Exams is around the corner and you are desperately trying to stay ahead of your game. The exam in question, the Senior Secondary Certificate Examinations (SSCE), is an important exam that happens to be a requirement for getting your certificate for completing secondary school.

In the SSCE exams, students are required to register for 8-9 subjects according to the standards, with maths and English Language being compulsory, and one must pass with a minimum of an average grade or a C in their result. SSCE is a prerequisite for getting admission into any university, polytechnic, or college of education in Nigeria.

That is why preparing for SSCE maths is extremely important, without mathematics in your result, you wouldn’t be able to graduate secondary school in Nigeria. So, how do you prepare for SSCE maths?

SSCE maths has a lot of parent and daughter topics that you must take note of, i.e. there are topics within topics within it. You will be able to find the ones relevant to the year you are writing the exam by downloading the WAEC syllabus. The SSCE maths syllabus is a handy tool to have.

A copy must be found in your possession if you are truly preparing for the SSCE Maths. More on that later on. For now, let’s worry about how to get on with these exams.

How Does The SSCE Work?

When you are in SS3 you will be eligible for the SSCE exams, that is either WAEC or NECO or their independent variants, that is, the private NECO and private WAEC known as GCE.

The difference between the two is that you have to be a student to sit for the ordinary WAEC and NECO, whereas you can register for the private variants even if you have passed out of secondary school or if you want to re-sit the SSCE exams. So, your choice.

It works thus; you start by registering at your local school or exam center, make sure to add subjects from your field of study, which are either sciences, arts and humanities and social sciences.

The rules are you need at least 5 credit units from the subjects you registered including maths and English, then once the result is ready, print it out. You can use it to apply to any university in Nigeria, or any polytechnic and other institutions of higher learning.

So, remember, maths is chief among your concerns in the SSCE examinations.

Where To Register For SSCE Exams

You can only register as an eligible student or candidate in any government school. And you can also register in any center that is accredited by the government.

You have to check with the authorities or the school to confirm if they are an accredited center or not. Otherwise, your exam will be null.

Revision for the SSCE maths can be intense, get revery available book you can get and start revising.
Revision for the SSCE maths can be intense, get every available maths book you can get and start revising. Photo credit: Klara Kim via VisualHunt

How Difficult Is The SSCE Exams?

It is understandable if you are apprehensive or even scared before the exam starts. Students often feel this way about any exam they are about to write.

There could be any number of reasons why students feel this way but one of the major reasons is because they did not prepare enough or because they realized it is too late to read anything that would be of value to them in the exam hall, in essence, they are too far behind.

Unless in the case of extraordinary circumstances you can avoid such a disaster. The SSCE exams is the culmination of six years of secondary school, it will test your knowledge on everything you have learned, which is actually quite a lot, so yes, it is that difficult.

But that doesn’t mean you should give up on reading what you can, with the right guidance and exam preparation you can be at the top of your game during the SSCE exams.

Improve Your Maths With A Private Teacher

Some of the merits of having a maths tutor at home is that you get to learn from a place that is not crowded by other students, you are here on a one-on-one basis, it’s just you and the teacher.

Here, a student will feel safer to ask all the questions they have without the fear of being judged by other kids. It is important to learn without fear and with confidence, having a maths teacher will restore that confidence and they will be able to walk into the exam hall knowing fully well they are prepared for this.

Another reason to consider the help of a maths private teacher is that you can find someone who is specifically tending to students who are about to write their SSCE maths exams. Most of the private home teachers that teach maths usually teach other subjects, mostly ones related to maths. Such as the science subjects Physics and Chemistry, Further Maths and Geography.

You will feel confident when asking your maths lesson teacher without the scrutiny of a classroom.
You will feel confident when asking your lesson teacher without the scrutiny of a classroom. Source: Unsplash.com

Just a few times every week for at least a month or two before the exams a child can get tremendous benefits from learning from a maths lesson teacher. Maths is a subject that needs attention, that needs focus, and what better place to get it than in front of a lesson teacher.

The focus is on the person learning and their attention is undivided. Need help locating a maths lesson teacher? See what’s next in this post down below.

Find maths past questions, and know all you can about learning maths in secondary school. 

Where To Find A Maths Home Lesson Teacher

Maths, as we can see, is a core subject, so we need to practice it more regularly and often, and if you need help, well, hiring private maths teachers is a common practice to help students achieve their best, it is especially common in Lagos and Abuja.

There are plenty of private maths teachers you can seek help from. On our platform Superprof, you can find a tutor near you in any part of Nigeria, and you will be able to conduct the classes in-person or online using a webcam.

First, you just have to visit the Superprof website, search a subject of your choosing, in this case, maths, then select a geographical location. Then hit the search button.

You will be met with hundreds if not thousands of results at once, you can choose to either filter by online, or in-person, one-on-one or in a group, and by how much you want to pay for the lessons. It is quite interactive and you will love it. Then, if you find a tutor of your liking that is offering what you need, you can go ahead and BOOK A SESSION.

Might we add that the first lesson is usually free? It allows you to know your potential maths teacher better, and you get to decide if the two of you are a good fit.

Some other good places you can find maths lesson teachers are from adverts placed all over the city on electrical poles and signposts. Sometimes even large agencies adhere to this form of advertising their services because it works, people find them through those leaflets.

So if you are lucky enough you can find an advert, just call up the number and decide where to meet to see if they are what you need, because you can’t just go around hiring anyone you see off the streets.

Things To Consider When Hiring A Maths Tutor

When you have decided you want a maths tutor to help you or your child get the necessary maths revision they need for the SSCE exams, then you should consider what you need from the lesson teacher, because not every teacher is qualified to teach maths for those who are about to write their SSCE exams.

Here are some tips to consider when hiring a tutor for SSCE maths.

Find Someone With Experience In SSCE

Find your ideal SSCE maths tutor.
Once you find your ideal SSCE maths teacher, you can get down to practicing maths right away. Photo credit: Silenceofnight via Visual Hunt / CC BY

Get someone who is actually experienced in teaching about the SSCE exams, not every maths teacher has the experience of teaching SS3 students who are about to write their Senior Secondary Certificate Examinations.

So, a teacher with a basic knowledge of the SSCE, who knows what to do and what not to do, and who can point you in the right direction regarding the exams is worth having over somebody who just knows mathematical calculations.

Choose Whether You Want To Study In A Group Or Not

Studying on a one-on-one basis is all good and fine but if you prefer group study, that works well too, what matters is for the student to get as much practice time from school and out of school.

Some study centers have this system whereby they set up their places like a classroom, people come and register and learn but with a focus on the exam syllabus. The advantage of such an arrangement is that you get to share ideas and knowledge with other students your peers, who are also about to write the SSCE Maths exams.

Do You Want Online Classes Or Offline

This is also very crucial to decide, before you begin with a maths lesson teacher decide on how you want the lesson to be conducted. Online, you don’t have to go to any place or make a teacher come to you. You can simply have the lessons anywhere and when it is convenient for you two.

However you want to proceed with your home lessons is up to you, there are plenty of tutors to choose from, choose the right ones, you have types of lessons you can choose from, also too, choose the one you feel is right.

After maths in secondary school in Nigeria, what next? Find out more here. 

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