By the time you are in your Senior secondary classes, it is clear you are at the end of your tenure in secondary school. At SS3, you start thinking of your next move. For those that will be going for a career in the sciences and technology, then they must know that mathematics is going to be one of their major subjects.

Maths is essential to science and engineering, and anyone in those areas of expertise is expected to showcase a calculative prowess. The problems in physics and the ones in chemistry and other subjects, all rely on the theorems and principles of mathematics. Formulas, equations and expressions from all the other subjects result in a maths problem, most of the times. Hence, mathematics plays a big role in these subjects, so to get past them you need maths, whether in secondary school or the advanced level.

Advanced level maths is in essence, university maths or maths for higher institution. It is more challenging, more complex, and definitely more advanced than your regular school maths. Maths A-level is the course subject you study when you are at the university as part of your semester. This is usually the maths in 100 level or 200 level and so on, depending on your course of study.

There is another form of A-level maths which is very similar to the one mentioned above, it is like a temporary program involving 9-10 months of study before embarking on an exam. The A level exam qualifies you for admission into tertiary institutions both here in Nigeria and abroad.

And they also serve as qualifications, some of the exams are equivalent to a diploma. Examples of these A level exams include, NABTEB-ALEVEL, Cambridge A-Level and IJMB. The topics taught are the same as the ones in the university as it is the same level of maths.

Your secondary school maths introduced you to a number of maths concepts, advanced level maths will expand on those and give you an in-depth insight into these topics. But not all of the topics are a refreshment of the old ones you have learned about, you will also be introduced to entirely new topics in the advanced level maths curriculum.

We will be looking at a general overview of the advanced level maths and leave you with a few tips for students who are just finished with secondary school and are about to start their incredible journey towards advanced level maths.

Be well prepared for advanced level maths by studying.
Get ready to tackle new topics in the advanced level maths curriculum in Nigeria. Source:

If you had done Further Maths in secondary school you will already have a heads-up in advanced level maths, because most of the topics treated in this secondary school subject are maths A level topics. So, the science students and others who have done Further Maths will appreciate the time they have spent learning that subject.

What and what do you need to pass SSCE Maths, and why are maths past papers so important.

Advanced Level Maths Course And Syllabus

If you are not sure where to begin, you can look up the advanced level maths Syllabus of your maths course to get an idea of what you are about to embark on.

The advanced level maths syllabus should be similar regardless of the difference in schools. So, ABU Zaria and The University Of Benin should all be expected to teach the same topics in their advanced level maths courses. Even if the topics are not treated serially or in the same semesters in the two universities, they will eventually be covered.

Some of the advanced level maths topics present in the syllabus are topics like Algebra, which you have a fair amount of knowledge on, and there is Calculus, one of the fundamental topics in advanced Level Maths.

Here are a list and brief explanation of some of the topics you will come across.


Differentiation and integration are the two main parts of calculus. Calculus is meant for finding the values of algebraic functions that involve rates of change, or infinitesimal numbers.

If you want to find the speed of moving objects, or the shift in market prices or the exact point in time an object would be at you need to use Calculus to find out.

This maths concept is used to solve many real-life problems. Such as in the engineering sector, economic sector and basically every other sector that involves values that change regularly.


This is the mathematics of shapes, the shape concerned is the right-angled triangle. With a certain formula (Pythagoras theorem), you will be able to tell the length or value of any side of a triangle.

But before you start working on the value of the sides of the triangle, you will need the angles to lead you to the missing sides. Your maths lecturer is sure to fill you in on the details, just know that trigonometric functions are important to solving right-angled triangles.


In Physics, there are two types of quantities on the entire earth. There are quantities with both magnitude (which is size or mass) and direction, and those that only have magnitude.

Vectors refer to the quantities that have both magnitude and direction while scalars are the ones with only mass but no direction. Temperature is an example of a scalar quantity.

When calculating vectors, you can’t simply sum up the values, there is a system you must follow to find the correct value of each vector quantity. Which brings us to the maths of calculating for vectors.
This is extensively covered in the advanced level maths syllabus, you will find it both intriguing and quite interesting.

Maths A level topics topics usually cross paths with Physics topics.
Maths and Physics usually cross paths. Source:


Another one of those advanced level maths topics that cross the line between physics and maths is Kinematics. It is the study of motion and the forces responsible for making that motion happen.

And as you can imagine, the calculations behind such a topic are considerable and it is consistent with A-level maths calculations. A background in science can be very helpful in understanding advanced level maths topics.

Advanced Level Maths Problems And Revision

The transition from secondary school maths to advanced level maths may take considerable effort on your part. You will need to be ready for the advanced level maths, it will be a part of your life for the next 3 to 5 years in the university. So it is only logical that one prepares for it.

To avoid being left behind in your advanced level maths course you need to find your feet as quickly as possible. You can achieve that by closing the gap between your general maths and advanced level maths. Read and pay extra attention in class in order to keep up.

Try To Understand The Lesson

When you are in a higher level of education don’t just try to “read to pass”, you should try to “read to understand”. The difference could mean passing or failing a particular course, especially maths.

Make sure you understand every topic, every concept, and their associated subtopics. Ask questions when necessary and ask your friends for help or hire a maths tutor to help you out.

Plan Your Week

You can’t just get by higher education life anyhow, you need to plan a week ahead to meet up with lecture schedules and lesson plans. So, we suggest you find a notebook or calendar that you write down your plans for the week.

Doing this makes you super productive and more inclined to follow your own plans. If they hadn’t been written down you may not find the motivation to carry them out. Also, don’t forget to align your weekly plans with your revision timetable, maths syllabus, curriculum, laundry time, siesta and so forth.

Check Online For Advanced Maths Resources

Another great way of tackling advanced level maths problems is by going online to look for solutions. You will be able to find websites for all sorts of maths problems. Whichever level you are they will be maths resources you can either download or read online.

Especially since you will be doing most of your studies on your own at the advanced level, it is only fitting that you become well acquainted with studying maths online. You can get exam materials online, you can read your course work online, you can TAKE A TEST online and watch LIVE FEEDS uploaded by prominent universities from around the world, as they lecture you on advanced level maths topics.

Find time to research some A-level maths resources online.
Find time to research some A-level maths resources online. Source:

How To Find Advanced Level Maths Past Papers

Once you have spent considerable time learning advanced level maths, it’s time to write the exams. This means it’s time for revisions and extra lessons, and working around the clock to pass that course.

One of the best ways to revise is with the use of maths A level past papers. If you are writing the A level maths exams such as Cambridge A-Level, you can secure a copy of the past papers from the exam centers or if it were in the school you can get one in the library.

Finding advanced level maths past papers in Nigeria is a bit hard because of the many unreliable sources for the papers, but you can still find some on various A level exam websites on the internet.

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