Learning Chinese is an exciting undertaking. You can choose to learn it for fun or because you want to become bilingual, a situation might arise where you will be the only one who knows how to speak Chinese.

Besides, learning a new language enhances your cognitive abilities, with all the memorization and putting together new sentences and new words, we did be surprised if the brain's cognitive skills doesn’t improve.

While learning a new language enhances the brain of anyone who’s learning it, some have a specific reason for learning Chinese. Might be because of schooling, there are a lot of scholarships you can get to start studying in China, and schools you can directly apply to if you want to study there.

Others want to learn the Chinese language without even the aspirations of traveling there for either studies or leisure, they are learning it to score jobs here in Nigeria.

In case you haven’t noticed, there are hundreds of Chinese to English and English to Chinese translator jobs out there, they are just looking for the right persons to fill the vacancies.

Learning Chinese requires getting a Chinese tutor that will guide you and teach you all the basics. But if you are going to get a tutor, you are sure to wonder how much taking these lessons would cost you?

Let’s take a look at the various prices at which Chinese lessons are conducted in Nigeria, and explore a few options that reduce the cost of such lessons.

Scholarships to study in china
Scholarships enable you to study in a university in China. Source: Unsplash.com

The Cost Of Chinese Lessons On Superprof Nigeria

Superprof has tutors from all over the world teaching school subjects such as maths and Physics, and teaching languages such as English, French and of course, Chinese.

We currently have over 580 Chinese private tutors on Superprof offering to teach face to face and via webcam, ready to take you on your first journey to learning Chinese.

The case with learning the Chinese language is that it is somewhat preferable if you have a Chinese native to teach you, mostly because it takes years to learn Chinese and those who are already born into it (and are qualified) should be your best bet at learning it effectively.

So learning it via webcam over the internet is a solid idea, that way you get to meet native Chinese tutors, there are loads of them Superprof.

And thanks to technology, you can now send documents, open them and share them with your tutor, all of this done online. You can even have tests, quizzes and classwork online with your Chinese tutor.

Although not all the Chinese tutors on Superprof are Chinese natives, local Nigerian chaps with years of experience speaking and learning Chinese are available, some of them are Nigerian students currently studying in China, and others learned Chinese here in Nigeria.

The average cost for each lesson is about ₦3,500. Ranging from ₦1,000 to ₦5,000 at most.

Cost Of Chinese Lessons In Lagos And Abuja

The denser cities have a large number of Chinese tutors and an equally larger audience willing to learn Chinese. Besides making Chinese more accessible, the cities are also more costly.

On Superprof, the price for private Chinese tutors in Lagos (or Abuja) is dependent mostly on their skills. Because of the high number of tutors in those areas, you are more likely to find those skilled in Chinese and have had years of experience more easily.

You will find; the diploma and degree holders in Chinese language, the fully bilingual, those who have traveled and lived in China, those who work as Chinese to English translators, professional Chinese teachers, and so on and so forth. All sorts of good Chinese teachers.

They also consider their traveling expenses in their prices. The further you are from them the more the cost.

Cost Of Chinese Lessons If You Live Outside Of Lagos And Abuja

For the rest of Nigeria, you can’t readily get access to Chinese tutors near you, but the Superprof platform has just the thing, you can simply try the Chinese tutors that offer webcam sessions.

No one has to worry about transportation fees, neither you nor the tutor. And the price goes down, it is cheaper, even with some professional Chinese tutors.

Although we don’t say Chinese teachers in the other states don’t exist, it is just that there are a limited number of them and you ought to be very lucky to have one living close by.

But if you don’t want to waste time searching for what’s not necessarily there in the first place, opt for the webcam sessions, because one of the advantages is that you even get to hire skillful Chinese tutors from Lagos and from all over the world.

The profiles of the Chinese teachers offering their lessons through webcam range from those native Chinese language speakers to Nigerian students studying abroad in China, and those that graduated from a Chinese learning course here in Nigeria. More on that below.

So, your geographical location is a factor when considering cost whether you decided on a native speaker or not, a little heads-up, native speakers are a lot more expensive than student tutors, their price begins at the ₦5,000 range. That sums pretty much everything about the cost of Chinese lessons on Superprof.

online Chinese lessons with a tutor
Lessen the cost of Chinese lessons with a tutor by learning via webcam. Source: Pixabay.com

You can learn Chinese fast in Nigeria by utilizing these tools. 

How Much Does Chinese Lessons Cost In Nigeria?

Private tutors from tutorial websites are just one slice from a very big pie. You can find private Chinese tutors on social media and schools or institutions that teach Chinese.

Granted, there aren’t that many Chinese tutoring schools available, but there are a few, and if you are lucky enough they are not far from you.

On social media, you can find independent Chinese tutors when you search especially on Facebook, tutors appreciate that social media network, so it is a good place to start looking.

The independent Chinese teachers explain on their profiles what they are offering, highlighting their experience and qualifications. And you may find them through ads, or sometimes on your news-feed, or through the search bar.

The cost of hiring an independent tutor like that is not much different from normal tutorial websites, it is basically the same.

Why that is, is because the tutors set their own rates on most of the websites, so there is no significant difference.

Sometimes, it may be possible the Chinese tutors will be recommended to you. When you ask around, someone from your office or neighbors may recommend a Chinese teacher to you if they know of any.

If you are going to go with any of these options, the average cost of Chinese tuition through private tutors is somewhere around ₦50,000/monthly.

If you don’t feel like spending that much on private tuition then you might want to consider the Confucius Institute in Lagos, they pay 10,000 for Chinese courses.

They have courses for different levels of learning Chinese, courses for beginners, for intermediate learners and for those learning advanced Chinese grammar as well.

After each course, you can take the HSK Exam, an internationally recognized standard Chinese language proficiency exam.

Is Price Equivalent To Quality?

The quality of teaching is related to price in some cases. Chinese teachers asking for a higher fee justify this because of their experience and expertise in the field.

But what you must consider is that every teacher has their own method of teaching, which may or may not work for you, and you could be at the risk of dishing out a lot of cash for a terrible teacher when you could get a really good one at a pocket-friendly price.

A Chinese student might be the right tutor for you to learn Mandarin as a beginner, just as a professional Chinese teacher who happens to be an expert on preparing pupils for Chinese scholarship exams might be the best option for you if you are applying for Chinese courses in China.

Experienced Chinese teachers ask for a high price.
Experienced Chinese teachers ask for a high price. Source: Pixabay.com

Finding the right Chinese teacher will play a major role in the success of your Chinese lessons, and the reason you need to study with a tutor is an important factor in who you are going to choose at the end of the day.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you learn Chinese and become much better at speaking it in no time.

How Can You Manage The Cost Of Chinese Lessons?

There are a lot of ways you can learn Chinese at cheap to no cost at all.

For example, there is always the option to learn it online. You can find someone who is willing to teach you in exchange, you teach them English, it is a fun way of learning Chinese.

You can talk about whatever you want, the weather, food, politics of both countries and so on. At no cost at all.

Another way to reduce the cost of Chinese lessons is to learn in a group. Group learning has the advantage of letting you practice your Chinese with fellow learners, and the cost is always much lower than that of a single private lesson teacher.

Discover ways you can learn Chinese differently, with a little creativity and tenacity, you will be able to learn the language of Confucius on any kind of budget. Good luck to you!

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