Poetry books are magnificent, it’s great to own a poetry collection or anthology, and it must feel wonderful to hold a paperback with that nostalgic old book smell hitting you. It is a wonderful feeling, right?

But if you need to read more poems, if you are in deep in the poetry fan club like many others who started slowly and generated a serious liking for it, you will need more than just one or two poem collections, you will need to read new poems every day.

And you can find new poems online, published every single day on poetry websites.

Poetry websites are the perfect places to go to, to find poems in Nigeria. There, you will find English poems by Nigerian poets both new and old, you may also enjoy reading classical poetry from your favourite famous poet on the websites.

Most of the poems are submitted daily by users, so now’s your chance to quench that thirst for reading poems. The best poetry sites usually have thousands and sometimes millions of poems in their database.

It is an amusing way to read poems because they seem uncountable and contemporary. Best of all, you can contribute too. Simply sign up to the website and post an unlimited number of poems.

A poetry site is often categorized into themes and settings, you will see poems about death, poems about life, poems about pain, love poems, birthday poems, and so on. Here’s a list of some of the top poetry websites in Nigeria.

You may be wondering, why read them online anyway?

Reasons To Read Poems Online

Poetry books should be enough to satisfy poetry enthusiasts, it has been written in books for millennia, why now, what makes it so interesting online?

Well, the internet with its super ability for having almost everything you need at your fingertips, also has lots of poetry and poetry related stuff, as you can imagine. There is a wide variety of the type of poems you can look up online.

Poetry websites have different types of poems you can search for.
Find any type of poem you are looking for online. Photo: Unsplash

Poetry blogs or websites can narrow down poems to a specific genre or type (e.g. Haiku). The various poetry websites in Nigeria harbor topics such as Nigeria, apartheid, love, friendship, Africa, alongside the topics are different types of poems, examples include sonnets, ballads, odes, eulogies, etc.

If you are searching for a famous poet, you will be able to find their poems online. There are hundreds of poetry websites for famous poems, incidentally, one of them is titled famouspoetsandpoems.com.

Legendary poets such as Niyi Osundare, Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, Maya Angelou, Chinua Achebe, Whalt Whitman, and so on, can all be found within seconds with a simple search.

A good reason to read poetry online because trying to find those poems by any other means might require extraordinary effort.

Want some cool quotes to send to a friend or to post on social media? poetry websites can be a great resource for poetry quotes. But every time you borrow a quote, don’t forget to give credit to the original author.

Many of the sites encourage discussion among their members, so not only are you there to share or read a poem, but you can get useful feedbacks and reviews to help you improve on your writing skills.

But perhaps, the best reason to read poems online is that poetry websites in Nigeria are free to visit and sign up. You will enjoy reading poems written from a hundred years ago to those posted just a few minutes ago.

The Best Poetry Websites In Nigeria For Finding New Poems

Nigeria is home to some of the greatest poets in Africa, they inspired whole generations of poetry lovers after them, and you can witness this love for poems in the robust environment of poetry websites in Nigeria.

In the sites, you will find information regarding poetry events such as an invitation to a poetry reading or a call for submission for a poetry prize. These and other literary events are valued all across the country.

We have curated the best of the best poetry websites for you below, while most are Nigerian-based, some of them are global, with a fair number of Nigerian and African themed poems written by Nigerian poets.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Nairaland Poetry Forums

An unlikely place to find poetry, but it is full of poems and poets. Originally, nairaland is a forum website that deals with any topic related to Nigerians. Because of its ambition to cover all topics, literature and poetry became among them.

And it caught on. The poetry sections are quite popular on nairaland, and everything posted there is Nigerian themed. If you visit the forum website, you will find there are many poetry threads.

While most of the threads are reviews of certain poems, some are poetry challenges set up by the members. You may be lucky enough to find one with a cash prize. There is an enormous amount of feedback from people if you post a poem there.

It is Nigeria's top forum website ranking very high on Alexa year after year, so expect a lot of activity on Nairaland.

