Sitting for JAMB means coming in contact with the JAMB English language subject known as the Use of English. As we all know it is JAMB’S sole compulsory subject and carries the most points because it has the most questions.

The number of questions is not something to worry about. If you have never sat for JAMB before,  you should know passing JAMB English just takes considerable preparations.

Preparations for JAMB English include downloading the JAMB English syllabus, the JAMB brochure, downloading the CBT software practice app, and other regular English exam preparations you would do like securing a revision timetable and starting English home lessons.

The JAMB English exam deals with grammatical functions, sentence structures, nearest in meaning, opposite in meaning, similar words, fill in the gaps and every conceivable English topic on the planet.

Jamb English is separated into four sections, all the questions will be derived from topics under these four sections, they are

  1. Jamb Passage Section
  2. Jamb Lexis Section
  3. Jamb Structure section
  4. And finally Jamb Oral Form

In this article, we will be looking at how you can tackle the JAMB oral form section, and if you are thinking about outperforming your previous JAMB performance, or if you have never written, to score a record point, then you have come to the right place.

We have put together some tips and some advice on preparations for English exams, but first, the JAMB oral form.

Expect to answer a lot of grammar questions in the JAMB English exams.
You can expect to answer a lot of grammar questions in the JAMB English exams. Source:

The JAMB Oral Form Section

The Jamb oral form deals with English language subject topics that are related to how sound is produced, in essence, spoken English. They are made up of oral English topics such as vowels, consonants, stress, rhymes, and intonation.

These listed topics are usually the five categories of oral English topics that are come up in the JAMB oral form section. There are more categories under some of them, under vowels, for example, we have monophthongs and diphthongs.

As for consonants we have clusters, and for stress we have word stress, sentence stress, and emphatic stress.

To pass the JAMB oral form section with flying colours, you will need to be able to differentiate between vowel types, consonant types, be able to identify the sounds made by words in speech and so on.

To answer the JAMB English questions, move the mouse to the little box and click on it to tick it. This is assuming you have already logged in and have opened and started the JAMB English subject. Do the same for all the other questions.

There is no one sure-fire way to pass JAMB, the only thing that has always worked is good old-fashioned reading. That never gets old.

Get a past questions and answers book and get started, most JAMB questions are a repetition of questions from previous years, so if you read past questions and answers diligently you may come across one or two from ones you have practiced.

The book has all the answers solved at the back, a rather helpful mechanism for learning JAMB English. You can use it to practice and to test your knowledge of what you have studied so far.

Check the answers to see how many you got correctly, then mark it yourself. Note that, the result you get from marking this little workout isn’t final, it does not decide what you will get in the exams, the scores may be close, but it isn’t guaranteed you will fail or pass because of this.

First of all, if you scored low, then you can change it, by practicing and studying some more. If you scored high, then you can keep it up still by practicing consistently.

Now despite the name of this JAMB English section, JAMB won’t ask you in the exam hall to say anything, or read something in order to test your spoken English skills, no, in fact, talking in the exam hall is prohibited. The JAMB English exam is purely objective questions.

Talking is prohibited in JAMB English exams.
No one is allowed to talk in the exam hall. (Source:

Make sure you read all the instructions before you begin each section, carefully too, you don’t want to miss something and lose points in the process.

And of course, don’t forget about the time, it’s a two-hour exam, but with all the effort and preparations for the JAMB English exams you must have been putting in, it will feel like it is more than two hours, but it is not, work through your subjects effectively and don’t waste too much time on individual questions.

Looking for a complete guide to answering JAMB English questions? We have got you covered.

Sample Questions From JAMB Oral Form Section

Here are some oral form example questions you can expect when writing JAMB English.

In questions 31 and 32, choose from the options the word that has the same consonant sound as the one represented by the letters underlined.

31. thought

A. theatre B. taught C .weather D. fate

32. caliph

A. presently B. perhaps C .powerful D. opponent

In each of the questions 33 to 36, select the word that has the same pattern of stress as the given word.


A. interest B. solution C. stupidly D. character


A. hotel B. hyena C. human D. humane


A. guarantee B. accepted C. bachelor D. relation


A. duplicity B. economics C .elaborate D. conjectural

In questions 37 and 38, identify the word that has the stress on the second syllable.

37. A. reproduce B. always C. result D. understand

38. A. tomato B. photograph C. yesterday D. tranquil

(JAMB Use of English 2001)

How Superprof Can Help You With Your English Exam Preparations

Superprof is a platform for sharing knowledge, you will find tutors of every subject and craft here offering to teach you what they know best, and students who are ready to learn from their newfound teachers.

There are English teachers, maths teachers, geography teachers, science and physics teachers. Their services range from those who offer lessons online via webcam to those who will commute to your home.

You can revise with a tutor through a laptop with an internet connection online.
You can revise with a tutor through a laptop with an internet connection online. Source:

How Can English Tutors Help You Prepare For JAMB English?

On the Superprof platform, you have a great deal of choice, you can choose English tutors based on many factors such as their experience, their expertise, based on your budget, or most importantly, based on your set goals.

You are trying to prepare for your JAMB English right? Well, you can easily find a tutor that can help you with that. Some tutors have a specialty along with their teaching, and one of the most recurring specialties is that of those helping students with English exam preparations.

Find an English tutor that will help you out specifically with your exam preparations, so that you will be ready when the time comes. View their profiles to see who is best for you, and who can deliver on your set goals.

Also, use the filter function to make things easier for yourself, you can use it to isolate only those who teach online or only those who teach in a physical location, and a variety of other options to pick from.

With that, you can narrow down the search to a more convenient list of English tutors.

Advantages Of Having An English Lesson Teacher

  1. English lessons give you more time to learn

The extra few hours you spend every week to take home lessons are invaluable, they are different in so many ways from learning at school.

Extra home lessons present you with the chance to learn at your own pace, you can stick to a topic until you fully understand it before moving to the next topic.

And all the extra learning hours are good for you, it’s almost like an extended school, you are learning more with every passing minute. You can touch upon all the JAMB English topics you couldn’t find the time to look over at school.

These home English lessons are something you most definitely need during your Jamb English exam period.

  1. Helps build your confidence

There is an element of fear with any exams you are about to write, the whole concept of the fate of your higher education being on the line and depending on a pass or fail from one exam is scary, that is of course if you weren’t prepared enough.

Lessons with a private English teacher can restore your confidence levels because you feel a lot more prepared after taking private English lessons.

Since the lessons help you out with getting prepared for the JAMB English, you can’t help but enter the exam hall with a bit of swag.

  1. Suited to your individual learning needs

Perhaps the best part of having a lessons teacher is the individual attention you get. A lesson done at your own pace and specifically to suit your learning needs is just great. A good English tutor will identify your strengths and weaknesses and will help you improve on areas you needed help the most.

The JAMB oral form section and all the other JAMB English sections are not as formidable as you might think especially with the right preparations for the exam, and not to forget the right tools and revision materials as well.

Prepare for English exams like you mean it, here's what you need to know before you start preparing for English exams in Nigeria.

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