Preparing for internal or external examinations can be a tasking job for most students – especially for those preparing for external examinations such as WAEC, NECO, GCE, NABTEB, JAMB, and Post-UTME, A-Level Geography, or JUBEP examinations. In these examinations, Geography is usually one of the chosen subjects for both science and art students.

To attain the best minimum score (credit) in those senior secondary council examinations or a high grade in your Jamb examination to enable you to gain admission into the university, then it is necessary to seek out a private tutor to work with.

This also plays out for undergraduate students studying geography courses or any other environmental courses such as estate management, building, surveyor, and others. Here, there may be a need for a private tutor to put you through some topics and calculations while preparing for your semester examinations.

Now the issue faced by many students out there is not finding a geography tutor since there are thousands of people claiming to be proficient in the field of geography courses online and offline

But the question remains if it's true?

The major focus that every student and parents should have in mind while looking for a geography tutor is finding the right tutor that will be able to work with your learning style, experience in different areas of geography, and knowledge about the examination that you are going to sit for such as WAEC, JAMB, A-Level Geography Exam or GSCE

When choosing the right geography tutor, you should need someone with a proven track record of tutoring success as seen from past student’s reviews and testimonials. But in doing this, make sure that the tutor you are to select is within your budget and all this is where Superprof comes to play.

At Superprof, you will find the right tutor with the perfect blend of affordability, utility, exposure for all levels of your tutoring need.

The world
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Understanding Geography Tuition

Most parents and students tend to mistake geography lessons as just consisting of memorizing different countries of the world, States, and capitals and where they are located. But the study of geography has expanded and now involves a different aspect of the study.

Now the field of geography is delineated into two major parts which include human geography and physical geography.

In most local and foreign external examinations for both secondary and undergraduate students, you are expected to be tested in both areas of the study. This means that any tutor that you are to engage, should be capable of addressing both areas.

Another factor to put into consideration when finding or selecting your tutor should be based on the tutor’s level of qualification or achievement in the area of geography. Although no laws govern the tutoring industry in Nigeria, but as a rule of thumb, your expected tutor should be someone that has at least one year of more advanced level than you.

So if you are a secondary school student preparing for your GCE or WAEC examination, an elder sibling or friend presently studying geography in a higher institution is qualified enough to tutor you in geography.

While in-turn, you can earn some cash tutoring other students who are below your level or class (SS 1 and SS 2)

Fees for Tutoring Classes

Fees billed for tutoring classes is often overlooked when searching for a private tutor, but that should not be so. Fees should be of prime importance when making your consideration in Nigeria.

The tutoring industry is now a million Naira industry as most parents are not willing to cough out thousands of naira for their children's private tuition classes both online or offline.

People pay for the best services whether it is warranted or not

Parents won't shy away from paying thousands of Naira to a private tutor that is well-traveled, experienced, and academically qualified from teaching their wards.

While everyone is entitled to hire any tutor of their choice, it is important to find the best tutor that suits your budget and your tutoring or children tutoring needs. Some of the variables that you are expected to factor in are

  • Tuition Level: the student’s tuition level has a role to play in the price you are expected to pay for the tuition session. It’s logical that a student preparing for a higher examination such as a university degree in geography examination to pay more than a child still in primary school.
  • Students Age: The younger the child, the shorter the attention span of the child and the depth of what the child will be taught. This also has a part to play in the price the tutor is expected to bill
  • Duration: For children still in primary school or pre-secondary, their attention span is still limited and this will necessitate a shorter tutoring session which would mean lower fees.
  • Lesson Purpose: Some students learn for fun, others learn solely for the knowledge, while others learn for both the knowledge and to pass an examination. The fees for these different needs are expected to differ likewise it is for an individual that needs a tutor for academic and homework support or a tutor needed for just examination preparation. The duration differs and the fees will also differ
  • Delivery: The delivery route also has a part to play in the amount the tutor is expected to bill you for a session. The online tutoring session is expected to cost less when compared to face-to-face tutoring.
  • Location: Tutors in big cities are expected to bill higher than their counterparts in villages or slums.
The World is Global and Fun to Learn About. Source: Getty Image

Tutors for Students with Learning Disabilities

Recent statistics have shown that the number of students in primary and secondary schools with different learning disabilities such as dyslexia, Autism, and ADD are presently increasing and would be requiring some special educational needs.

