No matter what your intention for learning the guitar is - whether to learn how to play the bass or electric guitar, to learn the basics of guitar or to become a professional, there are some procedures to follow if you must get the most from your guitar lessons.

I have heard some people say they learned how to play guitar by teaching themselves. While this could be true to some level, there is no way you can go through from beginner to expert without ever getting lessons from a superior player. Even the top professionals have gone through some sort of music lessons at some point in time.

Regardless of how you learn the guitar, there are many benefits attached to taking the guitar lessons - it teaches how to produce new sounds, play different chords, and opens your mind to see the beauty of music.

As a music student, if you are interested in knowing how to play musical instruments such as the guitar, piano, drum set, etc., there is more to it than just producing sounds or playing some chords. Other benefits you enjoy from taking a guitar lesson include personal development, sharing your passion with like minds, expressing your personality, and doing what you love doing. Music is passion and for you to ever think of learning the guitar, it simply means you have a passion for it. There is a sense of fulfilment you get whenever you do something you are passionate about.

To achieve all these benefits listed above, getting a private teacher to teach you what you need to know is the best way to go. With a private teacher, you are free to express yourself to him, and building a solid rapport with your teacher will make your tutorials more effective and worthwhile.

Apart from being able to teach you both the theory and practical aspect of music, a private teacher will always be around to give you the inspiration to try out things you would not have ever thought you could do. When it comes to learning, guidance from an experienced person is needed and that is what you get with a private guitar teacher.

But the question remains, how can you get the most from your private guitar lessons for beginners or intermediate students? I have seen students who registered for a music lesson but end up dropping out after some time or they keep trying out different private teachers, and in the process, they end up wasting a lot of money.

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Guitar Lessons for Beginners
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Set your mind to get the best from your private guitar Lessons

In whatever you do, preparation is one key factor that determines the level of success you achieve. As a music student, if you are planning to start an online piano lesson or face-to-face lesson from a private teacher, you need to set your mind in what you aim to achieve. I have seen where different students enrolled for private guitar lessons but at the end of the training, the level of knowledge acquired is not the same for all of them. While some became very good at playing the guitar, some were still struggling to have mastery over the basic things. The truth is, if you are not prepared, you will be stagnated in your learning process.

Since getting a private teacher for guitar, piano or any other musical instrument is not free, you need to put in the effort needed to get the most of your money. Practice all that you learned from your previous classes and ensure you know how to play different chords. If you need to invite your friends and play guitar for them, please do it because it is a way to help you gain confidence and inspiration in producing amazing sounds.

In all, as students, you should never forget that before you can gain mastery over anything, you need to constantly practice and maintain your consistency in rehearsing whatever you are being taught. As you keep repeating those things you are being taught, your guitar skills will definitely improve and you will be able to show your friends and family how good you have become within a short time.

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Get the most out of your private guitar classes

Give your guitar tutors optimum respect

When it comes to teaching, one thing that every teacher don't joke with is respect. When a schedule is fixed for your training, it is expected that you get to the venue before your teacher. This way, you are passing a message that you respect his time and you are genuinely ready to learn from him. Once you can keep to time as a student, your teacher would be pleased to give you all that you need to know about the guitar.

Commitment is a vital key you need to put in play if you are ever going to do well in learning any skill. Keep to the appointed time and show that you are happy having your teacher to teach you.

Build a good rapport with your guitar tutor

As students, when taking a lesson from your private guitar tutor, try as much as possible to be active in the class. Don't just allow your tutor to do all the talking while you just sit and watch him talk. Interact with him, ask questions if you are not clear with anything and give him reasons to see that you are actually enjoying his teaching. This way, he will be open to sharing new ideas with you.

Since you want to learn how to play the guitar, it simply means that you share the same passion with your teachers. Discuss with them on any issue pertaining to music, get inspiration from your teachers and let them know you want to become an expert like them too. Most teachers like confident students who are bold enough to have some interesting discussions with them.

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Guitar Lessons in Nigeria
A Personal guitar used at home | Photo Credit: Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

What happens after the end of a guitar Tutorial?

After your class, you don't have to wait until the next one before you take action. You can anticipate how your next lesson would look like by predicting what your teacher could come up with.

During your classes, there are one or two corrections you got from your teacher. Do not wait until your next class before you start putting what you previously learned into action. As a matter of fact, you should have your own personal guitar to use for practice at home. The good thing about practising on your own after your class session is that it helps you to discover new things you probably didn't learn from your teacher.

Constant practice keeps your memory fresh and it is the way to go if you want to master most of the techniques in guitar.

Prepare for your next guitar class

Getting a private teacher to teach you how to play the guitar is not free. If you want to optimize your guitar tutorial, then you must have an objective you want to achieve.

While practising what you learned in your previous class, if you still find it difficult understanding anything, write it down and let it be your first question in your next class. Don't ever think you are bugging your private tutor by asking questions. As a matter of fact, they (your teacher) expects you to ask questions because it shows that you are getting something out of the lesson.

The reason why you need to have a book and pen by your side is for you to jot down what you are having difficulty with. Don't take any chances, learn whatever is of interest to you.

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Learn How to Play the Guitar
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Use other resources to enhance your guitar Lesson

Whether it is bass, acoustic, lead or electric guitar you want to learn, there are dozens of resources you could use to complement your training. Of all the places to access useful resources, one good place is the internet.

There are dozens of YouTube channels and websites to help you improve your skills in guitar playing. You can take your time to go through websites or videos that give useful information on how to play the guitar. If you are looking for some these websites, the list of websites below would help you out.

  • Guitar Player TV: This website is loaded with lots of videos that will help you learn how to play the guitar. Most of the lessons are more of practicals than theory.
  • Guitar Dreams
  • Ultimate Guitar
  • Free Guitar Video
  • Com

These are websites with useful videos to help you master the skills needed to play guitar. Go through them to get some important tips needed to augment your training with your private tutor.

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