We have established quite adequately, how having a private Chinese lesson teacher is one of the best ways to learn the Chinese language in Nigeria. But just having a Chinese tutor come to your home isn’t quite enough sometimes, you see, the Chinese language is difficult.

It is a tonal language, one relying heavily on how the sounds are pronounced, and it’s writing system is a puzzle to beginners of the language, it takes time and effort to master the strokes of the Chinese characters.

Putting all of that into perspective, you will quickly realize how insufficient it is to only learn from a Chinese tutor. You will need assistance from different tools to learn the Chinese language fast, example of some of these tools include the Chinese media/entertainment, online Chinese learning websites, and Chinese language apps.

So, listening to Chinese music and reading Chinese news are all tools you can use to enhance your Chinese language skills. It helps familiarize you with the Chinese culture and language tone.

Learning and practicing your Chinese from different sources is an invaluable asset in Nigeria where Chinese is hardly, if ever spoken. This way, you can connect with a native Chinese speaker over the internet to exchange conversation together, thereby learning Chinese freely.

Or you could learn new vocabulary and new phrases from listening to podcasts recorded in the Chinese language.

Smartphone apps and Chinese learning websites
Smartphone apps and Chinese learning websites are just some of the tools you will need to learn Chinese quickly. Source: Unsplash.com

Here in this article we are going to show you a series of tools and how you can use them to learn Chinese fast.

Gain More Through Use Of Chinese Learning Apps

Since the introduction of the smartphone into our lives, there has been an explosion of apps and they number in the millions. You have got apps that you can use to order products online, to chat up a friend, to learn something new, to stay healthy, to edit pictures, apps for having fun, and apps for every conceivable thing we do in our lives.

Among the educational apps language learning apps are some of the most popular with people. They are downloaded by many to learn a new language, like Chinese.

Chinese learning apps are some of the best ways to further learn Chinese in Nigeria and to supplement your Chinese classes. They are mostly free, so they come at no cost to us, they are easy to use and are occasionally fun to learn with.

Chinese learning apps are numerous, and like many apps on the app market, you have to test them first to see which one is the best for you. Download it, delete it if it doesn’t work or is not to your taste, and download a new one again, till you find what you are looking for.

To reduce the wasting of time you should check the reviews and ratings of apps before you download them. Zero ratings and no reviews is a sign the Chinese learning app is not worth your time.

We have assembled some of the best Chinese Mandarin learning apps in the market, they have good reviews, have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times, and are tried and tested in teaching people Chinese.

Hello Chinese

Hello Chinese is regarded as being the best Chinese learning app, and it is not false, they are living up to the reputation. The app has been downloaded over a million times on Play Store, and it is completely free.

Hello Chinese is meant for beginners, once you install it you will be led to an introduction to Pinyin transcription. The formal and accepted way of transcribing Chinese characters into English letters.

Then you will be led to about 40 lessons on the app that are unlocked as you progress. Each lesson has a quiz at the end of it to verify your understanding of the lesson you just took.

With Hello Chinese you will learn to pronounce syllables, tonal accent, reading and writing Chinese characters, everyday Chinese customs, etc.

All this is such a marvelous thing to have in one app, but still, one of its best features is that you get to listen to actual native speakers of the Chinese language pronounce and say the words and sentences, while you repeat after the recording.

Going with what they say, it truly is “the best Chinese learning app for total beginners”.

Top Chinese learning apps.
Learn the Chinese language with top Chinese learning apps. Source: hellochinese.cc


Duolingo is world-famous for teaching new languages to people. It is the app for you if you like simple and clear lessons.

It is a great tool for practicing outside of normal Chinese classes with a tutor. You can use it to learn more phrases, learn to pronounce better, and to practice your writing skills.

Duolingo has more than a hundred million downloads on the Google app store.

Hello Talk

If fun and learning is your thing, then you will love the Hello Talk Chinese learning app. It’s an app that allows you to find conversation partners from all over the globe.

A big plus side to using this app is that your conversation partners are going to be native speakers of the Chinese language.

With over 15 million users a lot of whom are Chinese, you are sure to learn to speak Mandarin Chinese in no time. On the app, you can search for people who need to learn your language match with yours to learn theirs.

Then chat with them via text, audio or through video calls to improve your language skills. No curriculums or Chinese lesson plans, it’s just you and your new friend.


Learn to speak Chinese fast with the Mondly app. It is a language app with many foreign languages on it, but you can download a separate app for the language you are interested in learning, for us, that would be the Mondly Chinese Mandarin app.

The app is designed to let you memorize Chinese vocabulary fast, and not just any vocabulary but core Chinese words that you can easily use in everyday conversation.

It has lessons packed in themes and has nicely recorded pronunciations of the words. You can also learn with Mondly as a beginner or as an advanced Chinese learner.

Other Apps For Learning Chinese

Of course, these aren’t the only apps around, like we said there are thousands of them. Among the apps for learning Chinese are some really interactive learning games, which is fun to use and learn with.

And there are dictionary apps, they help improve your diction and build vocabulary, and every time you have a word you want to look up there are there to help. Check out this video as it explains how to use a Chinese dictionary. 

Websites Specialized For Learning The Chinese Language

Before even smartphones and their multitude of apps, there were websites. You can learn anything from a website, how to cook a dish, how to become a photographer, or how to master the Chinese calligraphy.

Chinese learning websites are perfect for when you need to know more about something you just learned in class. It could be a part of Chinese history you wanted more info about, or a Chinese phrase you didn’t quite understand.

Again, this could be your only chance for practicing your Chinese and learning more about it in Nigeria. Learning from websites is a fast method of learning and a good one too.

There are websites that allow you to revise and do quizzes. Some valuable websites for learning the Chinese language are;

The BBC: The BBC has a Chinese learning section on their website. Learn from Chinese lessons on the site and even read the news in Mandarin.

The Chairman’s Bao: This site has an encyclopedia along with its vocabulary list. It is highly interactive, very good, and has lots of content to quench your thirst for Chinese. It is, however, a premium site, with various paid plans starting from $10.

CCTV's Chinese learning website: The CCTV is China’s foremost television network. CGTN is the English equivalent, broadcasting in English around the world, but the CCTV broadcasts in Chinese and has a website that teaches you Mandarin with videos and some other learning materials.

Wondering what Chinese lessons cost? Here's a breakdown of the price of Chinese home lessons in Nigeria. 

Learn About Chinese History And Culture

A big part of the Chinese language is attached to its history. It’s impossible to learn Chinese without diverting into its folktales and ancient stories.

We are used to learning English at school without the need to know anything about the history of the British people, because we have adopted the English language and have written our texts in English, while the Chinese language is still native to its origins.

Traditional Chinese is 2000 years old, it had its origins from the many ethnic groups that reigned over China, from the 27th century when the Huanxi ruled to the Han dynasty.

The Chinese draw examples from its rich culture and history, that is why knowing a bit of Chinese history will be a wise investment of your time.

Chinese history
Learning Chinese history will help you unlock the mysteries of the Chinese characters. Photo credit: Fæ. Source: VisualHunt

Watch Chinese Movies In Chinese

The Chinese movie industry is an extremely dynamic industry. They have graced us with childhood masterpieces that inspired many boys to begin fighting each other on the play ground, and more recently have ramped up their game with the IP Man series.

Besides being very cool to watch someone getting beat up, it is also educational to listen to Chinese movies while you watch. Make it a point to try to watch the movies without subtitles.

You will learn to understand the Chinese dialect better and the natural pronunciations of words in the Chinese language. Learning Mandarin Chinese isn't always easy, read more on how to become better at it here. 

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