We live in a country where the crippling economy affects all and sundry. The economic downturn has made the country’s cost of living high and standard of living, low. Financial stagnation has made it almost impossible for parents on a tight budget to afford exorbitant lesson fees charged by tuition institutions. According to the National Bureau of Statistics 2016, 40% of Nigerians live below the poverty line. This means that approximately eighty-three million Nigerians live below $1 daily.

With this alarming number of Nigerians living below the poverty line, it’s valid to conclude that educational inequality is a proven fact. It would be ridiculous for a family grossing only ₦20,000 monthly to pay for multiple private tuitions costing ₦5,000 per tutorial session. Thus, there is a need to level the playing field by finding less expensive or even free tuition. Many believe that free, as well as low-cost tutoring courses, have little to no educational value; nothing but a fallacy.

For this reason, we have compiled some ways through which tutees can enjoy free lessons and low-cost tuitions. These lessons have proven effective for all who have enrolled in them, including those needing urgent private tuition. Before discussing free and low-cost tuition available, let’s highlight some benefits of online tutoring classes.

"True teachers use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross; then, having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create bridges of their own."

—Nikos Kazantzakis, Modern Greek Literature Writer.

Online tutoring
Take all the free online lessons you possibly can. Photo Credit: Unsplash.

Benefits of Online Tuition

Thanks to technology, physical classroom teaching is not compulsory anymore. Now, you have the opportunity of taking classes from the comfort of your home using a pc and internet. Below are some of the benefits of taking online tutoring classes.

  • First, we are all interested in free lessons that add value to us be it academically, financially, emotionally. Hardly would you find anyone willing to take face-to-face lessons for free. On the contrary, people willingly host webinars and online courses for free.
  • It is hassle-free and limits your expenses. The typical average Nigerian adult hustles daily and tries to cut expenses in every way possible. Besides transportation fees, one-on-one classes are generally more expensive. Opting for online tuition is cost-effective and equally useful.
  • If you have ever experienced unavailability of physical tutors in your geographical region, you’ll know the advantage of online tutoring. A tutor’s unavailability doesn’t hinder learning as you can easily access pre-recorded classes and courses.
  • Have you ever considered those living with health challenges which make it almost impossible travelling long distances or even moving? Or the deadly Coronavirus that has caged us all in our homes? Learning on the internet will forever remain our go-to tutor when physical classrooms are inaccessible.

Government Schools

Primary and secondary school students attending government-run schools in Nigeria enjoy free education. The fees are paid by the state government, thus making it possible for students who can’t afford expensive private schools to learn for free. For those who are sceptical about the standard of education public schools offer, they use the same curriculum used by private schools. Although private school students enjoy added privileges, you can rest assured that with determination and dedication, public school students will have equally matching intellect.

Teachers in public schools either have either an NCE qualification or BSc qualification before they are employed. One common challenge with public schools, however, is the overpopulation of students in classrooms. Besides this major issue, most public schools offer quality education and follow the standard curriculum to the letter. If you are on a tight budget, it won’t hurt enrolling your child in a public school.

"Those who educate children well are more to be honoured than they who produce them; for these only gave them life, those the art of living well."

—Aristotle, Greek Philosopher and Polymath.

An Alternative to Free Classes

Parents who are unable to afford expensive tutoring for their children sometimes hire a tutor together. If five parents discover that their children need to strengthen a specific subject, they can make some arrangements with a tutor. Suppose the tutor charges ₦4,000 per hour, they can come to terms with the tutor to take five kids as a group for a lesser rate per hour. This way each parent would pay less than the amount stated

Even though some tutors have a limited number of students they take per session, discussing with the tutor can help. If you are arranging this type of group session, note that your child won’t get the individual attention enjoyed from one-on-one tuition. But it will save you additional fees while giving your child an opportunity at additional education.

Online classes
Online tuition makes it possible for you to study anywhere and anytime. Photo Credit: Unsplash

National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN)

Being the 12th best university in Nigeria, the National Open University of Nigeria offers students an opportunity at affordable learning. Unlike conventional universities that mandate students to attend lectures every day, NOUN offers open learning to her students. This way, students engage in self-learning by downloading and printing course materials from their portal. While conventional universities bombard you with classes thereby making it impossible to have a side-hustle, NOUN affords you the opportunity to do both.

If you’re offering a four-year course, you can extend it to seven years if you wish to work during your course of study. It is perfect for those who have jobs, with little to no time for education. Imagine attending university from the comfort of your home without worrying about early morning lectures? Education has never been this easy, affordable, comfortable, and inexpensive.


E-learning has become a skill acquisition and knowledge gaining medium capable of educating everyone via the internet. Now we have unlimited access to free courses that are just as educative and informative as the paid ones. Coursepedia is an online learning platform that offers free and premium online courses in twenty-eight fields. These courses have been uploaded on their platform for those interested in them. Most of them are self-paced, thus making it possible for you to study whenever you want. They include the following:

Business                               Human Resources                           Entrepreneurship              IT and Software

Career Development         Office Productivity                          Office Productivity             Customer Service

Nutrition                              Lifestyle                                             Literature                             Project MGT

Personal Development      Occupational Health & Safety      Psychology                            Leadership and MGT

Health & Fitness                 E-Commerce                                    Sales Management              Digital Marketing

Humanities                          Operations Management               Sociology                                Science

Education                              Marketing                                         Risk & Safety                        Communication


Go to their website to find out what course category you are interested in because they offer diploma and short courses. After taking the course, you can decide whether to purchase their verified certificate or not. You can study as many courses as you want, as most of them are free for everyone irrespective of age, gender, or career path.

"The key to pursuing excellence is to embrace an organic, long-term learning process, and not to live in a shell of static, safe mediocrity. Usually, growth comes at the expense of previous comfort or safety."
—Josh Waitzkin, American Author and Chess Player.

Learning from home.
You can study from the comfort of your home. Photo Credit: Unsplash.


From its name, you can deduce that it’s a coding course for kids. This is a free programming course designed for kids between ages 7 and 17 in Nigeria. The focus here is for kids to acquire problem-solving and programming skills that can be applied globally. It kickstarted during the Covid-19 pandemic period, and the first batch featured more than 270 kids from different Nigerian states.

Your child doesn’t need previous experience in programming or coding, but, internet access and a standard computer are mandatory. This programme is split into two categories, the junior and the senior. For the junior category, kids between ages 7 and 10 will take a “Mobile App Development” course. It includes learning computer programming basics and android application development.

The senior category, however, accommodates kids between ages 11 and 17. This category offers a “Website Development” course which is more advanced in that students learn JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. You can enrol your kids in either of these categories provided they are of age. Note that the live classes will take place via Whatsapp and Zoom for one month with each class holding two days weekly.


This is a supplementary e-learning platform that offers notes to primary and secondary school students based on the curriculum. Although access to these notes is not free, they cost only ₦299 monthly per subject. Even a student can afford this without help from his parents. The notes are segmented into first, second, and third terms for primary 1-6 pupils and SS1-3 students. Having this source of learning shouldn't stop you from hiring a private tutor.

Experts create these notes that primary and secondary school students are to read. Once you subscribe, you get access to the subject you paid for, but note that these notes are not downloadable. You can only access them when you log in to your portal; you can choose monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription. Besides affordability, you can access these notes irrespective of your location, provided you have internet access.

Improving ourselves is up to us because we have the required resources needed for self-improvement. Get started today!


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