With the economical imbalance in Nigeria, choosing to hire a tutor independently can create a hole in your pocket.

Each level also determines what teaching style will be used. For instance, teaching for secondary school would be different from a university or an adult learner.

Whether you’ve chosen tutoring services for homework, test preparation, exams or to just secure your all round academic success, you have to consider how much you’ll be spending.

Additionally, your level will determine how high you’ll pay. So if you have a higher level in English, Maths and science subjects, you’ll be paying more for a home teacher.

However, lesser levels like basic grammar study skills in French would mean you’re paying lower.

Consider this, even in the classroom, the more advanced your studies become, the higher your tuition fees.

Well, even if you’re just starting out or you’re very advanced, the goal of a private tutor is not to eat up all your money. Rather, their aim is to ensure that you have great academic performance.

This also applies to people who want to learn vocational or leisure subjects.

With all of these in mind, how much should you budget as a fair price for tuition?

Here are a few advice to help reduce your cost on private lessons

Group Lessons Is A Great Idea!

For students who understand their financial capacity, home tutoring in a group is a good idea. A popular belief is that individualized teaching would be impossible. This is false. In fact, your chances of academic success are as high.

Tutoring programs or one-on-one tutoring in small groups has its benefits when you use a platform like ours.

The rate per hour can:

  • Be divided amongst the students
  • The private tutor can offer a reduced price for each student. Prices are expected to be agreed upon before the private tutoring starts. For instance, a home teacher can ask each student to pay ₦3,500 rather than ₦5,000.
  • Apart from the financial benefits you get from these type of tutorials, you also get to work with other students while the local tutor supervises and ensure everyone has an equal understanding of the subject.
  • You won’t have to struggle alone. Having peer tutoring will allow you to learn together. This way, when you have topics that seem complex, your other students can help you and vice-versa. This will help boost your study habits. A practice test can also help you and your study group learn better.

Is a Tutoring Session At Home Plausible?

Yes, you should consider having your tutorials at home. It will help reduce the cost of tutorials, which, in Lagos are on an average, as follows per month:

  • Maths: ₦30,000
  • Physics: ₦25,000
  • French:  ₦30,000 (for basics)
  • Biology: ₦23,000
  • Philosophy: ₦26,000
  • Government: ₦20,000
  • Geography: ₦25,000
  • English: ₦30,000

Remember that online tutoring is also possible as Superprof has a new system of tutorials in place which is the webcam tutorials.

With this device, video conferencing can be organised with other students. Thereby, reducing the costs of home lessons and transportation.

Group Lessons
Having your peers study with you can assist your journey to academic excellence. Photo Credit: Freepik

Spread Out Your Tutorials

To properly maximize your spending, choose scheduled appointments over a full day intensive learning. Not only will it help you save money, but you can also catch up on courses at a pace you can be flexible with.

Whether you’re opting for online tutoring services, looking for homework help or someone who can help with test prep, early plans can help you outline your objectives without the need to increase the intensity of your tutorials.

In order to start early, you should discuss with your home tutor and ask them the right questions like:

  • What is their best online or homeschool availability (evenings, mornings, weekends or holidays)
  • Their teaching approach
  • How well they can teach over a longer period of time
  • How often the classes should hold to aid better understanding.
  • How to set up regular academic coaching
  • What their teaching experience or experience in tutoring the subject(s) is

With all these sorted out, you should expect a good turn out.

There’s nothing wrong with planning ahead of time.

Unlike what a lot of Nigerians think, reducing your number of tutorials per week does not have a negative effect on your learning programs or your overall success academically.

Since all that is needed is paying complete attention and a little effort to your act test, you’ll be fine.

Also, it’s not a waste of your home tuition as you won’t be paying a high hourly rate as you would for intensive learning. The main idea is to have an effective hourly tutorial rather than several hours of lessons that eventually tire you out.

Using this cost-effective method, you can spread out your lesson plans in such a way that works for you and your private teacher.

Consider the huge gap in in-home tutoring prices! Rather than spending ₦50,000 per month on your personal academic tutoring, you can plan one tutorial each week. The result is that it will reduce the cost of your fees.

Ensure that you’re paying the right and fair amount to your personal tutor to allow you to have access to the best learning styles.

