With no alphabets, no verb tenses, no distinction between singular and plural nouns, and its popular title as one of the most hard-to-learn languages for English speakers, the Chinese language — surprisingly — still reigns as one of the two world languages with more than a billion speakers.

Hmm? One thing is clear. There must be a reason why a lot of people are learning this Confucius language even with its seeming difficulty and queerness from most languages. Right? If something is difficult, then, the fewer people it should attract. Unless, of course, the gains of such a thing surpass its pain, and that’s the case of the Chinese language!

China has the largest population in the World, uses one of the oldest languages in the World, and boasts a rich cultural heritage that continues to morph with modern civilisation. These set up China as an influential player in the global industry, economics, and politics, hence, making learning the Chinese language an auspicious option for many people.

Of the many things you can do in your free time, learning Chinese is one of the best investments you can make. Here are 10 huge payoffs to learning Chinese, especially as a Nigerian.

From Nigeria to Beijing

Nǐ hǎo! I am Mandarin, a magic bird that can take you to China.

Learning Chinese increases your chances of travelling to China either as a student on a scholarship or a young entrepreneur. The Chinese government, often, offers University scholarships and economic opportunities to Nigerian students and professionals from year to year to strengthen the relationship between the two countries.

Also, for anyone who wishes to tour China and enjoy its beautiful culture, learning the language makes it easier and more fun to communicate with the locals and move about to enjoy the beauty of the modern Asian kingdom.

Shanghai at night
You stand a better chance to enjoy your tour around China or other close Asian countries when you can speak Mandarin. Source: Unsplash

Petty things like being able to read signposts, local literature, attend festivals and cinemas, chat with local dwellers, and pick new friends can make your stay in China more enjoyable and merry.

Earn Mental Muscles and Better Brain Development

Being a speaker of multiple languages comes with many cognitive benefits. Research has shown that individuals with many tongues enjoy strengthened memory, enhanced concentration, multitasking power, better reasoning, and improved creativity.

There are also pieces of evidence suggesting that learning an international language can tarry the onset of dementia in old age and maintain good cognitive functioning. In today’s busy and dynamic world, nothing beats the ability to switch between tasks efficiently, good reasoning power, and the ability to display top-notch creativity at solving problems.

With the oddness of Chinese to English and other local languages, you may know, learning Mandarin is a new adventure for your brain. The more you take in the Chinese characters and try to speak them, the bigger your brain grows and the better it performs.

Build a Global Social Network

How does it feel to know that you can communicate with over 1 billion people in the world? Have you ever imagined the confidence that comes with knowing that wherever you go in the world, out of six people, you will find, at least, someone with whom you can have a chat? Being proficient in Mandarin allows you to have friends anywhere you get to and eases your integration.

Having a global network of friends broadens your perspectives, allows you to better understand the world you live in, and enables you to develop a positive attitude toward others. Beyond these, it offers you great opportunities to network and collaborate with others, and make you more experienced.

Learning Chinese will also make it possible for you to benefit from different Chinese centres in Nigeria. You can better enjoy your lunch at Chinese restaurants, tour and trade at the Lagos China town, and explore the cornucopia of opportunities at various Chinese institutes in Nigeria.

Put Your Business on a Pedestal

China wields strong influence and clout in the business sphere. If you are a business person, it may interest you that China is the largest manufacturer and the biggest exporter in the world.

When you learn Mandarin, you improve the outlook of your business and expand your opportunities. It even becomes less-risky for you to travel to China to get the products that you trade or some materials you use in your economic process. More so, if you trade in local products or arts and would like to grow an international customer base, learning Chinese can help you with just that.

Competence in Mandarin is also an ideal skill for Nigerian freelancers. Chinese interpreters and translators are rare and with the increasing level of relationship between China and Africa, learning Mandarin may be the new oil for many young Nigerians.

Explore Chinese Culture

China is a cultural haven. Even with the high level of technology and development the country has, its cultural identity is not lost. Since language is one of the cultural elements of any place, you can start to learn Mandarin to have a taste of the Chinese culture.

