and in every respect unfinished; but they are truly valuable... they give the idea of a whole"

–Sir Joshua Reynolds, 18th century English Painter.

A picture of a Nigerian artist.
Learning never stops. Perfecting your craft requires consistent effort and practise. Photo Credit: Unsplash.

New Culture School for Arts and Design

In 1995, the New Culture School for Arts and Design (NCSAD) was launched with the aim of creating an atmosphere where creative minds can develop their craft. Initially known as the New Culture Studios, the school was launched as a painting and sculpture studio.

Currently, this school focuses on fields such as fine arts, music, film, writing, and design. Being a postgraduate school, its standard equates that provided in certified postgraduate institutions. They offer professional and practical training while paying attention to the African culture. They have an art studio where drawing sessions and trainings are held by prospective artists.

This school has tutors who will train students in the aforementioned fields. So, if you're looking for pencil drawing tutelage or other forms of drawing tutorials like sculpting and painting, this art school helps students attain professional proficiency. During the early stages, the founder, Demas Nwoko, used his then studio for only sculpting and painting. Eventually, he expanded it to accommodate postgraduate studies for arts and theatre graduates from the University of Ibadan.

"Loose painting doesn't excuse sloppy drawing. It makes good drawing all the more important because you have to capture the correct shapes with just a few bold strokes".

–Richard Robinson, Canadian Fashion Designer.

A collection of Nigerian drawings
Drawing helps to increase your level of creativity. Photo Credit: Unsplash.

Ibadan Polytechnic

The Ibadan Polytechnic is a tertiary institution that serves as an alternative to a university. This school has the Art and Design department under the Faculty of Arts and Humanities that offers art courses for upcoming artists. However, before you can gain admission to study this course, you're required to have five ordinary level credit passes.

The subjects include Fine Arts, English Language, Mathematics, and two other subjects. Besides having these credit passes, you’re expected to have a minimum score of 180 in the JAMB examination. Candidates who meet the criterium would gain admission to study Art and Design.

If you intend taking a long professional drawing class in Ibadan, then you may consider checking this school. At the end of your programme, you'll be awarded a certificate. Note that you'll be taught the basics of drawing, art theories, and practical tests and exams will be conducted. Similar to the standard curriculum used in universities, you will take courses in painting, ceramics design, textile and fashion design, graphics and communication design, art history, and sculpture.

"On occasion I have drawn as a release from painting. The economy in using paper, pencil, charcoal and crayon can help towards a greater gamble and higher rewards. I also find that drawing can generate ideas more rapidly than painting".

William Scott.

AB Artworld

They organize fewer drawing classes and engage in selling art tools majorly. Besides gaining reckoning from their art framing expertise, they host workshops and art competitions which are helpful to pro and beginner artists. This isn’t a drawing for kids class, but their workshops are designed for artists of all levels.

As a result of the trade, as well as, technical support received from their partners in the U.S.A, the United Kingdom, and also China, this wholesale fine art store has hosted the Harmattan workshop, Art Expo, and Watercolour workshop. For artists in search of art workshops, trainings, and events, you should consider checking out this store.

Apart from the cash reward gotten from competitions, you can also gain international recognition from participating in the competition. Successful participants will have their works sent overseas for exhibition and sale. If you do not reside in Ibadan, AB Artworld has other outlets. They offer drawing courses in Port-Harcourt, painting sessions in Abuja, and courses in the city of Lagos.

"Drawing is the cornerstone of the graphic, plastic arts. Drawing is the coordination of line, tone, and color symbols into formations that express the artist's thought".

John Sloan, American Etcher and Painter.

Twim Institute

Twim Institute is a design and animation school in Ibadan that gives its students a platform to exhibit their creativity and intelligence. They have different courses, some of which include graphic design, product design, user interface design, and web design.

This isn’t your typical learn to draw for beginners class neither is it a pencil drawing institute. On the contrary, it’s a digital school of media arts and fashion. It has become somewhat glaring that most schools have shifted from traditional art schools where you learn drawing to digital drawing classes. This is because there’s a steady decline in the number of people willing to make a career from drawing.

"Think of drawing as a way of talking about the things that interest you. Think of those wonderful documents, drawings made on scraps of paper by the lesser Dutch masters while they were wandering around market places and sitting in saloons".

John Sloan, American Etcher and Painter.

A collection of cratons.
Drawing is therapeutic, in that it helps you relax and have fun. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Adobe Master Class O

From its name, you can deduce that its training is completely digital. If you’re interested in pencil drawing classes, this isn’t for you. However, graphic design, motion graphics, and video editing lovers would benefit from this class. The software you will learn with includes Premiere Pro, Corel Draw, After Effects, and Photoshop.

There are three course outlines, the first is for graphic design, next is motion graphics, and finally video editing. For the graphic design course, you’ll learn colour correction, mock-up, logo design, and background creation. The motion graphics course, however, entails creating video animations, movie trailers, video montage, movie effects, and green screen editing. If you're up north, Superprof even has a Kano drawing guide.

At the end of the intensive programme, you’ll be issued a certificate. This way, you’ll be able to pursue a full-time career in it or work part-time as a freelancer. Besides the certificate, course materials for further learning will be given to the students as well. Since there’s an increasing number of video editing and cinematic jobs out there, you may consider checking this school out.

"I am among the few who continue to draw after childhood is ended, continuing and perfecting childhood drawing – without the traditional interruption of academic training".

Saul Steinberg, Romanian American Illustrator and Cartoonist.

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