Poetry is the language of feeling and thoughts, it evokes emotions and helps us put how we feel into words.

Many of us are poets but our poetry is hidden in journals, memos, diaries, and at the back of our notebooks, but some people want to know how to publish poetry so they can share it with the whole world.

If you are ready to share your poem with everyone there are several places you can submit poetry to.

There are publications in Nigeria that accept submissions from beginners, and those who accept only the work of seasoned poets and writers.

So are those who publish poems in print publications (mostly literary magazines), and those who just let you sign up to their website as a member, and then you can submit your poem online.

Submitting your poetry is a great way to boost your confidence in writing and other areas of life, attaining more than one skill is reportedly a way of expanding your brain's thinking capacity.

So yes, submitting your poetry for publishing will do you a lot of good. Sometimes poetry writing comes up at school, in the English Language, you will be asked to write a poem. You can get someone who can aid you by teaching you.

It could be any family member you know of or a friend who does poetry, or a poetry teacher.

Poetry are often kept secret by the owners.
Some keep their poetry locked up in a journal. Photo: Unsplash

With their aid, you can pass your English tests, win poetry competitions, and even submit poetry for money. Anything is possible if you are determined.

So, while you make up your mind on who's going to teach you poetry, here is a list of the best places to submit poetry online in Nigeria.

Best Place To Submit Poetry Online

There hundreds of websites that you can submit poems to, and they are mostly free. Just sign up or register with your email and you will have your own poet/writer account.

Others have a paid membership area which means that you can't take certain actions on the website without first being a paid member.

Usually, the paid members have access to special sections of the website, and they could access some features such as commenting or adding images, or the ability to post an unlimited number of poems.

A plus side to submitting poetry online is that you get to learn from the criticisms and feedback you will get from people, the comments from readers will keep you sharp and help you develop your skill better.

And also, most of the literary and art magazines accept submissions online anyway, so even if you are looking forward to submitting a poem in a publication, looking them up online is still your best option.

For publications such as magazines and anthologies, they will have a submission guidelines page, take your time and read it thoroughly before sending them a copy of your poem.

There is a greater chance it will be accepted if you understand and follow their rules.

As a Nigerian, here are some of the top websites to submit poetry.


This website has poems from different parts of Nigeria and they feature a few spoken word poetry videos. Here, you can sign up as a member and start submitting poems online right away. 

People that view your poems on naijapoetry.com they can comment and share to their social media networks. It is not as big as the other websites but it is a good start.


Allpoetry is so far, the biggest online community of poets in the world, it is home to millions of poems. The poems are tagged according to genre or type or mood. 

You have poems about love as one tag, poems about life in another, and so many others, such as sad, happy, Africa, haiku, tanka, sonnet, miserable, etc.

If you join allpoetry you will be able to add a short description on your bio and add a photo of yourself in your profile. Your poems if submitted will appear on your profile page to other viewers.

They have both free service and a paid membership. The premium membership allows you to post without restrictions. For the free account, you have to comment on two poems before you are allowed to submit a poem.

But with the paid membership plans, you can post freely, and you will be able to add images and personalise the look of your poems before you publish them.

However, one of the most exciting features of this poetry website is that you can create and join poetry contests. Online poetry contests can be created by anyone on the website.

The level of feedback on allpoetry is also legendary, communication is easy between members and there are groups and chatrooms available and members can follow each other as favourites. Also, they feature an insane number of poetry contests some with a prize.

Perhaps, this is the reason why it is the biggest online community of poets in the world.

Check out some of the best poetry websites in Nigeria. 


You can't mention poetry websites without mentioning this one right here, you can submit poems online as much as you like on the site.

It also has millions of users from all over the world; USA, UK, India, Germany, Nigeria and so forth. Poems are updated almost every minute.

If you just want to find and read new poems back to back written by fresh poets, while sipping an afternoon cup of tea, then this website is for you.

Publish unlimited poetry in Nigerian poetry websites.
You are not limited to the number of poems you can post in many poetry websites. Photo: Unsplash

Submit Poetry To Literary Magazines In Nigeria

Having your name on the glossy pages of a magazine is the dream of many authors and writers. Literary magazines in Nigeria usually feature all the forms of literature, including Poetry. 

The others are drama and prose, the latter is categorized into fiction and non-fiction whereby you can find essays, journals, etc.

If you want to post to a magazine you should try contacting them directly if they have an online presence it is most likely they have a submission's page. Check that too.

And like we mentioned earlier, always read the submission guidelines before approaching a magazine for publication. Otherwise, it will be difficult to get accepted.

Below are some of the top poetry magazines in Nigeria where you can submit poems and other literary works. First on the list we have:


This is a purely online magazine, meaning, everything they publish they publish it online, on their website.

They are a Nigerian based publication and have a readership of thousands of readers. They love accepting submissions from new and emerging talent in Africa.

And they like poems with a new and contemporary feel.

If you want to submit poems for money, this is your chance, because CFwriterz has a platform for authors to sell ebooks. You could sell a poetry collection or an anthology here. 


When this magazine started it started very small, but then it caught the attention of a lot of Nigerian writers because they were doing a good job of making sure only the best poems and short stories were published.

It was the perfect place for new writers to test their skills and reach a wide audience. Still, that doesn’t mean quality is compromised.

Saraba means gift in Hausa, the idea is that this is a gift to the readers, suffice to say they enjoyed this gift.

To submit poetry to Saraba Magazine, you will need to check their publishing calendar every once in a while to see the current theme they are working on.

Once you have verified this, check to see if they are open for submissions, if they are, you can write your piece and submit via their submissions page. 

To be considered for publication in a current issue in this magazine, you have to write in accordance with the theme that was provided.

Brittle Paper Magazine

This is a famous and leading literary magazine, it focuses mainly on Afrocentric content.

Many of the current top African and Nigerian writers were featured in this magazine. It was founded by Ainehi Idoro and is based in Chicago.

They feature a lot of work from people in the diaspora and publish literary news on African literature, but they accept poetry submissions from all over the world.

The quality of the write-ups in this magazine is superb and top of the line. If need be, they will edit your work before publishing.

Click here to check their submission guidelines.

Where To Self-Publish Your Poetry In Nigeria

Sometimes, you may want to publish your poetry collection yourself. Self-publishing is a growing trend among writers and authors in Nigeria.

Poetry collections can be self-published.
Self-publishing is a growing trend. Photo: Unsplash

To self-publish a book you will need a serious online presence and a platform to showcase your work. One such place is Okadabooks.


Okadabooks is a website for authors who want to earn money from the sale of their books. There are all sorts of books from different genres available on Okadabooks.

You will find novels and novellas, non-fiction books, and poetry collections. They say “8,000 writers have become authors at no cost.”

The simple nature of the website allows users to copy and paste their written work onto the editor of the website, or write it there if they wish so. After editing, one can then set a price in Naira and hit publish. 

Books, poetry anthologies, and collections are submitted for free, Okadabooks takes a commission after every sale of a copy of your book.

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