Teaching careers does not just involve getting a bunch of students in a classroom and training them on specific topics, it also includes managing a classroom; this means that you're implementing rules and regulations that your students must adhere to.

Furthermore, you're also making sure your students adhere to the rules laid down by the school. Teaching jobs demand a lot of responsibility, of which discipline is one.

It's normal for students to behave in a certain way for each class. Their behavioural patterns are dependent on how the teacher relates to each learner in the class. So, it's up to you to decide how to manage your class which also consists of creating a conducive learning environment.

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The kind of teaching certification you have can also influence your teaching methods and help provide tools needed for the effective administration of your rules or values without undermining your authority as a teacher.  If you'd like to manage your sessions well enough, we have listed some effective tips below:

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Teachers who have a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) are accepted in several schools across the country. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Discover Your Teaching Style

To be effective in managing a class, you must figure out what your teaching language is. While your teacher training should equip you with effective ways of managing a classroom, there are some questions you can use to discover what your teaching style is:

  • What teaching methods would you like to employ for your classroom?
  • How do you intend to turn your classroom into an awe-inspiring learning environment?
  • What values would you uphold for your classroom teachings?

As a prerequisite, teaching techniques can determine how your class would turn out to be and you will probably be tested on this during your teacher interview. To the questions listed above, your next step is figuring out how you intend to pass your knowledge across via your tutoring style.

You can use yourself as an example. How would you like your learning process to be? Fun, disciplinary or a blend of both? A number of teachers in Nigeria tend to tilt their teaching style in a more disciplinary manner. However, being able to balance fun and discipline is a unique teaching skill.

If you're concerned about effective learning, consider explaining a topic in the same manner you will teach a peer. Would you like to be portrayed as domineering and assertive towards topics or are you more likely to cleverly position your questions to obtain the right answers from your students?

Finding an effective tutoring style can be quite difficult; this is why you must take your time to groom it and know which one works for you and your students the most. Remember that how you teach will play a significant role in the classroom.

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With a minimum of a Nigerian Certificate of Education (NCE), you can teach in primary and junior secondary schools in Nigeria. Photo Credit: Freepik - Wayhomestudio

Your Class Interaction

As stated earlier, students tend to have different ways of interacting in the classroom. It all depends on your career in teaching and how you want it portrayed.

If you prefer students working together to solve problems, you're most likely going to make them do a lot of group work. The same thing applies to teachers who enjoy challenging students in their capacity to solve problems as a team.

Teachers who love personal opinions tend to be a lot more relaxed. In their classes, they would spark enough interest that will rouse a debate within students. If you're a teacher that prefers to treat students as peers, then this is synonymous with you.

If you're more of a disciplinarian, you're expected to use available resources to buttress each point you're making during your classes.

Whatever the case is, you must pass your knowledge effectively, else you may have many students finding it difficult to solve problems.

Instilling Discipline

During your journey on how to become a teacher, you may have gathered many useful tools while undergoing your teacher training that can be used to instil discipline in your students.

However, since your style of tutoring can define your career in teaching, it can also determine how you implement discipline in your local school.

Discipline is a necessary tool in classroom management, and it can be broken down into several subsections:

  • The Values

There is always a national criterion when it comes to handling students. It varies from one level to another. For instance, the tutoring methods you use for university students can be different for secondary school students.

When it comes to creating and placing values, it differs from one student level to another and sometimes even within subjects. From your first encounter with your students, you need to be certain of the kind of values you want to instil in them.

Secondary school learners can be less impressionable when compared to primary school learners. You would need to be certain of the type of values you offer secondary learners, to gain respect and boost their chances at learning.

Unlike secondary school, instilling values in the university can be quite different since a lot of the learners have become more advanced.

In any case, you must state your values and of course, follow them. For instance, if you're against bad behaviour and you allow a learner to get away with it, you're passing mixed messages. You must stay consistent, as that is the only way each pupil will take you seriously.

  • Punishments and Rewards

This is another part of discipline that must be taken seriously. In federal government and state schools in Nigeria, the form of giving punishment and rewards differs compared to private government-approved schools.