More Practice Between Private Classes For Better Understanding

There’s little a private tutor can do for you if you’re not determined. For instance, bringing in a teacher for your Math tutoring and English tutoring is good. However, imagine how pointless it will be if you didn’t put in enough effort.

Not only will you be unable to help figure out the learning style specific to you, but you would have wasted money.

This is why we advise that you work on your own outside of your home lessons. That means creating a home-based study habit for your language and literature, maths, science or social studies subjects for instance

During your homeschooling, your home teacher is expected to follow your school curriculum. To help you, they would give you practice tests as well as other exercises to do in their presence and absence.

To even improve your learning experience, use extra work outside of the class.

Following your private tutor’s learning style will help reduce your workload and aid a better understanding of the subjects.

For extracurricular activities like sports, you will need to train outside of your exercise classes. Just as practising outside your tutorials aids academic achievement, so does exercises outside of your training brings great results.

Below are the average rates for Lagos for Sports:

  • Sports Coaching: ₦5,000 per hour
    Fitness: ₦3,000 per hour
    Martial Arts: ₦5,000 per hour

Asides from personal practice, ask your tutor for a discount. For instance, you could get a 15% discount from 10 hours of tutorials. This is apart from the free tutoring most Superprof’s tutors offer for their first hour of teaching you.

With proper early planning, you’ll have enough time to learn the things you love at a pace that works.

Academic Success
Spacing out your tutorials will give you enough time to focus and help you catch up faster. It’s a great way of maximizing your spendings! Photo Credit: Freepik

Consider Giving Competent Tutors With Lower Teaching Certification and Experience A Chance

What if you’re not comfortable with group tutoring or any of the other options, but you still want to cut costs?

Then you’ll have to compromise. It’s understandable that not everyone can afford the expenses that come with tutoring centres or tutoring online. Agreed, private tutoring is indeed an investment for the future.

So, what can you compromise?

For starters, it’s going to be difficult to find a tutor with a Ph.D. for instance who is willing to accept your budgeted amount. The best tutors with great qualifications always demand the highest rates for home lessons.

Why not consider tutors with less experience?

They could be just as good offering you the right teaching methods to prepare you for standardized tests or any other activity.

Your first step is to check their profile for qualifications, experience and on some occasions, recommendations. Using our platform, get in touch with them.

Most of our tutors offer free tutoring services for the first hour. So, it means you have nothing to lose if it doesn’t go well.

Choosing to work with a younger tutor can save you a lot of money since:

  • Their hourly rates are lower
  • They are hoping to gain more experience and recommendations when tutoring you.
  • They are sure to give their best to ensure they have better profiling.
  • They are more open to compromises and discounts than older and more experienced tutors.
  • They are more motivated to create a learning style that will work for you.
Online Tutoring
The lesser the level of teaching qualification, the more likely they are to being better motivators. Photo Credit: Freepik @rawpixel

What Are The Risks Of Paying Lesser For A Private Tutor?

While it’s a great idea to save money for a home teacher, there has to be a bit of risk right? In fact, a lot of Nigerians worry that the lower the rates, the lower the teaching quality.

However, there’s always that inbuilt risk attached to getting a tutor whether you’re spending a lot or not. You can’t guarantee to get a great tutor even when you’re spending a lot.

Also, prices can vary because of certain factors as your money can be cheaper if you’re compromising on a few things. For instance, you can choose online tutoring if you can’t afford to pay extra expenses like transporting your teacher to your house. If your house is far, they can reject coming in. It doesn’t make them less capable considering that you’ll be paying lower.

Another reason for reduced prices can be based on the schedule. Varsity tutors tend to be very busy and you may have to work more with their timing than yours. In that case, they may be willing to reduce pricing especially since their school schedule can change at any time.

Unlike other activities, academic courses tend to be easier since they will be following a particular curriculum. Still, the experience can prove to be a problem. However, the good side is that young or less experienced tutors are very optimistic about motivating students and providing the perfect personal tutoring for them. Remember that they are working towards becoming a tutor, so they will be very conscious of their activities while teaching you.

On the opposite side, you should be willing to compromise a lot more for sporting or leisure tutorials. For instance, you shouldn’t expect your sports trainer to have the latest sporting equipment needed to train you if you’re offering less pay.

You should always expect risks regardless of how much you’re paying. However, understanding how to work around those risks will help you get better results!

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