It is undeniable that photography is one of the biggest winners of the increasing popularity of social media. Most social networks allow users to take and share pictures or videos. It is now a part of the average user’s everyday routine.

Even more, the tools needed for photography are easier to get now. Smartphones with high-quality cameras are quite common; digital cameras are still in vogue. You can walk around anywhere in Nigeria with your smartphones or portable digital cameras to capture memorable images.

Social networks like Facebook and Instagram are the hot spots for beginner photographers who want to improve their skills. They can find motivation and share their art on social networks. The internet has many offerings, and an online photography course is one of those. With this course, you can hone your artistic skills and achieve better output.

If you need more reasons to take a photography course, here are 15 reasons to convince you:

You Can Access Your Course Anywhere in Nigeria

You do not need heavy machinery to capture an excellent image. With the advancement of technology, you can take pictures comfortably with the use of smaller and efficient digital cameras or smartphones.

Smartphone cameras boast of a good camera, and they continue to improve as new versions are rolled out regularly. With your smartphone, you can take good pictures. If you’re beginning your photography journey, you can start with your smartphone. It means that you can access your photography course from anywhere in Nigeria.

Gives a New Dimension to Your Perspective

Each time you pass through your surroundings, do you pay enough attention to it? You might not have noticed how beautiful your boulevard is. The stray dog you always see during your evening strolls doesn’t strike you as interesting.

However, when you take a more in-depth look at your surroundings, you’ll always find them interesting. It might be the aesthetics of a 19th-century building in Ebutte Metta or Okene. It can be culturally historical buildings in Nigeria. Different features can propel you to take a picture. Becoming more aware of your environment is an attribute of a photographer.

Photography gives a new dimension to life. (source: Jawad Almohri)

Improve Your Social Media Popularity

If you’re keen on creating more value on your social media pages, gaining more followers, or getting more likes on your posts, aesthetically beautiful pictures can do the trick for you.

Also, posting your pictures on the internet is the best way to show off your topnotch photography skills and artistic proficiency. Some people have not attended a photography class or signed up for a photography course before. Instagram filters have always done the trick. You can upgrade your photography skills with a digital photography course.

Express your Thoughts and Emotions

Many shy people would hesitate to talk, especially in public events. However, they possess artistic talents. When such people handle a camera or smartphone, they can express themselves by capturing the images of monuments, shanties, natural phenomena, people, objects, or different situations. How they’ll portray these images will make it evident that they’re passing a message.

Besides, it is a medium to show one’s mood or personality. If the person didn’t share verbally, the pictures would do the trick.

Create Moments

We all encounter special moments at different points in our lives. It might be our birthdays, weddings, graduation, etc. We always have that proud moment that we will ever want to relive and cannot forget in a hurry. You can capture memories of your owambes with beautiful pictures.

A perfect way of capturing these moments and immortalizing them in the sands of memories is through a camera or smartphone. Since it means a lot to you, you’re in the best position to capture these images. With a photography course, you can learn the best methods of capturing these pleasant memories.

You can capture moments with photography. (source: Hello Africa)

For Fulfillment

It is indisputable that you’ll need sheer determination and consistency to learn the basics of photography. You’ll find out that when you learn photography techniques during your course, they’ll become effective when applying them during shoots.

It might be adjusting the focal lens, achieving great focus, converting RAW files to JPGs or PNGs. Your photography course will provide useful tips to achieve great images. After seeing the outcome of your efforts, you’ll feel proud of yourself and fulfilled that you’re on the path of achieving greatness with your images.

For Career

You must have gone to several events where photographers are on hand, displaying their mastery. People like to keep memories through pictures. It is why when occasions like weddings, birthdays, award ceremonies, house parties, funerals, and likes happen, people want photographers to capture them. As a professional photographer, you can make a living from covering these events. Also, you can show your images at exhibitions and other related events. Interested parties can offer to pay for your artworks.

Even as an amateur, some people will still demand your services, especially those on a budget. It can mark the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey.

As a Challenge

To become a photography master, you need to overcome many hurdles. On your journey, you can challenge yourself. For example, you might challenge yourself to capture a new environment every day. It might be new people or activities.

On the internet, different photo challenges abound. You can join these challenges even if there isn’t a reward for it.  Knowing that you completed the challenge is a reward itself.

Make an Impact

You might not think of it as anything but photography is a great way to make an impact. Images tell stories, and the photos you churn out aren’t different. When people relate with the stories or information you convey with your images, it can impact them in diverse ways. For example, if your image depicts a lady bleeding and crying after being raped, it will teach people that rape has too many adverse effects on the victim, and it can make them devastated. Therefore, no one should attempt to rape someone.

Meet New People

You can be strolling in FHA, Lugbe or any other part of Nigeria one splendid evening and come across a teenager who piques your interest. You can walk up to the teenager and politely ask that you take his/her picture. With the image, you might create a connection and a new friend.

Photography brings people together. You can meet your partner, friend or business associates through photography.

You can meet new people with photography. (source: MStudioImages)

To Stand up for Issues

Activism doesn’t only happen when you’re verbally vocal about issues. You can air your thoughts through photography.

If you are worried about the turn of things, especially concerning political or social issues, your activism can be portrayed through your pictures. Your pictures can stand against injustice, clamour for the government to act, or spark a conversation on social media. For example, if you pass through a bad road network, you can take clear photos of the roads and upload on social media for the appropriate authorities to take action.

Learn photography tricks

This is one of the fundamental reasons why you should enrol for a photography course. There are different tricks and tips associated with taking badass pictures. For you to learn these techniques, you need to complete a photography course. These techniques will make you stand out among your peers.

Seek New Opportunities

There are always events to attend in Nigeria all year round. But do you have the financial strength to cater for tickets and miscellaneous things during the events? A way to get free tickets is photography. These events always require the services of professional photographers. You can propose to offer your services. It means that you’ll get a free pass to the event. If you are an amateur photographer, you don’t have to demand payment. Just consider it an opportunity to hone your skills.

Hone your attentive skills

Ordinarily, you might not pay any attention to anything around you. It doesn’t matter to you, or so you think. But with a course in photography, you’ll start noticing how beautiful buildings around you are, spectacularly shaped a monument is, or how intriguing water flow is.

These are just examples of the feeling you get when your photography course enhances your observational skills. It will make you more alert, and your creativity becomes more evident.

Beautify your Home

We all love beautiful things, and that includes gorgeous homes. The average human wants to make his/her home aesthetically pleasing. An excellent way to do that is through photography.

Have you been to a house with different pictures hanging on the wall? It can be a sunset picture, sea waves flowing towards the shore, market women going about their daily activities, school children playing, etc.

Whatever the picture is, it can enhance the beauty of your home and provide a different perspective to it.  It is why you should take a photography course and capture dope images to beautify your home.



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