It is not news that mathematics has been a great source of worry to many students in Nigeria and beyond because they find the subject tough to understand. However, some students find mathematics incredibly easy and fun. Many of us think a student needs to have a mathematical brain before she can understand the various concepts of maths.

It's all a lie; understanding maths boils down to the multiple strategies students and teachers employ while learning and teaching maths, respectively. Therefore, students need to overcome their maths mental blocks.

An expert study shows that 98% of the world's population has the innate ability to study and comprehend maths at the highest levels. That's over 6 billion people on earth. We understand that many people have a phobia for maths. It is why we have provided various options for them. Some of the options include hiring an online maths tutor or receiving tuition from a one-on-one maths tutor near them.

A one-on-one maths tutor can help you with maths learning. (source: Fuse)

Besides, a student can explore the option of using various online tools and resources. The internet contains more maths resources than you can imagine. They're available at your disposal for you to take advantage of. Also, there are maths apps available for you to learn.

Online Maths Games Available For Nigerians To Motivate Your Learning

As far back as the 2000s, some maths websites existed for students to learn. This was a time when the internet wasn't as developed and functional as it is now. We can confidently say that for maths learning to be effective, students need to develop a positive mindset and attitudes. There is no better way to ignite those than games.

These students are used to boards and boring lessons. It is time to move to another level. These games can help students get over the mental block that is usually caused by the orthodox maths curriculum they're used to. With the game strategy, students would not only have fun playing interactive games, but they'll also get enough motivation to keep them going.

It is not up for debate that learning maths via playing games is by far the most entertaining mode of learning maths. It can make students achieve their objectives in record time.

Understandably, you might not have an idea of these websites or where you can check out these cool games. It is why we have taken it upon ourselves to provide a list of websites where everyone can have fun and learn maths.

You can learn and have fun with maths websites. (source: SDI Productions)

Stay with us!


  • Suitable for: Secondary School Students
  • Price: Free
  • Signature feature: Interactive mode

MySschool.NG is a maths learning website that structures its offering after the Nigerian grading system. Junior and senior secondary school students in Nigeria can still make use of Hoodamath. The website offers a variety of topics, and there is an option for classroom learning. 

You can practise maths for as long as you want. Once you feel you have reached a level of mastery and are ready to move forward, you can play a timed challenge. The quiz' result will let you know if you're prepared for a new challenge or there are still areas to work on.

You can have a chat with other students on the website. Furthermore, you can post your questions and wait for other people to answer them. This is advantageous if a maths question feels confusing.

Math Playground

  • Suitable for: Nursery 1 - Basic 6
  • Price: Free
  • Signature feature: Games are categorised

Just like Hoodamath, Math Playground is an American website, and it follows the demands of the American curriculum. Nevertheless, Nigerian students can take advantage of it.

On the website, you can find numerous resources that can aid your maths learning. There are fun videos you can watch to educate and entertain yourself. Besides, there is the 'Math Arcade' category where you'll come across different interactive math games available for you to play.

If you're looking for a specific maths topic, Math Playground is arranged by topic and grade. Therefore, it is easy for you to find what you need.

Regardless of what your needs are - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, proper and improper fractions, geometry, ratio, etc., you'll find all the resources you need on Math Playground.


  • Suitable for: Nursery, Primary, and Secondary students
  • Price: ₦4200/month (£7.99), ₦31000/year (£59). For extra children, you'll have to pay ₦1100/month (£2) or ₦11000/year (£20) more
  • Signature feature: Tailored learning strategy

IXL is a specialised learning website that focuses on focuses on providing quality maths and English assistance for students anywhere in the world. If you're a Nigerian pupil or student in the nursery, primary and secondary school classes, IXL can provide the quality maths and English help you deserve.

IXL is a UK website, and its setup aligns with the UK curriculum. The Nigerian curriculum is modelled after the British curriculum, and it means that Nigerian students can use IXL seamlessly.

If you find learning maths a bit difficult in the early stage of your education, IXL can help you eliminate your problems. You can learn, relearn, and revise all you have learnt on the website. It is structured in such a way that it factors your expectations and provide lesson aids that resonate with your expectations.

When you sign up on IXL, you automatically become a member. A progress bar is automatically set up for you. With the bar, IXL can track your progress and what you've learnt so far. At some time, you'll get comprehensive reports and goals based on the work you've done and your test results.

IXL provides comprehensive resources on different topics such as probability, triangle, geometry, set, bearing and distance, algebra, trigonometry, and so on. Depending on your success or failure rate, IXL will make recommendations on whether you're ready to write maths exams like WASSCE, UTME or A-levels.

Generally, IXL exists so that students can learn maths effectively, track their learning, and enjoy the learning experience.

Maths Apps for Learning

Asides websites, there are apps you can use to learn maths. This is another method that makes learning maths interactive and fun. As long as you have a smartphone or tablet, you can learn maths on the go. All you have to do is download the apps on your device.

With the help of these apps, you can overcome your fear of maths. Many educational establishments hire the services of developers to create these apps. It is to make sure anyone can access their contents from anywhere. Almost everyone uses an Android or Apple Smartphone, and these apps are available on Apple AppStore or Google Playstore. Even better, many of these apps are free with optional in-app purchases.

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Learning mathematics and have fun with mobile apps (source: onurdongel)

Here are some of the mobile apps you can use to learn maths:

Sushi Monster

  • Suitable for: Senior secondary school students
  • Price: Free (iOS App Store)
  • Signature feature: Rating system

Never mind, our discussion isn't about our favourite Japanese cuisine. Sushi Monster is known by many, and it offers different challenges for users. These challenges are mental and highly rewarding. Children who play the game have a common objective: to test their basic maths proficiency with a time limit.

Maybe there's sushi involved after all. There is a monster children who play the game, need to feed sushi by answering questions correctly. After answering 14 questions correctly, you move to a new level and get a new monster. With this game, children can improve their addition and multiplication knowledge. They'll become adept at the use of multiplication table.

The more questions and the less time you spend, the higher your rating is.


  • Suitable for: WASSCE, JAMB UTME, Post-JAMB UTME, and A-Level Students
  • Price: Free (iOS AppStore and Google PlayStore)
  • Signature Feature: Progress tracker

If you're a senior secondary school student and you're preparing for terminal exams, this is the perfect maths learning app for you. Gojimo is an exceptional maths learning app that helps you revise for upcoming national exams as well as entrance exams. There are lots of maths quiz you can attempt on the app to help you enhance your knowledge.

You can select the equivalent of the exam you want to write because the app is set up based on the UK's educational system. Also, you can pick the subject (maths) you wish to revise, and your learning process begins. It doesn't matter if you get an answer right or not because Gojimo provides a comprehensive explanation of every maths problem.

What's more, the app stores every data and you can always check previously answered questions and track your data to evaluate your performance.


  • Suitable for: Senior secondary school students
  • Price: starting from ₦15500/term (available on Android)
  • Signature feature: visual aid

uLesson is an educational app created by Nigerian developers. On the landing page, you would find an option for you to pick a class. You can pick between SSS1 and SSS3, depending on the level you're aiming for. Also, you can select the subject you want to study (maths). Other subjects available include chemistry, biology, and physics for now.

For students who want to learn maths, there are 20 maths chapters and 334 lessons available on the app. These lessons contain visual aids like pictures, illustrations, and animations. These aids make lessons more understandable. After every lesson, it is mandatory for you to attempt a short quiz. Regardless of whether you're right or wrong, the app provides a comprehensive explanation to each quiz question.

You can defeat your fear of maths with these games.







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