Many Nigerian parents are looking for solutions to their kids' maths problems. It's understandable because a lot of students in Nigeria and the world alike have mental blockages for studying maths and overcoming them seems impossible. Due to the suggestions people have given these students, they have developed a negative mindset for maths. Also, their experiences while learning maths might have been a log in the wheel of their progress. Even more, the learning methods they've undergone might be too complicated for them to understand.

With the above reasons, it is only right that we prefer solutions to these problems. First, we have asked teachers to change their teaching strategies and techniques from the orthodox methods to a more interactive one. Also, we have asked parents to employ the services of a private tutor for their children. The tutorial can be online or in person. Alternatively, students can learn maths all by themselves with various strategies/tools, online resources and textbooks. With concentration and determination, they can learn maths in no time. Furthermore, students can visit educational websites to learn maths and play insightful games.

Asides from all the solutions listed, students can use educational apps to get over their maths phobia. It's easier because many people in Nigeria use mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Therefore, they can download these apps and learn. In this light, we have decided to provide the top ten apps students can use to learn maths.

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You can learn maths with maths games on your mobile device (source: FG Trade)


Suitable for: Secondary School Students

Price: Free

Signature feature: Comments option for users

Dubbed Nigeria's Facebook of learning by us, is an interactive learning app suitable for secondary school students. Students who are planning to write BECE, WASSCE, or JAMB exams will find this app useful. It is also ideal for general revision. There are revision quizzes for different subjects, including maths.

The app has the hallmarks of a social media app because you can update your feed and post comments. Furthermore, you can create and post your questions as well as cool off with games like snake and ladder.


Suitable for: Senior Secondary School Students

Price: Starting from 1500/month

Signature feature: Self-evaluation

SimbiBot is a tutorial app Nigerian students can use to enhance their maths knowledge. The app boasts of lots of exciting features. The learning experience is enjoyable for students, the topics are quite descriptive, and students can attempt the test questions because they are standard.

Students can view the syllabus on the app, get a detailed learning analysis, and attempt brain combats. There are other subjects available on the app, and the maths learning is perfect for students who want to write WAEC and NECO exams. Also, if you've registered for UTME or Post-UTME exams and you need to prefer, SimbiBot is perfect for you.

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A student can prepare for WAEC exams and have fun too with maths games (source: PIUS UTOMI EKPEI)


Suitable for: Secondary School Students

Price: Free

Signature feature: Display of graphs

Some students do not experience hassles studying maths in all aspects. Sometimes, it might be based on specific topics. For example, a student enjoys attempting exercises on set but finds it challenging to comprehend the principles of bearing and distance. Such situations require personalised solutions.

For students who find algebra difficult, there is a feasible solution in sight for them. MathPapa is an Android app that calculates algebra questions and provides detailed workings. It displays graphs if the problem requires the use of graphs.

MathPapa can be your best option for overcoming your algebra questions. Just input your questions and learn.


Suitable for: kids

Price: 360 (Android)

Signature feature: pop bubbles

When trying to impart knowledge in kids, the best way of doing so is through unforgettable fun games. Kids like fun and parents should consider this strategy while making their kids laugh. PopMath is a kid learning that focuses on basic maths.

PopMath was developed with littluns in mind. The app concentrates on basic maths, including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The app is in a game form. It visualises basic maths equations with their different answers. The kid has to match the questions with their respective solutions.

It is based on levels, and accurate answers will help a kid move to the next level.


Suitable for: Senior Secondary School Students and Job Seekers

Price: Free (in-app purchases)

Signature feature: CBT software

Pass.NG was created to provide necessary help to people who have enrolled for national and entrance exams. Also, candidates preparing for N-Power exams can practise past questions with Pass.NG. On the app, you can select the subject you want to prepare for and the difficulty level you are aiming for. Therefore, you do not have to be in a terminal class before you can use the app. Maths learning is for everyone.

Asides providing test questions for students to answer, Pass.NG includes solutions to these questions. It doesn't matter if you're correct or not, you'll get solutions to problems.


Suitable for: Secondary School Students

Price: Free (Google PlayStore)

Signature feature: Different levels depending on proficiency

From the stable of Nigerians favourite mathematics show, Cowbell comes the mobile app that mirrors the show. Cowbellpedia is a maths game app that every secondary school student can download on their Android smartphones or tablets to learn and have fun simultaneously.

There are three categories on the game: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. You need to complete a category before you can unlock the next one. Also, each category has more than 10 levels. Depending on the level of questions you're gunning for, you'll find your choice on the app.

Your scores are usually shown on the homepage. The game is beneficial to people who rekindle their love for maths.

Preschool kids: Number & Math

Suitable for: Reception and Nursery class pupils

Price: Free (Google PlayStore)

Signature feature:  Colourful and attractive for kids

It would be unfair if we leave out our littluns. As much as maths can be 'scary' for some people, tackling the issue early on is advantageous. There is no better way to do that than to teach our kids to use the preschool kids app. On the app, kids can learn numbers, counting, addition, counting, ascending and descending order of numbers, greater and lesser than, maths puzzle, etc.

Preschool kids app offers a variety of options for kids who haven't begun school fully. Its features are completely free, and it is worth the download.

Vector illustration of four blue, red, yellow, and green, math icons in flat style.

Math Games for Everyone

Suitable for: Secondary School Students and adults

Price: Free (contains in-app purchases; available on Google PlayStore)

Signature feature: Different maths workout games

For people who want to improve their maths mental abilities and entertain themselves simultaneously, this is the perfect app for them. The game has six exciting and highly challenging sections for games to choose from. The first one is the workout section that focuses on improving the rate of a player's calculation speed. It is the best medium for a player to know how fast she can add, subtract, multiply, and divide numbers.

Mind Math is the second section, and it highlights how well a player's memory can retain information. You can play the game by calculating given maths problems in your mind and providing an accurate answer after the last answer.

Memory is the third game section. It borrows a leaf from the orthodox memory game. A player is expected to provide answers to different questions. The equation is the fourth game, and you are expected to identify the right problems to different solutions. The fifth game is the pop quest. In this section, you have to answer questions as fast as possible because questions pop up simultaneously. It tests your speed and accuracy. The last game section is fun and play, and you have different questions to answer. You have three lives and providing incorrect answers reducing your lifespan by one.

Math Master

Suitable for: Secondary students

Price: Free (contains in-ads purchases; available on Google PlayStore)

Signature feature: Hints

If you aim to learn how to calculate in your mind and train your brain, Math Master is good for. There are different game types available. There are common ones like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Also, you can get games that have a mix of everything.

That's not all; you can play a true/false game, solve equalities, and improve your memory. Like we mentioned earlier, there are hints available for you when you're stuck. There are different levels available for you to play on. Math Master promises you great fun while learning.

Math Doors

Suitable for: Everyone

Price: Free (contains in-app purchases)

Signature feature: Pictures

On Math Doors, you're literally unlocking doors. You know a situation where you have to open a door with keys? In this case, answers to maths problems are the keys you need. On top of each door are examples and problems you need to solve. It might come in the form of word problem too. The goal is to provide accurate answers to the questions and open each door.

The problems are picturesque, and you won't have any trouble understanding them.

If you have any personal favourite and it isn't mentioned on the list, please let us know what it is via the comments section. Defeat your fear of maths with these games.


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