Poets In Nigeria (PIN)

PIN is an organization of poets, one of the biggest in the country. They have top university professors and literary giants in their ranks. They are the organizers of the famous NSPP contest, Nigerian Students Poetry Prize.

The poetry prize by PIN is well recognized in the country, and it is awarded to undergraduates. The 2020 prize was worth five hundred thousand Naira. PIN is active in the poetry community, they organize tours, celebrate Poetry Months, and attend events set around poetry themes, and you can follow up on all of their activities from their website.

You can even find poems on the website by downloading their anthologies. The website is not exactly the best place to read poems but a place to get seriously involved with it.

Poetry Soup

Poetrysoup.com is one of the best online poetry websites on the planet. Its categories of poems stretch to any topic imaginable, they have poems tagged seasons, friends, sad, slam, spoken, technology, birthday, mother, children, etc. There are poems on any topic you can think of.

There are over 1 million poems on Poetry Soup, contributed by more than 40,000 users from different parts of the world. So you should expect variety when reading from this poetry website.

You can find poetry quotes from the websites.
Poetry quotes are soft spoken and nice. Photo: Unsplash

You can save poems or posts, and premium members can do much more, like view member areas on the site (which apparently has more to offer) and run poetry contests.

They have what they call the Misc. Pages on the site, you will find all sorts of poetry-related news and posts there, for instance, some pages link to poetry books, poetry anthologies, Poetry definition and other pages explaining stuff like meter in poems and types of narrative poems.


The proprietors of this website are the organizers of the biggest Poetry Slam contest in Nigeria, which is held every year in Lagos, the War Of Words. It is a spoken word slam performance against rival contestants.

The contests are held in Lagos, and it is a mix of wild and exciting, metaphors fly everywhere when a participant takes the stage.

The entire contest is filmed and all videos are uploaded to the wordup411 website. They also post poems by famous spoken word artists from YouTube, such as Suli Breaks and others.

Many cool spoken word poems by Nigerian artists can be found here. However, if you still prefer reading poems, there is still plenty of poems to read on the website, they are posted by individual members.

Learn more about poetry contests in Nigeria. 

Poetry Foundation

Let’s take a step back in time to enjoy the classics, poems written by top poets of their day such as Shakespeare and the sad Allan Poe, Whitney or Woodsworth, and so forth.

Poetry Foundation is the best place to read the classics, you will find all famous poems here, but despite what they might have you believe, once you check out the site you will find there are thousands of contemporary poems too, all lined up for readers to enjoy.

Most of the famous poems have reviews and notes accompanying them.

The magazine aimed to spread cultural awareness about poetry, and might we say they have achieved that goal. You will be able to read articles about poetry on Poetry Foundation, pieces on literary criticism and so on.

Admittedly some of the write-ups are sophisticated, and you may have to be a literary expert to understand them. If you are serious about understanding them however, or you want to become an expert poet, you can always check out our top poetry tutors on Superprof.

Spoken word poetry is popular in Lagos and Nigeria.
Poets take to the stage every night on poetry night. Photo: Unsplash

Most surprisingly, however, is that they have a children’s section. They really cater to a broad audience, don’t they?

Where To Publish Poems In Nigeria

You cannot become a fan of poetry and not write one yourself, you will definitely want to have a go at it, you can even get a tutor to help you out with that if you need to learn writing poetry. Perhaps, it can help you improve your language or writing skills, or just for fun.

Here are some websites for sharing poetry in Nigeria.


This site is fairly new, and the poems aren’t much but it is a nice place to share your poems both written and in video format, they can be uploaded as spoken word pieces.

Naija Poetry has a mobile app that you can view all the poems and spoken word videos. Or visit their YouTube channel for more.

Poem Hunter

Poem Hunter’s specialty is having almost any poem you are looking for. It is a big popular website and is one of the most visited in the world. You will find a lot of Nigerian poets flexing their writing muscles there.

Signing up is easy, they only ask for your full name and email address, and after a captcha security verification, you are good to go. You can share as many poems as you like.

Poetry websites are nice places to read an abundant amount of poetry including the classics, and a place for others to read your poems.

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