Wall art of Chinese Anime
You can do away with subtitles and enjoy Chinese movies and anime series in their original forms. Become the interpreter for your friends and families. Source: Unsplash

When you learn to speak Mandarin, you expose yourself to interesting Chinese literature and movies. With competence in the language, you can follow Chinese news, read Chinese stories, and enjoy popular Chinese Anime in their pristine forms.

Getting exposed to different cultures has many benefits. It can help prevent you from becoming racial and broaden your understanding of the world. These and other benefits therein can help you become a global citizen who understands the world at large and plays an active role in its development.

Get a Job in China

Students of the Chinese language are open to many economic benefits in China. Once you learn to speak Mandarin, you can find a good job in China, even if you still want to live in Nigeria and work remotely. If you choose to move to China, you can work by teaching English in Chinese high schools or find companies that need your expertise. Although not a requirement in getting a Chinese Visa, competence in Mandarin can boost your chances greatly at the Embassy.

As a Nigerian student, you can start learning Chinese now to raise your chances of a scholarship for postgraduate study in China, and with that, you can get a lucrative job in China upon the completion of your study.

Considering the large market of China, there is a regular need for professional hands and creative minds. If you have a sellable skill, learning Mandarin will ease your path to getting good job offers in China.

Earn an International Feather

Why not raise your level with mastery in Mandarin? Beyond the academic, economic, and social benefits of learning Chinese, competency in the Confucius language stands you out among people. It is a good feeling to possess one of the world's oldest languages in one’s language arsenal.

More so, contrary to popular news, Chinese isn’t so hard a language to study. Yes, there are easier languages to learn than Chinese, its seeming difficulty is just because of its dissimilarities with the English language and many other popular languages.

Apart from the need to memorise thousands of characters and the tonal nature of Chinese, other aspects of the language are relatively easy to learn. If not, why will the hardest language in the world also be the second most spoken language in the world?

An array of Chinese characters
A speaker needs to know between 1500 to 2000 Chinese characters (Hanzi) to be recognised as fluent. Source: Unsplash

Its title as ‘the World’s hardest language to study’ only increases the fame and respect its speakers enjoy among people, especially in African countries, i.e. Nigeria.

Enhance your Resume with Chinese

English language and Chinese are a rare combination and recruiters all over the world are always fascinated by candidates with such a level of language versatility.

Whether for business, or a place in an international NGO or research institutes, proficiency in Mandarin can be the difference that edges you out. It is no news that multilingualism, most often than not, means a sharper brain and a more creative mind, and every recruiter wants to have individuals with these two assets on his/her team.

Competence in Chinese can also quicken your career progress and convince your employers to trust you with new business adventures. Recall that learning a foreign language improves the student’s ability to multitask and enhances his/her critical-thinking and problem-solving abilities.

A highlight of certification(s) of fluency in Mandarin on a CV makes the resume glow among stacks like a golden fish in the river.

Get High-paying Jobs in Nigeria

The economic prospects of learning Chinese are not in the international arena alone. Here in Nigeria, your competence in Mandarin can be a profitable source of income.

There are many options you can choose from in Nigeria. You can choose to become a Chinese private tutor yourself and earn some thousands of naira for just one or two hours of teaching in major cities like Lagos, Port-Harcourt, and Abuja. You can also become a freelance Chinese translator and interpreter and get jobs from sites like Upwork and Fiverr. You may also decide to work at Chinese Embassies or institutes and earn good pay.

Language is lucrative, even better if it is a highly-beneficial and seemingly scary language like Mandarin. You will never go broke and you can still enjoy a considerable level of freedom.

Learn Chinese for Personal Development

The brain often needs new adventures and there can be no better beneficial exercise than taking on a complicated language like Mandarin. Even if you don’t have a specific reason for learning Chinese today, its knowledge will come in handy later when you least expect it.

Learning Chinese can help you become more disciplined and focused. It can serve as the perfect exercise to grow useful habits and skills like logical reasoning, memorising, multitasking, which can be useful in other activities you may be engaged in.

Surviving the hurdles in learning Chinese will boost your esteem and confidence to face any other challenges. Do not be discouraged by the challenges that exist in the process of learning the language. Be consoled by the benefits you stand to enjoy. Once you get a good tutor for your Chinese classes, you have taken the first step in the right direction to halve the scare. That’s why Superprof is here to help you on your journey.






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