There are individuals for whom becoming a professional career coach and life coach is an ideal career choice. However, many aspiring career coaches miss this great opportunity to follow their dreams due to advice often gotten from parents, peers, or by life coach training centers whose main interest is to market and sell their products.

It's no secret that Nigeria's labour market is pretty tough both for the people who are searching for jobs and others who are employed but not really in their dream jobs or the career that they envisaged.

According to the latest Nigeria Unemployment data from the National Bureau of Statistics, Nigeria's unemployment rate at the second quarter of 2020 stood at 27.1%, which showed about 21,764,614 million unemployed Nigerians.

The unemployed and underemployed rate presently stood at 28.6%, which is kind of tough.

This trend had led to high demand for career coaches by people seeking to change their work line, manage their professional development within their company, and to successfully retain staff by companies.

Fortunately, there are many professionals now in Nigeria who are certified and trained to help people make the right decision and the search easier.

This guide will show you the right step to follow for individuals wishing to become a career consultant and business coach.

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Professional Life Coaches: What are their duties?

Professional coaches come in different ways and names. There are mostly known as life coaches, career coach, or career planner. Others see them as career consultants, business coach, or personal development coach. These names can be used interchangeably.

A professional life coach is seen as the king's hand in the life and career journey of an individual or group. These personal development coaches or career consultants help in the professional development, coaching, and mentoring of their clients as they strive towards achieving their professional success.

Life coaches use a variety of tools to help their clients learn and develop the necessary skills that are needed for them to function as independent members of society.

Professional coaching can be tailored for a new employee’s job, executive coaching, adapting to new managerial roles and policies and coaching for a senior company executive. They also help to interview their customers to assess their backgrounds, goals, needs, and skills.

There can also be a one-off session or team coaching session to help their clients master they interpersonal communication skills, intonation, gestures, and voices during interviews or press conferences. It also helps to optimize the growth of employees as it relates to the companies objectives and values.

The slight difference is that while a career or business coach focuses on vocational issues such as career choices, career counselling, career planner and career consultancy, life coaches take a wider approach in tackling different aspects of their client's lives as it regards to health, relationship, finances, and social life.

Therefore, professional coaching is a catch-all profession that helps to promote a better living and a more serene work-life balance and environment.

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Life Coaching Certification Courses in Nigeria

Life coach certification training is seen as a coaching specialization program that will help one learn some coaching skills, techniques, and models needed for career and life coaching experience.

For academic and vocational planning, most individuals seek the assistance of a career coach or counsellor. To give good and timely advice, it is ideal that they are well prepared and academically qualified to discharge these duties.

Career development can be a lifelong process that comes with ongoing opportunities for daily improvement as skills learned through career counselling are long-lasting tools and processes.

As at the time of this publication, for career coach or life coaches, there is no existing regulatory body in Nigeria that manages who can practice or not.

It is an all-comers affair but requires a number of skills and certification to enable you to attract the right clients.

This training may involve completing a bachelor's degree in behavioural sciences, human service, or social science. This will help you to develop a human developing and counselling skills.

You can also earn a master's degree in counselling, where you will learn some of the career theories, counselling theories, and the psychology of human development. Other training might include certification/licensure programs, internship experiences, and additional certification to stay up to date on career counselling trends and changes.

Some of the prestigious life coach schools and certification centers in Nigeria make it possible for people to get trained in becoming a professional career consultant.

Coach Transformation Academy (CTA) is the market leader in Nigeria that offers leadership and management courses for life and career coaches, trainers, and mentors.

The institute offers a range of personal development courses such as team coaching certification, certified NLP practitioner coach, certified emotional intelligence coach, vocational counselling training, certified coaching skills trainer, professional development training, and life coach certification training.

CTA's life coach certification training courses include 60 hours of coach training and 10 hours of specialization in life coaching. The institute is fully approved by ICF (International Coach Federation) with life coaches in different cities of Nigeria, which includes Abuja, Lagos, Ibadan, and Kano.

The courses offer to organizations include coaching skills foundation courses, coaching for leadership development, coaching skills for managers, and coaching for educators (for schools and universities).

The courses cover 3 months of online training, which entails a weekly 3.5 hours of online sessions.

Whether you are a self-employed life coach or an HR manager looking to certify your practice, CTA will offer you all the needed ICF accredited courses in coaching and mentoring programs.

You can learn more about the institute training calendar in other to attend the training in Nigeria,

International Coach Academy, Nigeria, offers career development and coaching studies programs that will help you become a certified professional in life coaches or career coaching.

At ICA, the practitioners offer you the needed information that you require in building your confidence, knowledge, and skills in other to coach anyone anywhere in the world and certification that is fully recognized globally.

The institute uses an online classroom that involves an interactive e-learning methodology that involves a community of networks.

The school offers a unique model to all its classes (ACTP and ACSTH), which are (Find it, Feel it, Frame it, and Flip it). ICA helps you to graduate with your own unique and specialized coaching model

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Registered ICF Professional Life and Career Coaches in Nigeria. Source: Steven Photography/coachfederationng Images

What Skills are Required to Become a Professional Career Coach

Becoming a professional career coach goes far beyond getting a certificate and license, but it will also require you to possess some skills and tools to enable you to stand out in the industry.

As stated by the International Coach Federation, a professional Life Coach or Career Coach is expected to possess or learn the following Skills.

  • Must possess ethical skills and knowledge
  • Ability to establish a good and trustworthy relationship with clients
  • Posses a listening and self-questioning thought system
  • Develop self and personal awareness
  • Ability to perform consistent tasks
  • Approachable and welcoming
  • Must possess the ability to monitor and evaluate the progress of the clients.
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Ability to keep clients information confidential

It’s also important for the life coach to possess clear verbal and written communication skills and the ability to listen and analyze the client’s career needs without getting judgmental in other to understand what they want to achieve

The career coach should also have the ability to motivate and inspire the people and work effectively with other professionals.

Another important skill that a business coach or career planners should possess while making career choices for their clients is a strong analytical skill that will help him assess people's qualities and abilities.

Others include strong interpersonal skills and respect for people from all walks of life and a genuine interest for all the people regardless of their position in society.

Don't forget that you also need to possess or develop a good decision-making ability that will help you choose the right goals for your ideal clients. These will help them to make the right professional decisions.

Remember that people's career decisions under your influence and directive are life-changing, which means that you should follow due diligence in giving out professional advice.

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What does it entail to be a Professional Coach?

Being a professional coach involves multiple tasks and sometimes involves managing stress and making decisions at a split-of –a-second.  The coach is expected to support and guide the people that they oversee at every given time.

Before starting out as a professional coach, it is important to figure out who you wish to work with. Are you more comfortable working with individuals seeking to achieve their goals or work directly with companies to help them build their team culture and core values?

As a life coach, you are expected to help your clients reach and achieve their career goals. You help your clients to identify their goals and things that are holding them back while advising the clients on their career trajectories.

You are also expected to train your clients to acquire hard or soft skills, such as better negotiation skills or new tech skills.

A professional career adviser's journey is not a quick income route as becoming a name to reckon with as an expert in the field of career support system might take you an average of three to five years of practice.

Professional career tutors can be found or hired in platforms such as SuperProf NG, but unlike private tutors, the rates of these professionals are dependent on their skill sets, years of experience, and demand for their services.



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