A lot of students who have great academic success in Nigeria have an open secret; private tutors!

Private tutoring has been proven to bring effective results some of which include:

  • Improving student results
  • Motivating the tutee
  • The academic tutoring section has successfully and is continuously helping students pass exams.

Home teachers are filling the gaps left by the country’s education system one step at a time.

With all of these in mind, how much do home lessons cost?

Homeschooling: Quite Expensive But Worth Every Naira!

Rich people are famous for getting their kids a private tutor. This is probably why most parents think that a home teacher is only for the upper class.

Others believe that to have one-on-one tutoring, you should have saved a lot. However, the faster you are at discovering the wonders of private tutoring, the less you’ll eventually need.

As an example, if you have a child struggling with primary school subjects, don’t wait until secondary school before helping their academic performance.

If you’d like your child to have an all-round academic success, get her/him a private tutor throughout their schooling. It will help expand their thought process, discover their learning style or learning styles and aid a better understanding of academically and in life.

Private tutoring services range from home tutoring (inclusive of homework help) to online tutoring. A personal tutor can help your help boost your child’s study skills and study habits in some of the following subjects:

  • Maths
  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Geography
  • Biology
  • Economics
  • Fine Art
  • Music

Of course, the price of home tutoring varies from subject to subject.

There are a few hacks to help reduce the cost of online tutors or home teachers. Finding a tutor who offers you a discount for block booking or is open to tutoring small groups will help you cut costs.

You’ll notice that getting an online tutor or a local tutor isn’t actually expensive. But what’s the proper price to pay for a tutor?

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The higher the level of experience of a tutor, the higher they would charge for in-house tutoring. Photo Credit: Freepik

Reduce Exam Failure By Motivating Students To Consider Private Tutorials

The education system in Nigeria has over the years declined and it’s sadly worsening in a drastically alarming rate.

But who’s to blame? The school teacher?

Actually, the organisation of the system causes most of the problems. They include:

  • Longer school hours
  • Overcrowded classrooms
  • Indifference from some sectors of the civil service
  • The inadequate budget allocated to education
  • Teachers are often refused the support and resources needed to provide individualised teaching.

How to save a student at primary school or secondary school

A lot of Nigerian students are giving up. Even more, students are hating their time at school and it can have a largely detrimental effect on their education and their future career.

When you hire tutors, they can help motivate their students using the following methods:

  • Approach their “mistakes” in a more relatable manner
  • Create personalised projects tailored to the student’s level
  • Devise a great learning experience and teaching experience for your child.
  • Create a respectful relationship
  • Build an enabling environment to allow the student to advance.
  • Increasing exercises to difficult levels to show student progression. For instance, giving advanced act test prep to help with their test preparations.
  • Giving monthly progress appraisals to increase their self-confidence.

Leaving the future of your child’s success to the Nigerian education system is a gamble. Rather, choosing to work with a private tutor will guarantee your child’s success. So what’s a fair price for home lessons?

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Whatever career your child chooses, having the right private tutor to guide their part is very essential. The decision to make the right choice is crucial. Photo Credit: Freepik

Work With A Private Tutor For More Individualised sessions

In a lot of schools, there can be over 50 students in a class. The chances that your child will learn anything in such a situation are quite slim.

Choosing to work with a tutor whether for help with a subject or intensive revision will go a long way. It will help boost your child’s academic performance and lay a strong foundation for whatever career path they choose.

Home teachers who have a great teaching certification usually have an advantage over school teachers. They can:

  • Work with the latest technological teaching apps to help student learning
  • Grow strong learning programs to help combat test prep, preparations before an exam or a standardized test.
  • Creative and interactive online tutoring through webcams
  • Working out a special revision schedule
  • Organising peer tutoring with other students.
  • Having open-air classes.

Private tutoring programs are much more fun for students because the teacher is solely focused on them. As opposed to public schools or general classrooms, a home teacher can create individualized learning spaces for each child.

With a new teaching approach, the chances of a child catching up and even getting better grades at specific subjects are high.

So, why not check out a variety of option available for tutoring?

While at it, explore the ways you can save money on private tutorials. Remember that a lot of the best tutors on Superprof offer free tutoring for the first hour!

Invest In The Future With Private Tutorials: The Best Decisions To A Successful Path

Nowadays, the demand for home teachers in Nigeria is growing. More parents/ guardians and students are seeing the need for a private tutor.

However, unlike other countries and continents, the demand isn’t as high. One of the major reasons is the crippling economy which affects the overall decision making of Nigerians.

But, people who go the extra lengths to get a tutor to enjoy the privileges. Apart from all of the advantages a private tutor has, they can offer long-term academic support. A private tutor is great at discovering the hidden potential of a student and bring out the best in them.

When it comes to supplemental instruction, getting a home teacher with the right teaching style can make all the difference! For instance, getting someone to teach English privately can help improve your student’s grades and it can avoid resitting an exam.

So, if you notice a boost reading and writing skills of a student or a successful result in test-taking, there is a private tutor who has created n enabling learning environment.

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It's a known fact that lesson tutors have always helped in boosting the academic performance of students all around the world. Photo Credit: Freepik @jcomp

Better Grades

The school curriculum can sometimes be overwhelming. This is why it’s advisable to get a certified home tutor to homeschool you.

The point of getting a tutor is to boost a student’s grade. So, before concluding on starting an intensive study, make sure your child is aware of the basics.

How do you find this out?

By checking their knowledge of classes, going through their exam scripts and talking to the student. You should know if they are:

  • Struggling with language and literature
  • Forming sentences the proper way
  • Having gaps in their basic understanding of certain subjects.
  • If they are struggling with their subjects, you should consider online tutoring services like ours. Apart from the traditional subjects, Superprof offers tutorials in activities that can serve as extra-curricular.

Here are some classes that could help you check your child’s academic performance:

  • Writing skills,
  • Study habits,
  • Reading comprehension,
  • Organisational skills,
  • Math and science,
  • Memorisation,
  • Grammar

You’ll notice an improvement when your child is learning under a private tutor. It can be mentally draining to resit for an exam. Over time, they tend to get pessimistic about exams and eventually lose interest in schooling. With a home teacher, you’re saving your child from resitting for an exam and boosting their confidence.

Whether you have a child in primary, secondary or university level, a private tutor can create a personalised approach that will aid better understanding. This will result in having more comprehensive knowledge about a subject and increase their chances of having good grades.

The difference is also so clear. With a private tutor, a student who was failing before can get better and even unlock their academic prowess. Remember that no child is dull. However, the method of teaching is what makes or mar them.

Home lessons also tend to have more positive effects on the child's overall organisational skills. Truly, there are instances where you start to really question the point of private tutorials. However, when you realise that it's just about the academics or the career path, you may want to reconsider.

A home teacher's motivation is seeing their student succeed and this is beyond just classroom walls. Success is, for the most part, embedded in confidence. As an investment, private tutorials enhances the confidence levels of students. So that even in the worst of situations, their confidence will make them stand out.


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