These conditions and others pose a serious challenge to students and teachers tutoring them. These have informed parents to look for caregivers or private tutors that can offer specialized training and private classes for these special kids.

It’s logical for these tutors to bill higher when compared to other tutors. The question we are faced with now is determining if the tutor is qualified and experienced enough to face the challenges that teaching these special students poses?

Is the tutor patient enough in teaching them?

If you or your student has some learning disability, it is important to consider if the tutor can work with your/his specific learning disability when interviewing him/her.

Special need students in a class. Source: Getty Image

Ways to Find a Geographic Tutor

Finding a certified geography tutor as outlined above is a real business in itself. As we have previously stated also, tutoring in Nigeria is now a booming business – therefore, finding a tutor that can help one to master the concepts of geography either as one-on-one or as a small group should not be difficult today.

Tutors in Nigeria follow different formats in advertising their services both online and offline Most tutors place flyers on malls, fast foods, cyber-café, libraries, schools, and churches. You can also find adverts on some local newspapers and some academic websites and advert websites such as Adfeed

The shortcoming with all these routes is that most likely, you will have no opportunity for feedback from past students. In this option, there is still no room for the tutor to list his/her qualifications, comments, or experience.

Also, some community centers and public libraries offer tutoring services and homework help for students in that locality. The issue with this is that geography is not a core subject in the Nigerian academic curriculum like Math and English making it quite difficult to find tutors in these free tutor centres.

You can also hear of available tutors in your location through word of mouth, neighbours, other parents, teachers, school heads, and principals.

Of all the methods listed above in finding private tutors, the one-on-one referrer method is proven to be the best option as a result of the personal endorsements from someone that already knows about the tutor's teaching skills.

Tutoring Agencies in Nigeria

Tutoring agencies are seen as a more official way of finding a geography tutor. The advantage of this route of hiring a tutor is that all the tutors here are fully vetted and their credentials are verified with a stable client-based to prove their worth.

But the downside of this method is that you will likely be assigned any tutor rather than been given the chance to interview the tutor and hiring the one that you think will suit your unique need. The cost of this route is usually higher since it is expected to cover the agency overhead cost and the tutor's fee.


Geography Map
National Geography Map. Source: Pinterest Image

Geography Courses Online

Recently, more and more tutors are offering their services online as this is usually more conducive and cost-effective for both the tutor and the clients. As we are now in the informational age when almost everything ranging from open universities to tutoring services is now done online.

Qualified tutors online can offer instructions and teaching via webcam, doc files and in most instances, it's less than a private tutor visiting you at home. With online tutoring, there is no need for the tutor to be inconvenienced by traffic or weather – all you need to do is simply boot up your computer at the slated time and the learning will fully kick-off.

All that the tutor needs for the online geography class are a good laptop, a quality headset, and a decent webcam that will help you to see your tutors clearly and to hear exactly what your tutor is saying. To access these services in Nigeria, the best option remains the Superprof platform. The platform enlists thousands of certified and experienced tutors. Each one is fully qualified and well-versed in their subject material.

With Superprof, the average price tutors are expected to bill for a geography class per hour is within ₦750 to ₦1500. The tutor's profile page on Superprof specifies the tutor's level of education, teaching experience, and the location where the tutors are expected to hold (Online, at the tutors home, the student's home, or a neutral venue)

More so, most Superprof geography tutors offer their first hour of tutoring for free just to be sure that you are well-matched.

In picking an online tutor, it is necessary to beware of free tutoring services as you are not assured of their quality.

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