A big congratulation to you as you have finally made it as a professional coach and on the path of greatness.

As a professional career advisor and life coach, you are now ready to help other people live a better life and turn their lives around.

A professional coach's role as it relates to executive and young professionals in the office settings is to encourage the employees to brainstorm and question themselves on the way they do things. The professional coach also helps them stay on top of the latest training trend in the industry and stand out among their peers.

In recent years, everyone now sees the need for a business coach, life coaches, career planner, career consultant, personal development coach, executive coach, and most especially, leadership coaching. These professional coaches help their clients with specific steps towards achieving specific goals.

Different people have what they see as living a good life; this means that a professional coach's job can never go stale.

Some individuals might be eager for a better half, which might motivate them to seek a professional relationship coach while others are eager to make money and land high-paying jobs.

This shows that there will always be clients for different niches of a coaching career, but the one million dollar question on the lips of almost all new coach or existing one is how to land the first client or new client to boost their coaching business.

Don’t worry! Superprof NG will help to show you the easy and foolproof ways of attracting clients and keeping them.

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Find your Target Audience

Knowing who your target clients should be is the first stage in finding them.  I always tell new coaches looking for their first client to ask themselves, "Who are my Future Clients"?

As a professional life coach and career coach, it is important to identify the type and classes of individuals you can help. Otherwise, you will end up chasing smoke and lose credibility.

Therefore, it is important to know who you are targeting in other to be able to solve their problems and achieve the goals of the potential clients.

To stand out from the crowd, you need to develop some specific skills and specialize in them.

This will help you zone in on your ideal clients (students, managers, business coaches, life coaches, career choices coaches, career planners, career counselling coaches, career consultants, vocational counselling coaching, or personal development coach.

It is also important to select specific sectors such as education, real estate, banking, oil and gas, insurance, etc.

To align yourself well with the expectation of your future clients, you need to redefine yourself and build your confidence and public speaking ability. These will help you to manage stress better and support your client's development.

Remember that your future clients will always expect a coach that has the charisma and ability to solve their problems and give them the professional support they crave badly.

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Hanging Out a (Digital) Shingle

To get your first client is not always easy for a newcomer in the business of coaching and mentoring. Marketing oneself in any business where there are other existing experts can be a difficult task, but you must start somewhere.

Fortunately for life coaches in Nigeria, this line of business is quite easy to break in since there is no law or certification requirement while coming into the market.

But we strongly advise that you acquire some degrees and certification when going full blast into life coaching and career coaching in Nigeria. This will give you an edge and make the client trust your ability.

These professional certifications, such as the International Coach Federation, stand you out as an internationally accredited coach and add colours to your CV and adverts.

Getting clients is now getting easier due to the help of modern technology and the internet age.

As a newbie in career coaching and as a life coach trying to carve a niche in the market and attract clients, you can start your journey through Facebook pages. Start by posting motivational messages and daily bite-sized nuggets of wisdom on your page and Facebook wall.

You can also ask your friends to like and share your post to create more exposure. Your friends can inform their friends about your services and offers through social media or word of mouth.

Sending out fliers is still a great way to reach out to more people. This can be kept in strategic places like the city or school library, the city mall, or the salon.

Another easy way to get your work out to the general public at little or no cost is to enlist in your city free ads such as AdsAfrica and Finelib.

As someone interested in becoming a professional coach, you must have heard of LinkedIn? This is a professional social platform that helps people to showcase their skills and talents.

Ensure that you create a captivating profile listing all your skills, certifications, and training. Don't forget to highlight your experiences and coaching programs that you have attended and presented if there is any.

These strategies are all cost-effective ways to launch your business.

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Create A Website

Creating a website for your business can not be overemphasized in this 21st century. It is now as easy as ABC when compared to ten years ago.

Building a professional website can be gone by watching tutorials online and getting free tools and templates from different websites on the cyberspace.

The website gives you a professional online presence and a share of internet traffic.

In designing your website, it is important that the website is captivating and inviting. But you can only get a great number of traffic and converting customers if your website stands out in the ranking.

To enable your website to rank properly, you need to get the right keywords and remember that SEO is the ultimate.

This can be done easily with the right tools and knowledge, or you can outsource this to a web designer to concentrate on your coaching business.

A Website Designer
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Free Workshop does the Magic

To grow your business, it is often important to start from your community or where you reside. Here, you are more familiar with the people around and can build communication and trust easily.

You can startup by pitching the idea of hosting a free webinar on career growth, work-life balance, or any other topic that you are much comfortable with your superior at the office, church, school, or community.

These allow you to sell yourself to the people around you and to build your confidence level.

Don't get discouraged if there is a low turnout, or you are asked to foot the bills for the session or seminar.

Billing for the equipment such as the projector, PowerPoint visuals, and handouts may likely be on you, not minding that it is a free program.

Don’t allow it to bother you - take it as a sacrifice for future glory.

Some topics that you can talk about includes

  • The benefits of job and work improvement
  • Effective negotiation skills
  • How to improve your listening skills
  • Steps to uncluster your life and mind
  • Ways to manage your time more effectively.
  • Taking charge of your career and life

The benefit of these free sessions and workshops is publicity and word-of-mouth advertising.

Encourage the participants to leave a positive review on your website after the session if you have created one. These seminar participants will tell their friends and family what they learned if the session was impactful, and those worthies may want to find out what you’re all about, too.

These free workshops have the potential of selling you to the outside world and filling your calendar with engagement.

Create a Professional Profile On Superprof

Building a website is a great way to sell yourself, but as we stated earlier, it might be tasking if you are not tech-savvy or have the money to buy a domain name, build and maintain it, or paying someone to do all that for you

Some Life Coaches and Business Coaches complain of low turnout or high-cost outlay of conducting free workshops or coaching sessions. Quite alright, there is the possibility that your business will ultimately grow due to the testimonials from the presentations and reviews, but it might take some time.

Instead of relying on all these great and free marketing avenues to land your first clients and to breakeven, you can take a shorter and more secure route to do this same thing.

This simply involves creating a verified profile on Superprof. This platform offers you a unique opportunity to met thousands of individuals looking for a life coach, career coach, business coach, and others.

The good thing about this world-wide platform is that you won’t have to pay anything to build your profile and page before starting up.

The Superprof Website also allows you to list your education qualifications, licensing, and competencies in a different professional coaching and experience niche.

Here, you can teach your clients via webcam, Skype, Zoom, in person, or a combination of the different methods.

The Platform also allows you to set the hourly rate that suits you.

It could be as low as ₦2500/hr or as high as ₦5000/hr – but make sure that you don't price yourself out of the competition.

After each session, your clients are expected to leave reviews and testimonials on your page for other prospective clients to see it. This is a good opportunity to shine and sell your ability without any downright payment.



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