You may have guessed why it differs - teaching style! You need to figure out how to give effective punishment to bad behaviour and rewards to a good attitude.

Would you prefer the traditional Nigerian mode of instilling discipline or would you rather try to work with a more effective and refined approach that will narrow down why a learner acted the way they did?

Paying attention to how you punish or reward a student's academic performance and overall attitude must be treated with care.

You must learn to balance both well without being biased. For instance, if your students find out that you tend to treat an intelligent learner with less intensity than you treat others, they may take it as unfair and you'll slowly lose the respect they have for you.

Truly, the number of years you spend teaching in a government-approved primary school, secondary school or university will greatly improve the effectiveness of your disciplinary actions. But it's important to stay firm even if it's just your first year as a tutor.

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As an intending teacher with teaching qualifications, you can expand your classes to virtual learning. Photo Credit: Freepik - Master1305

How To Cater To Different Learning Techniques

Education in Nigeria is so different for many schools. Indeed, what differentiates a form of learning from another is how the students learn. Teachers that are interested in offering an international method of learning would need to make a lot of research.

Your research can be online and even personal. You want to ensure that learners understand your tutoring language and can use it to better themselves.

For instance, the government-approved primary and secondary schools in Nigeria are fundamental stages for most learners. Most parents tend to choose schools that offer the best method of teaching.

Technically as teachers, never conform yourselves to one method of training your new and existing learners. Of course, your national teaching certificate should help you create some methods, but you'd need to learn new methods from experience.

Quite a lot of teachers tend to face the problems of student attention in class. If you're currently battling with this, here are some ways you can sort it out:

  • Come up with exciting games: If your new and current learners are bored, the level of knowledge they'll get will be less. Problem-solving subjects like mathematics, vocational learning and language courses like English can pose to be a bit difficult. Playing games and coming up with relatable examples can help them study and ultimately aid them in acing their test and examinations.


  • Utilize online resources: If you're a teacher that enjoys using online resources, you will find that the learning capacities of your learners will increase. By using online resources to teach, you're motivating your pupils to seek online options when they need to study for research purposes, examinations or any test.


  • Create Fun Projects: This is more intense in the university than in Nigerian secondary schools. However, if your goal is to make sure your learners get the best education, research ways you can come up with fun projects. Education courses like English and Mathematics are compulsory in schools and they tend to be one of the toughest subjects depending on the student. As a teacher, being able to create fun projects around these subjects can make all the difference. For instance, in your English classes, you can make students write their understanding of a certain topic and have them defend it. It's a sure way of boosting their confidence. For Mathematics, you can get learners to create music surrounding some formulas. Knowing how to use these formulas can help them in their examinations and any test they may need to do.


Student management is no joke and to provide the needed education, a tutor must ensure that they are doing it right. Perfect classroom management is also another reason why Nigerian parents tend to take their children to international schools or private schools that offer teachings that equate international standards.

As a Nigerian tutor, focusing on your teaching style can help you achieve international learning for your pupils. As you grow each year, you can help your learners study for any test or national examinations. Through your training methods, scholars can also be motivated to study on their own, in anticipation of your next session.

Just as earlier stated, your years of experience matters a lot. For instance, in your first year, you may have difficulties placing what kind of tutoring method you should use. However, gaining years of expertise from training students will eventually make it easier.

Also, your years of expertise will make it easier to know what each student's state of knowledge is. Each year, you can improve this learning state and help them pass their examinations or any other test they may encounter.

Getting the right education in Nigeria is not cheap; the same applies when getting a teaching certificate. However, the best ways you can support your teaching certificate is to tutor consistently.

If you're currently unable to get tutor jobs or teaching jobs in schools, you can tutor in your local area as a private instructor. You can also use certified teaching platforms like Superprof to tutor fresh learners online and to find learners within your local region.

Technically, as a tutor under Superprof, not only do you have access to learners in your local geographical location, but you can also take classes online via a webcam which gives you access to students worldwide.

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