Since the inception of social media, photography has been a key feature. It's standard to scroll through posts and find people uploading pictures of themselves or things that interest them. With these pictures, engagements and followers increase.

When a picture is attractive and poised to garner engagements, it is easy for the poster to gain influence and increase online presence. When DJ Cuppy posted a picture of the Ferrari cars her father gifted her and her siblings, it broke the internet. The picture had over 20,000 likes on Twitter within 8 hours. It trended for the whole day. Apart from the luxury associated with the car, the beautiful view made engagement easy.

The appearance of a picture can be enhanced with filters and edits. There are different software available to enhance your image to make it look like the handwork of a professional photographer.

Since everyone can create the illusion of a professional photographer, what can you do to make your craft distinct from the others?

You can achieve distinctness by enrolling for a photography course handled by experienced photographers. When you learn photography from experts who teach you the basics of photography and the advanced levels, you're ready for the next level. During your photography workshops or tutorials, the first aspect of bordering on is the basics of photography to hone your photography skills.

It's okay if you don't own a digital camera yet. You can begin your photography journey with the use of a smartphone camera. As time goes by, you can invest in a digital camera because it is pivotal to your photography success. The good part is, tech companies have integrated Bluetooth and WiFI technology into digital cameras. It makes it easier to share pictures from digital cameras.

You can start your photograpy journey with a smartphone (source: Lorenzo Antonucci)

When you opt for a digital camera, you're assured of the highest picture quality, and you can capture more images, whether stationary or in motion. When you take these pictures and post them on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page, social media users can flood your posts with likes, retweets, and comments.

You might feel confused about how to make your photography distinct on social media. We have decided to provide failproof tips and tricks for you to apply.

Stay with us.

Composure: The Key to Brilliant Photography

Brilliant pictures are taken when a photographer appears composed. Taking a composed picture means that the photo seems balanced and is beautiful to behold. The question that emanates is how to achieve a composed image.

A composed picture follows an orderly element. Elements of a picture refer to objects, colours, shapes, and lines. These elements have been in play even before the inception of a digital camera. A drawing and painting follow these elements too.

To ensure these elements are well-composed, there are specific rules a photographer needs to follow. Here are some of them:

Leading Lines: As a rule, the imaginary horizontal and vertical lines are guided by the leading lines of an image. If there is a horizontal element in your image, you should place it on any two horizontal lines. The same rule applies to vertical elements.

Cropping: When you capture an image, it is possible to encounter background noise that may affect the quality of the output. To correct this, you can crop the picture such that the focus will be on the intended image. It is quite common with portrait images that try to achieve intimate photos. Other images in the background can be a distraction. While cropping, watch out for the patterns. Ensure the photograph is straight and aligns with the frame.

Don't eliminate limbs: This is a common mistake associated with photographers, especially those who ignore details. If you've captured the image of a human, animal, place, or object, and you're editing, you should ensure that you do not cut out part of the focus. The moment you eliminate a part, you've dented the image you captured. Even worse, it can draw away the attention of social media users from the intended focus.

Add frames while shooting: When your picture contains frames, it detaches the subject from other parts and makes the viewer focus on the subject. Also, if you do not crop unwanted items, they can be lost behind the frames. Examples of frames include bridges, trees, fences, human arms, etc.

Use one primary focus: Some photographers have the habit of having too many subjects in an image. When you do so, you make it difficult for a viewer to find the main focus. It means that the viewer will have to keep searching for the main focus until he/she loses interest. It would be best if you had an object to be the limelight. It doesn't mean you shouldn't have a secondary focus. They shouldn't be as pronounced as the primary focus.

If you're all about taking pictures and uploading them on Instagram to get lots of likes, comments, followers, and increase your online presence generally, there are photography trends you can follow.

Vertical Shots

Most social media contents are viewed with smartphones, which is usually positioned vertically. It has made vertical shots become a primary photography format because, as a photographer, you need to churn out contents that appeal to smartphone users.

When shooting vertical shots, you need to make use of angles and orientation to capture the best images. You might have been used to the horizontal view pictures; it's time for you to make a change.

Aerial Photography

Have you ever been on a plane from Lagos to Abuja or any other part of Nigeria? It can even be an international flight. Were you not fascinated when you looked down the window to see how things appear down there? The same fascination happens to IG users when they view aerial photography.

Aerial photography is trendy in Nigeria now (source: olasunkanmi ariyo)

You might be used to the primary everyday picture you snap. Capturing aerial images is a way to do extraordinary things. Photographers are purchasing drones to capture images from a bird's eye view. It can be inside the Balogun market, Mapo Hall at Ibadan, Yankari Games Reserve in Bauchi. Wherever you are, experiment with aerial photography.


Photography is a way to connect with others because it is a great communication technique. When you capture close-up images, viewers can see a part of the model they haven't seen before. It might be freckles, wrinkles, facial marks, small piercings, etc. Whatever the natural imperfection is, they realise how humans the models are, especially if the model is a celebrity. Close-ups highlight reality and the attractiveness of getting older.

Film Photography

Interests are going back in time. Nigerians have reignited the culture of wearing vintage shirts, boot cut, and baggy trousers. Afro hairstyles are in vogue now. These are fashion trends that dominated the 19th and 20th centuries in Nigeria.

Similarly, people have a soft spot for film photography. Remember the days of black and white pictures? They're coming back in style. Film photography seems to spark the interest of Instagram users. It is why you should take advantage of it.

You do not need to have an old camera before you can do film photography. You can digitise your pictures in a desirable way and post. Alternatively, you can apply a suitable filter with your smartphone. You're good to go.

Some of the Best Social Networks for Nigerian Photographers


Pictures might not be the forte of Facebook, but you can't ignore the statistics it offers. There are more than 27 million Facebookers in Nigeria. Therefore, apply effective social techniques, and you've struck gold. Interestingly, you won't get as many interactions on Facebook as other social networks, but you're more likely to get clients from the social network.

If you're targeting older people who aren't very active on social media, Facebook is the platform for you. Also, Facebook ads can reach a larger audience for you.


As the undisputed king of visuals, you need an Instagram account to excel as a photographer. Pictures and videos are why Instagram was created. Some people do not even read captions. You can share your photos and garner engagements with Instagram. You can even get clients.


You can upload your pictures on Instagram (source: Wuroh Timbo / EyeEm)

Just like Facebook, you can reach a wider audience through ads. Owned by Facebook, the parent company, you need a Facebook business page to run Instagram ads.


If you ever need photography inspiration, Pinterest is the social network to go to. It is the solution to your photography problems. Alternatively, you can create mood boards with Pinterest. With your mood boards, you can save pictures and place them into categories.


Dubbed LinkedIn for creatives, Behance is an online portfolio that you can share your works and meet other creatives. Not only do you show your art on Behance, but people can also like and make comments on your craft. Furthermore, you can draw inspiration from other photographers.

If you need to send past works to a prospective client, you can send your Behance portfolio.



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